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Hamsters Of Instagram: Tiny Pets, Massive Fun and Love!

Hamsters Of Instagram: Tiny Pets, Massive Fun and Love!

Hamsters have been around for the longest time, as a classroom or a starter Pet for most. They fit in our palms and look adorable stuffing their cheek pockets full of food. Sadly the lack of education and experience often led to quick deaths of many Hamsters. Although their lifespans may not be as long as all other types Pets, we should bear the responsibility of providing the best life these tiny creatures should have
Did you know that you mustn’t bath your Hamsters in water?

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What Kind Of Hamsters Are Popular?

We have two types of hamsters most commonly found around the world, the Dwarf Hamster, and the Syrian (Golden) Hamster. Dwarf Hamsters alone have 3 popular species— Roborovski, Djungarian, and Campbell’s. Amongst them, Dwarf hamsters have gained more popularity as a group throughout the years, for their aesthetics and tinier appeal. 
Top Hamsters on instagram
 But this is not to say that Golden Hamsters are not adorable, in fact, in the recent years it seems to be making quite the comeback. We’ve scoured Instagram for these TEN Hammie accounts, to show you just how much love and fun a Hamster deserves from its owner!

1. Asahi.fl

Step into the world of Hammies with these guys from Japan, as they show you Hamster can rock a miniature Dollhouse filled with working furniture too.

— 71.2 K followers

2. Gift__08

Gift is a Dwarf Hammie from Japan, living his happy live and providing his owner a ton of photogenic close ups. We can’t help but fall in love with this innocent looking one right here.

— 52.6 K followers

3. Cheese the Fat Hamster

This account originally belonged to Cheese (R.I.P.), also known as the internet sensation for having all his very own miniature household items to eat his food off of! This account is now home to Bacon and Ham, and their hoomin Tiffany Zhang. They hail from Manchester, England.
— 36.4 K followers
🥓: I think I need to check the quality of the corns before I pay for them... 🤦🏻‍♀️: It’s okay to say you are hungry Baroness... ------------------------------------------ 🎉38K! FunnyCaption Challenge! 🎊 If your comment is funnier than my own caption, I will replace my caption with your comment, @ your account in the text, and also give your account a 24hr shoutout 📢! To be part of the competition, as long as you can fit in the following criteria: 1. Follow @cheese.the.fat.hamster account 🐹; 2. Leave your funniest comment under any of my new posts from 7th September 2016; 3. Are a pet account or at least own a pet and have a pet post in your account 🐹🐭🐰🐱🐶🐨🐷🐸🐮🐵🐧🐤🐴🐢🐠🐿; ------------------------------------------ Disclaimer: 1. For those who think everyone else is stupid and doesn't know how to use Google so needs to be educated on Instagram, I've NO intention whatsoever to encourage ANYONE to feed or do ANYTHING to their hamsters without researching or asking a vet. So if people do so, it will be their own responsibility. 2. I'm by no means an animal expert / vet, and never claim to be one. So constructive suggestions and advices from certified animal experts and vets are always welcome. 3. To provide a peaceful environment for those who enjoy my content, any abusive language and bullying will not be tolerated. Once noticed, those accounts will be blocked straightaway and forever. And yes if you actually read my post, you would have noticed this warning. ------------------------------------------ #hamster #hamsterlover #smallanimal #cute #可愛い #仓鼠 #ハムスター #cat #dog #癒し #かわいい #倉鼠 #pet #love #햄스터 #tหนูแฮมสเตอร์ #bunny #funnyanimals #happy #hamstergram #petstagram #shopping #buy #shop #grocery #lol #meme #fun #funny #hilarious
A post shared by Hamsters And Human Servant (@cheese.the.fat.hamster) on

4. Nococo.K

Follow Azuki, Koyuki, Koume and Ramune from Japan, on their daily lives and melting moments whilst being stroked by their hoomin. Sorry, but we’re melting in our hearts too!

— 32.8 K followers

5. SU

Yup, the name’s just Su, the Golden Hamster from Japan with a pleasant photo journal filled with large eyes, fluffy body and adorable ears. Looking at these makes us feel like shrinking just so we could curl up right beside Su.

 — 30 K followers
A post shared by すぅさん/SU (@su._._._) on

7. MT1673

Hanamaru, Monaka and Azuki have a myriad of videos, most of which features them eating, because, who doesn’t love a munching manju (Japanese red bean confectionery)?

— 20.9 K followers

8. Sachiro520

There is nothing more adorable than a tiny Hamster that loves being in the palm of your hands. A hamster like Taro-chan! He loves curling up in his hoomins’ palm for snacks, or even nothing at all. Also from Japan.

— 11.5 K followers

9. Kimuchi_1

Kimuchi is another dwarf hamster from Japan with his very own miniature furnitures. Plus he takes great pictures posing with them. Take a look yourselves


10. Parumu

Meet 5 Golden hamsters and their hoomin couple from Japan too, in their everyday lives of peachy butts and pleasing photos. Every photograph just looks so calming!


How To Have Fun With Your Hamster

Well, apart from keeping them entertained with a ton of hiding places, stuff to chew on and proper care, you are encouraged to bond with your Hammies, frequently feeding them and holding them in your hands. For a new Hamster that may require a bit of time and patience for them to grow accustomed to it
How to care for Hamsters
And once they are, you’d be surprised at the endless amount of fun you could actually have with them, as opposed to just keeping them in a cage. Note: It isn’t advisable to keep hamsters in pairs, unless they were introduced together from a young age. Most Hamsters are perfectly fine being alone, separation prevents territorial fights.

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Popular hamsters on instagram
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