Saturday, June 24, 2017

Savoury Chicken Pot Pie Dog Biscuits

Cool Weather Savoury Dog Treats Recipe

We’re all hoping for some rain to cool down and cosy up with our Furries during the weekend, and this recipe sounds perfect for a little stay-home fun that is perfectly safe and healthy for your Pooches to enjoy with you! Every weekend equates to some free time to devote to your Furkids and it’s the best time we have allocated to scouting out awesome recipes from all over the world just for you.

Chicken Pot Pie Dog Biscuits

This is a lovely and simple recipe we found on Doggy Dessert Chef, photos and recipe by the author itself. Recipe consist of 5 easily obtainable ingredients that could possibly even make up as a meal for you or your Dogs, but treats will be treats, do not substitute your Pooches’ meals with treats, instead, moderate their treat intake accordingly to their size and nutritional needs. Consult your trusted Veterinary if need be!


½ cup Chicken (cooked and shredded)

½ cup Peas (cooked and mashed)

¼ cup Carrots (shredded)

½ cup Chicken Broth

1 ½ cup Whole Wheat Flour


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (Approximately 176 Degree Celsius)

2. In a large bowl combine all ingredients until well mixed.

3. Roll out dough on floured surface ¼ inch thick. Cut into shapes with the cutter of your choice.

4. Place cookies on an ungreased cookie sheets and poke with a fork to prevent air bubbles. Cook for 15-20 minutes. Cool and refrigerate.

* I brushed the treats before baking with an egg white for the shiny affect.

Our Take

Can we have a bite too? Because how different is this from regular Chicken Pot Pie? Zero Oil of course. We can already smell it just by reading. On cold rainy evenings, this would be the perfect treat for all ☺ For a sweet treat instead, try out this Peanut Butter recipe!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

One Furry Fiesta Event Review

One Furry Fiesta

17th June Saturday was yet another eventful day for ThePetsDialogue, we visited two events, and one of which was “One Furry Fiesta”, held at a large open field space in the midst of some private houses. More accurately, between Lorong Ong Lye and Serangoon Avenue 1. This was an event hosted by the People’s Association of Bartley NC and Braddell Estate NC. Interestingly, it was also a ceremony to celebrate the upgrading completion of the estate.

One Furry Fiesta Pet Event Singapore

What Was Expected

Despite the countless of Pet events we’ve been to, which were mostly a combination of highlights catered for all types of Pets (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Birds, you name it) The event highlights as stated on the flyer which we listed were “Dog Workshops, Dog Competitions and Dog Booths”. Alright, so this was shaping up to be a pretty Dog-centric event in our heads. Gotta admit we thought the turnout was gonna be rather disappointing. What if people did not own Dogs?

What We Saw

Boy were we surprised! Not only did the event turn out to be a pretty large sized one, the highlights catered for Dogs only did little to reduce the turnout for this event. It was One Furry Fiesta alright. The tent-space was as large as Nee SoonGRC’s Pets Fiesta, and Kallang Trivista’s Pets Carnival. Because it was catered to Dogs only, they had substantial space to include a Main stage, and a massive Dog show ring (fully furnished with obstacle courses).

Ice Cream Claw Machine Singapore Arcade

Stalls For Humans

Since it was an open space, you can pretty much enter the event from any angle, but there was an allocated path that led right up to it. Firstly, you’d be greeted by the Organiser's Registration booth, which comes with a goodie bag filled with Dog treats, coupons, and a Picnic mat (of usage we’ll explain later on).

Churros Rainbow Ramadan Bazaar
Moving forward, we saw two whole rows of Food stalls, lined with Hipster food by Churros Factory, traditional food like Roti Canai, Kueh Salat, and even Ice Cream. It was as though we just just walked into a miniature Geylang Ramadan Bazaar. Did we mention that these little bites were mostly free for all that popped by the event? Of course, this could be one of the reasons why part of the crowd got drawn to it (yes even those that came without Pets. Haha)

Pet Stops

The other stalls were merchants for our Furry pals, of which we met a few new faces behind adorable non-skid socks for Pooches, handmade pretty multi-coloured leashes and also handcrafted porcelain plagues customised with your favourite photo of your Pets (these are made to last a lifetime!) For this event, the participating Veterinary Clinic was Advanced Pet Care, a pretty new establishment in the East of Singapore, there to conduct free Health checks for your darling Pooches.

Dog Collar Leash ThePetsDialogue
Do you see Rainbows?
Pet Faces Singapore Pets
Porcelain Memorabilia Makers
Dog Collars and Leash ThePetsDialogue
Ooh, prints this time!
Again, it wouldn’t be a Pet event without participating Shelters, this time around Exclusively Mongrels, OSCAS and Purely Adoption were lined up side by side, gracing the event with their rescued Mongrel and pup show stars, always on the look-out for good homes!

Main Stage

Stage Performances Singapore
Main Stage, Half the crowd moved on to the competition!
Usual educational talks were given up on the Main Stage, this time with the appearance of Dog training specialist, Sunny Chong and his team, and they were also the folks behind the Dog Competition! Apart from that, the attention drew from the stage to the main event that everyone was looking forward to that day, the competition which included “Pets Idol”, “Dog Got Talent” and others such as temptation and agility runs.

Dog Shows Singapore Pet Events
The Dog Competition commences!


It has always been a pleasure for us to meet and speak to people at the event, especially fellow Pet lovers and owners like ourselves. Through conversational topics we discover what is lacking in the industry and also what they enjoy most about visiting an event with their Furkids. Needless to say, there is a common reason we all share : to be able to spend some time with their Furry companions and mingle with others with similar passion for their Pets. Here are a few folks we thoroughly appreciated having a convo with!

Pretty Singaporean Girl
Mikaela and Milo, perhaps the calmest Toy Poodle we've encountered!
French Bulldog Pet Singapore
Hi handsome Frenchie!
Chow Chow Golden Retriever Singapore Pets
This Goldie and Chow are the best of friends!
P.S. If you do not see your photograph here, don’t worry there will be much more opportunities to come, we’d certainly love to meet each and every one of you!

One Furry Fiesta Review

The weather was unforgiving (as always), we’re pretty sure you’re aware of how hot it can get these days. There wasn’t anybody who wasn’t sweating that day, however we could tell that everybody and everypawdie had their fair share of fun, even while taking shade from the heat. And on to the purpose of the Picnic Mat! Organisers have kindly provided an airing of the movie Kungfu Panda soon after event highlights were over, for families to unwind on their Picnic Mats when the Sun has set.

Bouncy Castle Uncle Ringo Singapore
This was a first at a Pet event for sure, and we began to understand why the time frame for the event was set between 4pm to 7.30pm. Just in time for movies after dinner. By the way, there was also a bouncy castle! It was a huge hit for the kids (it was riddled with Children) And yes, it was a pretty worthy trip to end the day. See you guys soon at another Pet event!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Mini Bulldog Breed

What’s A Mini Bulldog Breed Called?

It isn’t unusual to spot a miniature Bulldog-looking pup once in a while, in case you were wondering which Dog breed those guys were because you clearly remember Bulldogs being much larger (and more stern-looking), it’s none other than the little Bulldog from France, the Frenchie!

The French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, otherwise so fondly known as Frenchie was a result of crossbreeding between Bulldogs from England and smaller Dog breeds such as the Terrier and/or Pugs during the 1800s. They are direct descendants from Dogs of the Molossians (an ancient Greek Tribe) which were eventually spread around the world by traders. These Dogs were then developed into Mastiffs and then the Bullenbeisser (German Bulldog), commonly used for the sport of Bull-baiting. When the blood-sport got banned during 1835, many of these Bulldogs were left jobless and bred for companionship instead.

Frenchie Dog Breed Singapore Pets
Because these Bulldogs were much larger, breeders began attempts to reduce their sizes, by crossbreeding with smaller Dogs such as Terriers and Pugs. By 1850s these “Toy Bulldogs” became a common sight in England. Workers from Nottingham whom settled in Normandy, France brought along an array of Dogs with them, including these mini Bulldogs! These mini Bulldogs gained popularity amongst the Ladies and also Artists, Fashion Designers, Writers and even Parisian prostitutes.

French Bulldog Singapore ThePetsDialogue
They’ve eventually been bred to develop the straight ears of the Terrier or Pug even more, and finally arrived back in England during 1893. With TKC (The Kennel Club) recognizing them as a sub-breed of the English Bulldog, caused a dispute amongst English Bulldog breeders as their standards were too far off. In order to separate them and gain individual breed status, a meeting was held and the name “Bouledogue Francais” was given to Frenchies in 1905. This name was changed to “French Bulldog” in 1912.

What Does A French Bulldog Look Like?

Modern Frenchies generally have more genes of the Terrier or Pug in them as opposed to Bulldog genes, mainly for their straight ears and rounder eyes. But there is no doubt that a Frenchie can be dubbed as a Mini Bulldog at first glance for sure! This a small sized Dog with a heavy-boned, muscular body. Their coats are short and smooth, with soft, slightly loose skin and wrinkles.
Frenchie Dog Breed Singapore Pet
What’s most adorable are those big round eyes on a large and squarish head, coupled with straight Bat-like ears that are rounded on top. Their fore legs are shorter than their muscular hind legs. A variety of colours include White, Black, Brindle, Fawn, Cream and Tan.

Grooming Requirements Of A French Bulldog

Frenchie’s short coat does not require a lot to maintain, although they still need the regular brushing with a soft bristle brush or a curry comb. As they do shed about two times per year, take note to increase brushing during those times to help get rid of those hairs faster. Watch out for those deep grooves between wrinkles as it could trap dirt, clean them out regularly with a damp cloth, but remember to dry them completely and not leave the areas damp.
French Bulldog Breed Singapore Pets
A bath monthly should keep their coats fresh and clean, along with cleaning out their ears with a Vet-approved cleanser and cotton balls. Trim their nails whenever necessary and keep their teeth and gums healthy by practising good oral habits! If you do not know how to perform these tasks, approach your trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for advice and demonstrations

French Bulldog Personality

You can expect an excellent companion with the innate love of Human touch. The playful, mischievous and affectionate Frenchie can also enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon lounging on his favourite sofa. Though they are intelligent creatures that respond well during trainings, they can get rather stubborn.
Frenchie Dog Breed Singapore ThePetsDialogue
In that case, experts have advised trying a game-like training method instead, with the help of treats to entice your Frenchies. Friendly with animals and people, including children, however, they may also become protective towards stranger and other Dogs, which is an issue that can be fixed with a ton of socialising.

Owning A French Bulldog In Singapore

Frenchies are not only a whole lot of fun, they are also adaptable to apartment living conditions. But like all Dog breeds, they still require an adequate space to move about and have a little fun. Though they are quite active, they do not need a long period of exercise, just walks and play-time will do
French Bulldog Breed Singapore Pet
Do keep an eye out for the weather as Frenchies are pretty prone to heat-exhaustion, take them out for a stroll preferably during cooling times of the day. Like all Pets, responsibility and commitment are very important factors to consider as a Pet owner, always do your research before getting a Pet, and be ready for a life-long commitment. With proper care and lots of love, the average lifespan of a French Bulldog is 11 years or more.

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Standard breeds are great, but we could say the same for all other crossbreeds and even mongrels. Before you head off to purchase a Pet, always keep an eye out for adoption drives or check out local shelters for more options, you could always count on finding your next loyal companion and providing a forever home for a rescued furry pal.