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Running With Dogs: The Best Dog Breeds For Runners

Dog breeds that are suitable for having a run outdoors with you!

Dogs are referred to as Man's best friend for a ton of viable reasons, and for the most part, it's the companionship that most human's enjoy. While most Dogs may enjoy outdoor activities as much as we do, not all breeds are suitable, be sure to check in with your Veterinarian to confirm that your Doggo's overall health is capable of withstanding such exercises!

Fancy yourself an avid lover of long distance running, or even a regular jogger? 
Woman running with Dog
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Prepping For a Run With Your Dog

Hydration — Even for Dogs that fair well in warm climates, water is essential to keep yourself and your Pet(s) hydrated during exercise. Always have ample water available on hand. 

Rest — Take a few quick breaks during your run or jog, it gives your Doggo(s) a good breather too!

On Leash — It isn't so much about your Dog's capability of staying close, but if you are planning to run in a public area, it's always safer to have them on leash at arm's reach, just in case ☺

Prudence — There's no harm in being cautious and aware of your surroundings, avoid areas that could be potential hazards especially on the first running-trial with your pooch, i.e. steep or difficult terrains, wild animals etc. 

Popular Dog Breed for Runners

If you are in search for a Dog breed suited for those activities, or if you already have a sweet Doggo, you might want to take a look at the following list for the top picks (in no particular order), best known for stamina, high-energy, and obedience necessary in accompaniment on a good run! 

Labrador Retriever

Labs aren't just great at retrieval, they make excellent family pets that provide companionship in most situations. Along with its sturdy-built and high stamina, they'd be sure to keep up with you along the entire run.

German Shepherd

One of the most hardworking Dog breeds originally developed for protection and sheep-herding, an Alsatian Doggo is capable of putting your own stamina to the test with its intelligence and eagarness to please. 
Two german shepherds jumping
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Australian Shepherd

With abilities to withstand most weather considtions, Aussies aren't just great at herding, they're pretty much all-rounders in terms of stamina, energy that enjoy working. Having one along for a run makes good accompaniment for sure!

Border Collie

Another working breed known for its intelligence and efficiency in sheep-herding, Collies could make your run so much more enjoyable based on their temperaments alone.

Siberian Husky

Don't be fooled by a Husky's serious expression, the playfulness and energetic temperaments of these sled dogs are best entertained with a good run! Just be mindful of weather conditions, a thick coat might not fair well for a long duration under the sun.
Siberian Husky sled dog pack
via TurnKeypets on Instagram

Alaskan Malamute

A fellow Arctic canine best known for its loyalty and companionship apart from being hardworkers at load-hauling in the Arctic regions. This robust Doggo will keep you company on your run with an energy to back it up.

Grey Hound

Top speed, agility and excellent stamina makes Grey Hounds unfortunately a popular star for Dog races. Not for the races? Just know that it's in their nature to enjoy a good workout outdoors ☺   


Being the top ambassador choice when it comes to Dogs in service for Firefighters aka Fire Dog, Dalmatians are reknowned for their stamina and robustness, clearing paths to the scene of the fire by running ahead of Fire trucks. This is one breed that is bound to keep up with your pace. 
Dalmation running by the beach
via DalmationMilloandPat on Instagram


A strong, quick and energetic Dog breed like the Boxer are observed to be great sprinters, which often looks like a spurt of energy while they dart around. While ancestral roots might have seen crazy days during wartime as messengers, so why not a change of scenery for these sprinter descendants? 

Dogs for Runners: Mixed Breed

Mixed Dog breeds could be great companions for runners too, as mentioned be sure to check in with a Veterianian for further confirmation on your Dog's capability. Look out for past-injuries, joint pains, breathing issues and heat-exhaustion that could pose a threat to your Pet's well-being, and always take the suggested precautions when prepping for a run. 

Cease the run immediately if you notice your Dog panting excessively or when they are reluctant to move.  

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