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Rabbit Boarding In Singapore: Services For Rabbits And Small Animals

Rabbit Boarding In Singapore: Services For Rabbits And Small Animals

Because we can’t be bringing our furry companions along on a vacation haphazardly, Pet hotels and boarding services have sprouted all across the nation and world, needless to say— even a small country like ours houses those services too! Since we’ve covered the hotels for Cats and Dogs, we can’t leave out the smaller companions such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters, for they need proper care while you are away too!

Who Looks After Your Pet While You’re On Vacation?

Making the decision to have someone else care for your pet is as good as leaving your own child with a babysitter, or domestic helper. The only difference that sets our minds at an unease is the fact that our Pets can’t speak— how are we supposed to know if they’ve been mistreated or if they’re having the time of their lives?

Where To Board Your Rabbits And Small Animals?

Now owners have requested on an advancement of being informed, with photographs or even video proof! Sometimes, shops even have the option of a 24hr live-cam footage (the costlier the service, of course) Now you get to watch or be updated via a quick snippet of your pets’ daily lives! Knowing your pet is having a blast while you’re away puts your minds at a much greater ease, especially on vacation.

Home Based Rabbit Boarding Services

Leave your Buns, Hammies or Cavies in the care of these experienced sitters, don’t be surprised to learn that some of them even provide grooming services. Call or text for enquiry, and arrange for viewing before coming to a decision!

1. Angie’s Pets

ü  Air-conditioned
ü  Transport Available – separate charges apply
ü  Unlimited Hay
ü  Photograph Updates – on alternate days
ü  Grooming provided upon request – separate charges apply

*Reserved for Regular customers only – please call to enquire on availability and location.
Small Animal hotel Singapore
Screenshot via Angie's Pets
8200 0553  | 

2. Wheeky Cavies

ü  Daily changing of fleece lining in Houses
ü  Unlimited Hay
ü  Open Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, and Hamsters
ü  Grooming if requested
ü  Regular photo or video updates
ü  Transportation by PetMate @ $20/trip
Small animal hotels
Screenshot via WheekyCavies 
8205 4199  |  Blk 411 Woodlands St 41 (S) 730411  |

3. Little Bobtail Resort

ü  Play-pen housing
ü  Unlimited Hay
ü  Daily cleaning of litter boxes
ü  Daily photo and video updates via Facebook
ü  Fleece throw flooring
Rabbit boarding services Singapore
Screenshot via LittleBobtailResort
9836 3140  |  Blk 299C Compassvale St (S) 543299

4. BYB. Board Your Bunnies

ü  Play-pen housing
ü  Daily area cleaning
ü  Daily free-roaming time
ü  Daily photo and video updates via Facebook
Rabbit boarding Singapore
Screenshot via BYB
9152 0422  |  Serangoon North Ave 1

5. Bunny On Board

ü  Play-pen housing

*For rates and charges, contact via Facebook or contact number provided below

9878 4642  |  9844 3421

6. My Happy Tales

ü  Play-pen housing
ü  Bonding sessions if requested

*For rates and charges, contact via Facebook or contact options provided below

9227 0051  |

7. Cozi Pawz

ü  Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Small Birds, and Hamsters allowed 
Small animal boarding Singapore
Screenshot via CoziPawz
*For rates and charges, contact via Facebook or contact options below

98730377  |  676 Hougang Ave 8 S530676  |

Online Services

To broaden your options a little with home-based services, try these instead!


Commercial Boarding For Small Animals

An alternative to home-based boarding would be commercial boarding, which entails leaving your Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Chinchilla or Hamster in the care of someone else— within a storefront. Some of these services provide surveillance camera accessible by owners anytime, anywhere.

1. Rabbit Headquarters (Singapore)

 ü  Unlimited hay
ü  Playtime & exercise
ü  Grooming if required (separate charges apply)
Rabbit boarding in Singapore
Screenshot via RabbitHQ
8481 4200  |  48 Jalan Limbok, Singapore 548729  |

2. Marine Pet Image

ü  Air-conditioned (for Deluxe and Superior options)
ü  24hr surveillance camera (for Superior option)
ü  Transportation (additional charges apply)

*Refer to these charts for Rates and Charges

6481 5520  |  | 925 Yishun Central 1 #02-229 (S)760925

3. The Fluffy Hut

ü  Transparent 2m by 1.3m playpen
ü  Air-conditioned
ü  Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas and Hamsters allowed
ü  Individual CCTVs installed for each play-pen
ü Transport Service if required $30 to and fro (Free transport service for 5 nights and above) 
*not applicable for Hamsters
ü Grooming Serviceif required at $20. Additional charges apply for de-matting
The Fluffy Hut Boarding Singapore
Photo via The Fluffy Hut Facebook
9621 8199  |  9800 8032  |  10 Ubi Crescent #07-15 Ubi Techpark (Lobby B) (S)408564

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