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Hamster Life Hacks: Seven Essential Hacks For Every Hamster Owner

Seven Nifty Tips To Care For Hamsters!

One might think a Hamster requires minimum care due to the sheer size of these little furballs. But if you have had Hamsters before, you’d realize how there’s just as much responsibilities as compared to larger Pets. Perhaps their popularity may have declined since then, but according to social media accounts we've come across the past years, Hamsters are definitely making a come back.
Cute dwarf Hamster
Life hacks exist to help aid our everyday lives, of which includes our furry companions too. Pet ownership responsibilities doesn’t have to be a drag, for a simple tip could very well improve and simplify matters— so we can enjoy the company of our Pets even more.

1. Natural Cleaning Agent

It's White Vinegar again, taking the main spotlight for the best and most effective cleaning agent for cleaning after all types of Pets! Killing bacteria isn't its only upside, it is also an au-naturel odour killer— non-toxic for your Furkids:
Natural cleaning agent
  • Buy or recycle a spritz bottle
  • Mix 1 part White Vinegar to 3 parts water in the bottle
  • Spray on the desired areas

For application on carpets or soft material stained with urine, food bits or faecal waste— soak them up with a paste mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar, leave on for a few minutes before a thorough rinse.

2. Cleaning Water Bottles

Water bottles for small animals are a little tough to be completely cleaned, even with a small brush or dishwasher (if the bottle is dishwasher-safe). 
  • Chuck in a small amount of Rice, and add on a bit of hot water.
  • Shake the bottle as much as you can 
  • Rinse over to complete the process and rid every bit of rice grain.
Rice soaks up leftover debris or gunk in the areas you can’t get to! 
White Rice for Cleaning

3. Keeping Hamster Bottles In Place

Anti-rust and beautiful Hamster homes now involve a regular glass/acrylic aquarium for better observational purposes and viewing your little Pet go about their days— the only issue here is that there are no grills to secure water bottles to!
Heavy Duty Velcro Strips
One nifty trick you can try is using Industrial grade/heavy duty Velcro, to fasten their water bottles onto a flat surface! 

P.S. We’ve actually tried using these on framed paintings that weigh more than a Hammie’s water bottle. They worked great, just follow through on the given instructions!

4. Provide A Stepping Stone

It’s hard to imagine how such a small animal may need nail trimming, but they do! This intricate process isn't a walk a the park for most of us, and could also be extremely dangerous. To avoid accidentally hurting your Hamster through this process, a combination of two strategically placed items does just the trick for many owners ☺

  • Recycle a clean, flat pumice stone or stone
  • Place pumice stone or stone at area where you desire the water bottle to be. 
  • Hang/stick the water bottle above the stone.

The stone should be where the dispenser tip is, so when your Hammie helps itself up for a drink of water, their nails get a quick filing too!

5. Recycle Those Paper Rolls

Just how useful are empty toilet rolls for our small animal friends?! These have served so well for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs, and now, performing its handy duties as chew-able tunnels for our Hammie pals. Large, small, long or short, toilet rolls of all sorts are a smorgasbord of possible fun and purpose for your pet Hamster— secret hideaways, anyone?  
DIY Hamster toys

6. Keeping Your Hamster Cool

Unfortunately, our little furry friends are pretty prone to heating up in hot weather and stuffy rooms. In case you were wondering:
  • It is fine to include some iced-water in their water bottles on hot days. 
  • Got ceramic accessories for Hamsters? Freeze those before placing them back into the cage. 
  • Include moderate servings of frozen fruit or vegetable snacks

Hamster eating

7. Quieten The Hamster Wheel

Hearing the sound of a running wheel is just one way we know our Hammies are active. On the other hand, the clanking and whirling at odd timings can make it unbearably tough to catch a good night’s rest for light sleepers. Instead of removing their privilege of having a wheel (not advisable at all), simply oil the centre pivot point with a natural oil like Olive oil. Just one drop, and it is good to go! 

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