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*UPDATED* Dog Boarding In Singapore: The Largest List Of Dog Hotels And How To Pick One!

*UPDATED* Dog Boarding In Singapore: The Largest List Of Dog Hotels And How To Pick One!

Holidays abroad are a much needed time for our relaxation from work, and also considered as an allocated time for family bonding. For most of us, this unfortunately also means that we’d have to leave our Doggy companions behind. It does not take a genius to figure out that these furry creatures are by no means able to care for themselves—Please do not leave your Pets unattended to while you are away!
Dog Hotels in Singapore
Are You Boarding Your Pet Dog For The First Time?

So here we all are, scrolling through our Internet browsers, scrupulously going through the immense list of available Dog boarding facilities and services in Singapore. Quite frankly, there are plenty to choose from, but what deems as a reputable or safe haven for our Canine friends?

Picking The Right Boarding Facility

This task proves to be rather daunting for many first timers. Just like meeting a stranger for the first time, certain issues only surface after a full experience. On top of that, there are personal issues of separation anxiety, safety worries, and also the guilt you may face from leaving your beloved furry friend behind for a period of time.
 Golden retriever Dogs
Ten Questions — These problems naturally boil down to mutual trust; but how are we supposed to entrust our Furbabies to…for lack of better words— a bunch of strangers? Before we go with what our guts tell us, we’d often question them (and ourselves) the following TEN basic (but extremely important) questions to further aid as assurance when picking a Dog boarding facility or Dog Hotel:

1.  Do they have cameras installed for 24hr viewing?
If not, would they be sending me daily updates of my Dog?

2. Is there a Mandatory Flea/Mite check and administration before boarding of every Dog?

3. Are there working staffs on standby, even during the night?

4. Are they able to accommodate to my Dog’s special needs (i.e. medical assistance, feeding time)

5. If my Dog is not used to socializing with others, will they be able to provide private care?

6. Are outdoor activities/playtime/walks included?

7. Do they offer viewing of premises before you commit to bookings and payment?

8. What are the reviews of the particular facility by other Pet owners?

9. Are the rooms/facility air-conditioned?

10. When you meet them: Are the staffs friendly?

Trusting reviews — Reviews from fellow Pet owners can go a long way, if you come across one bad review out of 10 good ones for one establishment— it may be passable (depending on the extremities of review). However, chancing upon 2 or more is a definite red flag in our eyes.

Schedule A Viewing — More importantly, always schedule for a viewing of the premises with your pooch before committing to a booking, and observe how the staff and handlers get along with your Doggo— Customer service and bonding efforts can tell us a lot about the boarding facility.

Cleanliness & Hygiene — Keep your eyes peeled on cleanliness and upkeep of the place too – Because if they aren’t bothered about providing a clean and safe temporary abode, how are they supposed to manage the well-being of your Pooch? Now that you’re ready with your arsenal of questions, let us present our findings on the available services!

The Most Extensive List Of Dog Boarding Services In Singapore

As with Cat Hotels, some Pet boarding facilities have the privacy of boarding only Dogs. We have rounded up the available services in Singapore for your convenience, broken down to 3 segments;

Boarding facilities for Dogs Only
Boarding facilities for Dogs and Other Animals
Home-based Boarding

From locations, rates, and contacts, this is the ultimate list to have with you always!
We duly keep this list updated!

Pet Boarding Service For Dogs Only

1. Petopia

dog boarding in Singapore
Photo via Petopia
üWeekly fogging of premise
üIn-house Neem spray for Dogs
üImmune Boosting serum
üEssence for stress-relief
üMandatory Flea & Tick Dip before check-ins
üAllocated Daily playtime & walks
üComplimentary Shampoo Session (3 days-stay), Styling (15 days-stay or more)
üTransportation (additional Charges apply)

Rates & Charges — *Kindly contact Petopia directly for accurate quotation

6886 9056  |  26 Jalan Kelulut, Seletar Hills Estate (S) 809043  |  askme@petopia.sg

Dog hotels in Singapore
Photos via The Paw House
üIndividual rooms with 3 sizes to choose from
(Small- 1.2 sqm / 13 sqft  |  Medium- 2.3 sqm / 25 sqft  |  Large- 4.3 sqm / 46 sqft)
üSupervised private Playtime during the day
üWalking and Feeding times as per your instructions
ü24 hrs CCTV access for owners
üPre-assesment for fleas, ticks, and cleanliness
(*grooming charges may apply is necessary)
üFully Air-conditioned
üCalming music provided
üTransportation (additional Charges apply) 

Rates and Charges*Kindly contact The Paw House for an accurate quotation

8569 7931  |  31 Jalan Mas Puteh (S) 128633  |  pawtypawss@gmail.com

3. Sunny Heights

Sunny Chong Singapore
Photos via Sunny Heights
ü4-days Daycare prior-assessment
üNight-watch Assistance
üAllocated playtime, pool-time
üPrivate suites (if required)

Rates & Charges

Pack Boarding — $30 per day
Private Suite — $48 per day

6462 3736  |  110 Turf Club Road (S) 285000  |  wye@sunnyheights.sg

4. Happy Dog Care

Singapore's Dog Hotel services
Source via Happy Dog 
üChoice between Two Suites (Petigious Suite/Petigious +)
üWeb-cam access for owners
üRound the clock Assistance
üAllocated playground time or outdoor walks
üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges

According to size of Dog & Suite
*(Petigious Suite has no access to Doggy playground, Daily walks are still inclusive)

Small (up to 6kg) — Petigious Suite $58, Petigious+ $70.50

Medium (6 - 14kg) — Petigious Suite $68, Petigious+ $80.30

Large (14 - 25kg) — Petigious Suite $78, Petigious+ $96

Giant (25kgs and above) — Petigious Suite $88, Petigious+ $108.80

6466 5242 (Bukit Timah Branch)  |  6252 5242 (Balestier Branch)  |  8223 0342 (SMS)
793 Bukit Timah Road (S) 269765  OR  42 Kim Keat Road (S) 328816

Dog hotels in Singapore
Photos via Pawty Paws
üFully Air-comditioned
üPre-temperament trial assesment
üConstant Video and Photo updates
üTransportation (additional Charges apply)

Rates and Charges
Pawty Paws Singapore charges
Photo via Pawty Paws
9795 2662  |  479 Joo Chiat Road #02-00 (S)427684  |  pawtypawss@gmail.com

6. Up For Paws

Dog Hotels in Singapore
Photos via Up For Paws
**This commercial boarding premise is only open to it's regular customers.

üStaff certified with Canine First-Aid Response
üPrior evaluation before acceptance
üEco-friendly & Dog-friendly cleaning products used
üAllocated playtime and socializing activities
üTransportation (additional charges apply)
üStaff trained with force-free Dog behaviour corrective methods 
üAssistance on stand-by

Rates & Charges
Dog hotels in Singapore
Source via Up For Paws
9168 2600  |  31 Eng Kong Terrace (S)599004  |  woof@upforpaws.com

7. Doggies Galore

Dog boarding in Singapore
Photos via Doggies Galore
üLive-feed Cameras
üStaff certified with Canine First-Aid Response
üAllocated playtime (Playroom)
üComplimentary Bath & Dry (min. 1 week stay)

Rates & Charges
Dog boarding service Singapore
Source via Doggies Galore
9625 3184  |  17 Binjai Park (S) 589825  |  emailus@doggiesgalore.com

8. Doggie-Retreat

Dog boarding services in Singapore
Photos via Doggie Retreat
üRegular photo updates
üAllocated outdoor-activity times
üAssessment before boarding (by appointment only)
üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges
Where to board my Dog in Singapore
Source via Doggie-Retreat
9363 3655  |  2 Jalan Gajus (S) 438490  |  info@doggieretreat.com

9. Straits Dog

Dog hotel in Singapore
Photos via Straits Dog
ü Private Suites
ü Doggy Pool & Spa
ü Playtime & Exercise
ü Experienced Caretakers
ü Transportation (additional charges apply)
üViewing before commitment (by appointment only)

Rates & Charges
Dog hotels in singapore
Source via Straits Dog
9729 9204  |  21 Kalidasa Ave (S) 789400  |  straitsdog@gmail.com

10. Ginny and Friends

Dog boarding charges
Photos via Ginny and Friends
ü24hr Staff-assistance
üAllocated Playtime & Dog-walks
üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges
Dog hotels in Singapore
Source via Ginny and Friends
6754 3677  |  9846 3170  |  9 Thong Soon Ave (S) 787436  |  friends@ginnydogcare.com

11. Action for Singapore Dogs

Dog adoption Singapore
Photos via Action for Singapore Dogs
üPrivate cubicles
üViewing before commitment
üFan-cooled environment
üAssistance on stand-by

Rates & Charges
Action for Singapore Dog Boarding
Source via Action for Singapore Dogs
9735 8888  |  80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 (S) 718911  |  info@asdsingapore.com

Dog Boarding Services With Other Animals

1.Marine Pet Image

Dog groomers Singapore
Photos via Marine Pet Image
ü24 hrs Surveillance Cameras (only for Superior Rooms)
üSeparated space/rooms
üMandatory De-ticking before check-in
üComplimentary Bath & Grooming (min. 5 days stay)
üDog walks

Rates & Charges 
Dog grooming in Singapore
Source via Marine Pet Image
6481 5520  |  925 Yishun Central #02-760925 (S) 760925  |  contactus@marinepetimage.com 

2. The Wagington

Best Dog Hotels Singapore
Photo via The Wagington
üVariety of 4 different suites
üHigh-definition Camera for owner’s viewing
üAllocated playtime, dog walks and pool-time
üComplimentary Breakfast of choice from menu
üSoothing music provided in suites

Rates & Charges

Choice of Royal / Garden / Superior / Junior Suites
*Rates obtainable by selection of Suite & Required dates via website.

6471 1689  |  27 B Loewen Road (S) 248850  |  hotel@thewagington.com.sg

3. The WanderLodge

Cat Hotels Singapore
Photos via The WanderLodge
*Private Locale, please call for viewing appointment 

üPrivate Rooms (if requested)
üViewing before commitment (by appointment only
ü60 minutes daily Playtime with Human interaction
üTransportation (additional charges apply)

Rates & Charges
Dog boarding Hotels
Source via The WanderLodge
9873 7704  |  thewanderlodge@gmail.com

4. Mutts & Mittens

Dog events Singapore
Photos via Mutts & Mittens
üChoice of Air-conditioned / Outdoor Kennels
üDog walks
üBalcony for Air-conditioned room
üCompulsory De-ticking before boarding

Rates and Charges
Mutts N Mittens Pet Boarding
Source via Mutts N Mittens
6583 7371  |  11 Pasir Ris Farmway 2 (S) 519326  |  info@muttsnmittens.com

Home-Based Dog Boarding Services

Home-based Dog boarding services equates to similar Pet boarding conditions, though this time, it’s in the comfort of someone’s actual home. Please contact them for viewing appointments before making your decisions– while most of them might actually be genuine pet lovers, it doesn’t hurt to be doubly sure

*Do note that the Boarders may also own pets themselves, so your canine companion has to be accustomed to socializing.
Test your luck and guts for cheaper rates with the listings up on Carousell and Gumtree too!
(yep, we really did the digging)

Carousell – Home Dog Boarding Services

Gumtree Home Dog Boarding Services

Finding The Nearest Available Dog Boarder

Running out of time? Alternatively, you could take a whirl with these online marketplaces specifically meant for Home based Dog-sitting, Dog-walking and Dog-boarding, services of which are located conveniently around you!


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