Thursday, April 27, 2017

Miniature Leopard - Bengal Cats

Miniature Leopard

If like us, you thought wild and exotic jungle Cats are absolutely cool, how would you feel to find out that there is a perfect breed that specifically developed for that reason? Okay let’s be real, to have the wild and untamed nature of a jungle Cat instilled within a domestic sized feline would be insane to have as a Pet, but this breed has been developed to a docile, friendly and furry companion, with the beauty of a jungle Cat’s coat.

Bengal Cat Behaviour

Bengal Cat

The first recordings of a domestic sized “leopard” was in a book, written 1889. Sightings in the Malay Peninsular were mentioned in 1927 of a nursing Asian Leopard Cat. The only true definitive moment of crossbreeding Asian Leopard Cats with Domestic Cats were recorded in a scientific journal, published 1934. Thereafter a Japanese Cat Publication released an article on the crossbreed as a pet in 1941. In 1946, Jean Mill became a major contributor to the development of the Bengal Cat. She was studying Genetics and submitted a paper on crossbreeding.

Bengal Cat Behaviour
Asian Leopard Cat
In 1970 Willard Centerwall conducted a study on crossbred Asian Leopard Cats and Domestic Cats for their apparent immunity to Feline Leukemia, but he soon got ill and the Cats were handed over to Jean Mill. The ACFA (American Cat Fanciers Association) was the first registry to accept the Bengal. As opposed to keeping the hybrid status, Jean Mill further bred the Bengals, to create a very domesticated breed. This happened 1983, when she was in TICA (The International Cat Association).

Fun Fact: Bill Engler was the man to chose the name “Bengal” for this feline breed, in close relation to Bengalensis, also known as the Asian Leopard Cat. The modern developed Bengal breed now has no ties to the Asian Leopard Cat

What Does A Bengal Cat Look Like?

Bengals were distinctively developed to look like Margays, Leopards or Ocelots (all of which are exotic large jungle Cats). To be even more specific, it is their plush, soft coats that look like those of a jungle Cat! Bengals have long bodies, similar structures to that of an Asian Leopard Cat. And their coats are usually spotted/rosettes or a marbled look (like blurred markings of a Cloudy Leopard).

Bengal Cat Behaviour
Bengal colours include bright orange, light brown to off-white or cream (Snow Leopard alert!) and they have large oval eyes of either blue, or green. Another obvious marking you could look out for are horizontal stripes on their front paws, and also beside their eyes, this feature is fondly referred to as “Mascara” marks. All in all, just picture a Leopard in a domestic Cat’s size, and you got a Bengal!
Marbled Bengal

Grooming Needs

The short, plush smooth coat of a Bengal only requires brushing once a week, just to minimise the furballs lingering in the home. And since they love water so much, it doesn’t require a lot of convincing for them to take a bath! 

Bengal Cats love water
Other basic care includes cleaning their ears, and trimming their nails when necessary. Apart from those, you’ve got this sector covered, throw in more attention and fun activities to keep your Bengal happy

Bengal Cat Behaviour

Bengals are a ball of energy and fun, and one of the Cats that love water. Don’t be surprised or afraid to shower with your Bengal. That’s right, their curious nature and intelligence adds to their fun. They do require a lot of human interaction and attention, if you do not have that much time, have another Cat to keep them company or try to avoid this breed.
Bengal Cats Play
 Bengals can be kept entertained by lots of challenging toys and activities, they are high jumpers, climbers (Mesh up your windows and doors!) and are extremely playful. Word has it that Bengals would find means to attract your attention if you’re not giving it enough, things like hiding your stuff, and even learn how to open drawers! If you love excitement and the rewarding relationship of being able to train your Cat, a Bengal would love you back the same

Bengal Cat In Singapore

Bengals are exquisite and beautiful, and we’ve also noticed how much more available exotic Cat breeds are now in Singapore. Though we are unable to find or trace the sources of these exotic Cats, we believe in sharing helpful tips and insights to better care, and also reduce abandonment. Every breed has their own unique sets of behaviours and personalities individually, so it is extremely important to do your research before getting a pet.

Bengal Cat Behaviour

It is not the duty of the Pet to adapt to your lifestyle, but humans should ensure their lifestyles suit the type of Pet they are considering instead. On a lighter note, we were fortunate to see a Bengal at Pets Carnival @ Kallang Trivista, its owner was gracious enough to let us hold it too Check out what you’ve missed!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Pets Carnival @ Kallang

Pets Carnival at Kallang Trivista

It seems to us that more GRCs in Singapore are warming up to the idea of organising a Pet event in their neighbourhoods for their Residents and even people from all over our sunny island, and we couldn’t be happier to attend. Just think about the convenience and fun for the Residents as they get to enjoy a fun filled weekend with their families, neighbours, friends (of all sorts☺) and fellow animal lovers!

Main Stage
Though some of the Pet events we’ve been to that were held in a cosy neighbourhood were small and tasteful, like Sunset Way Family Day, It’s a Paw Party and Parrotopia, Pet Carnival at Kallang Trivista was an event almost as large as Nee Soon Pets Fiesta. It’s time for a review of the experience!

The Event

Pet Carnival at Kallang Trivista was organised by Kolam Ayer Grassroots Organisations, and their first ever Pet event! We couldn’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia the minute we arrived. It was an event of fairly great proportion, and we felt like we were back at Nee Soon again. Only this time, the huge tent was white .

Yes Corgi, Sir! 
Happy Residents
Pet Carnival was located right behind the Kallang MRT Station (convenient!) The weather that day was pretty unforgiving, it was gloomy for a second, and scorching the next! But that did little to deter event goers, Furkids and Fids.

Adoption Drives

It just absolutely isn’t right to have a large scale Pet event with no participating shelters, so the minute you enter the event, the line-up of Adoption Drive and Shelters are on the right. There will be no way you’d miss them out, with groups of amazing volunteers constantly walking the Puppers, looking their best for future Pawrents. This included Joyous Bark, Purely Adoptions, OSCAS and Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter.

Guest of Honour having a chat at various booths
We had a good run into Bern from Purely Adoptions (whom was invited to speak on stage about his tips and tricks for Dog training), and Irene from Uncle Khoe’s K9 shelter! Two lovely people out and about, doing the good work of fund raising and finding homes for rescued Mongrels.

Main Stage

You attention would next be drawn to the Main Stage, with ongoing Pet contests back to back, like Dog Obedience, Temptation Dash for Dogs, and Beauty Cat (everypawdie looked great!) Including educational talks on Pet Care by the participating Pet shelters and stage performances by the various Pet groups. You could tell the activities were pretty entertaining, considering the stage front was always packed with a crowd!

Squawking and Clacking

Participating Bird enthusiasts at this event were the folks from Birdie and Family, including some friends, whom brought along their array of Fids to join in the hustle and bustle of the Pet event!

Looks like Corn's a big hit!
Birdies got a whole lotta love 
 Children and adults all had an opportunity to view, feed and even have a Birdie on their hand, under guidance and supervision of the Fids’ parents of course. When the Sun was up, Parrots had a GREAT time sun basking and flaunting their vibrant colours.

Love my "hair" too - Goliath Palm Cockatoo 
an African Grey Parrot! Look at those beautiful "Scales"

Event Meowdels

Lovely meowdels from Love Kuching Project was there to raise funds in collaboration with Goood Pet Collars, amazingly modelled by their Cats, whom were also up for adoption. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

Hop, Hop, Lop!

Don’t leave the Rabbits out, because Angie’s Pets was there to cover your Bunny needs. At this event, she was providing grooming services for every Bun that hopped by wanting a cleanup. Her sidekick Bun Smiggle was there, to accompany her when she taught proper handling to the masses.

Sharing a friendly convo
Guest of Honour Assoc Prof Dr Yaacob Ibrahim (Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs) also got his fair share of giving Smiggle some love, what a day for that Bun!

Products and Accessories

The myriad of more than 30 shops sure kept event goers on a shopping spree, livening the event were goods and treats from KohePets, Nekojam, Husse,  homemade goodness from Wholesome Paws, The Barkery, Ginger and Bear, and more!

The great sea of heads
This event was a perfect lineup of the old and new picks for consumers. And they weren’t all catered for your Pets, lil’ ones got to enjoy the perks of good ol’ cotton candy and fun balloon art. (Don’t have a pet? It’s alright you get to have a balloon animal!)

Was It Worth The Trip?

Most indefinitely! We had the pleasure of meeting friends (both on twos and fours) and we could tell the atmosphere of the event was truly cheery, once again, the joy of heading to a Pet event is always made even extra bubbly when you are constantly sharing some love with these furry and feathered friends. In spite of the weather being rather crazy, volunteers and staff of Geylang West CC made sure every event goer was given plenty of free water, and ventilation from massive standing Fans.

Curious Kitty
Lovely Michalle and her daughter, with their beloved Pom!

Because identical twins don't necessary fancy similar Birds ;)
Though it is always nice to see a gathering and participation of various animals, again there wasn’t any booth that had Birds accessories, here’s hoping for next time! Let’s not forget to mention how kind and friendly all these Pet owners are, we hope everyone had a great blast like we did. This was a myriad of Pawrents, Bird Lovers, Kitties, Pooches, and Buns, and oh did we mention there was a Tortoise?  Continue on for more photos, and see you folks at another Pet event!

Tortoises are an extreme lifelong commitment, looks like this fella is doing well! 
Think this Kitty smells something
Do I look bigger? *Gasp*
The exquisite Bengal. Lucky us! 
Yes my tongue IS looooong
Dog Walk  AND a Cat Walk :)
Our colours compliment each other perfectly. Hehe
I look happy don't I? - Pepper
Wong and just ONE of his many pets. We couldn't get the Dog, Cat, Guinea Pig and Rabbit in the shot!
We love some Sun

Nancy with Niu Niu!
Am I blushing?

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Homemade Coconut Dog Treats

Homemade Coconut Dog Treats

So we introduced a simple recipe which involved the freezing of coconut milk and handing them to our pooches as a Pupsicle, and boy it was a hit. We couldn’t help noticing how much our furry pal loved coconut, even coconut oil, which is apparently excellent for their coats! We give him about a teaspoon per day.

If you’ve never smelled Coconut oil before, just imagine getting a good whiff of Kueh Bangkit (It smells exactly like it!) So we were totally drawn to try this recipe we found on 
Human friendly too!

Coconut Delight DIY Dog Biscuits


3 cups Brown rice flour

1 cup Coconut flour

1 cup Coconut water

2 Eggs

2 tablespoons Honey

2 tablespoons Organic virgin coconut oil


1. Preheat Oven To 350º(approximately 177 Degree Celsius)

2. Line 2 baking pans with parchment paper.

3. Add the rice flour and coconut flour to a large bowl and whisk them together.

4. Make a well in the centre of the flours.

5. Add beaten eggs, honey, coconut oil and coconut water.

6. Mix until combined and then knead it for a few minutes until you form it into a smooth dough ball.

7. Roll the dough ball out to about ¼" in thickness.

8. Cut shapes out with a cookie cutter and place on parchment lined baking sheets.

9. Bake in 350º (approximately 177 Degree Celsius) oven for about 20 minutes.

10. Keep an eye on them as everybody's oven can be different which could alter baking times.

Don’t they absolutely remind you of Kueh Bangkits? Now before you start off, take note of these pointers from the author on ingredients too:

“When buying your coconut water, read the label on the bottle. Make sure that the only ingredient it has is "coconut water."

“Storage ~ One week in refrigerator. Up to three months in freezer”

- Proud Dog Mom

Have a pawsome weekend folks!