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*UPDATED* Cat Hotels: Your Ultimate Guide To Cat Boarding Services In Singapore

Cat Hotels: Your Ultimate Guide To Cat Boarding Services In Singapore  

Year-end vacations are an eventful moment not to be missed. Visiting another country to experience Christmas and New Year is definitely something to look forward to after a long year of work. Besides, it's also about time to clear those leaves, right? ☺ 
Cat boarding in Singapore
But what about your Pets? - More specifically for this post, Your Cats? 

Sure, it'd be great to have friends or close relatives whom you completely trust to handle and care for your feline companions while you are abroad. But there comes a time when no one is available, especially during year-end holiday period 

Cat Boarding Services 

While it is not uncommon to find a boarding home or hotel for Dogs, it may be a little tricky to find one for Cats here in Singapore. Thanks to the advancement in cultural acceptance of all the different types of Pets, Singapore has adopted the luxury lifestyle of providing Kitties with concierge service and a safe haven to stay-in while their owners are away. 

Cats-Only Boarding 

We're glad to learn that there are Pet Boarding places with utmost consideration for Cats and only Cats. In other words, No Dogs Allowed (Sorry Doggos!). These are perfect for minimal stress and Kitties whom aren't used to being around other animals, and at times, due to the preferences of their owners. Other services may also include private or shared rooms, provided meals, and even allocated Human play-time! 
Cat Hotels in Singapore

  1. 1. Nekoya

80 Changi Road, Centropod #02-03 (S) 419715 
9 King Albert Park, King Albert Residence Mall (S) 598332 

  • üCats-Only Environment 
  • üAir-conditioned 
  • ü24-hrs Surveillance Cameras 
  • üPrivate daily Playtime & Human-interaction 
  • üViewing of space before commitment (by appointment only) 
  • Cat boarding Services in Singapore
    Source - Nekoya Cat Hotel

Rates & Charges

$39 / night (Single),  $64 / night (Two) 

*Enjoy $10 off your first night when you quote "Carousell" during booking  
(for first-time customers, min 5 Days 4 Nights) 

6910 6260 (Centropod |  6969 6278 (King Albert Park)  |

  1. 2. Catopia

406B Joo Chiat Road (S) 427634 

  • üCats-Only Environment 
  • üBoarding Fee inclusive of wet and dry food 
  • ü24 hrs Surveillance Cameras 
  • üAllocated play-time & Human interaction 
  • üAir-conditioned 
  • Cat hotels in Singapore
    Source - Catopia

Rates & Charges 

Solo Cabins - $38 / night (one Cat)  
$65 / night (two Cats) 
$90 / night (three Cats) 

Executive Rooms - $140 / night (suitable for 1 or up to 5 Cats) 
*6th Cat onward - additional $20 / night for each additional Cat 

9388 8893  | 

3. Yumiki Cat Boarding

Thomson  OR  Segar Vale (Bukit Panjang)

* Private locales, kindly call for viewing appointment.

üDaily cleaning and feeding service (2 times per day)
ü100% natural Soya cat litter is provided during staycation
ü100% No mixing with other client's cats
üPrivate litter box, food bowls, water bowls are provided
ü15-20 minutes private cuddling and playing time (2 times per day)
üPhoto or Video updates via Facebook once every 2 days
ü24/7 fan-cooled environment
cat boarding in Singapore
Example of Marie, Felix and Totoro suites, via Yumiki Co.

Rates and Charges

cat boarding services in Singapore
Screenshots via Yumiki Co.

Mon-Fri  10am to 6pm
Sat, Sun & PH, Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve  9.30am-12.30pm

85112472  |

  1. 4. CatSpace 

Mimosa Vale, Yio Chu Kang (Private Estate) 

  • üCats-Only Environment 
  • üAir-conditioned 
  • üPrivate daily Playtime & Human Interaction 
  • Cat sitting services in Singapore
    Source - CatSpace

Rates & Charges 
Cat boarding rates in Singapore
Source via CatSpace
8777 6848  | 

  1. 5. CatsLodge

Private Locale at Changi, 2-way transport provided ($80 for one or two Cats) 

  • üCats-Only Environment 
  • üAir-conditioned 
  • üPrivate rooms with daily Playtime & Human Interaction 
  • üDaily photo-updates via Mobile 
  • üViewing before commitment (by appointment only) 
  • Cat Hotels in Singapore
    Source - TheCatsLodge

Rates & Charges 

1 Cat - $50  /night 
2 Cats - $80 / night 
3 Cats - $100++ / night 

Choice of Rooms - Aqua Marine Suite / Sunshine Suite / Spring Green Suite 
Additional - $15 Compulsory Anti-Flea Prevention 

*Prices not inclusive of food and other services 

8781 1914  | 

80 Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 (S)718911 

  • üCats-Only Environment 
  • üAir-conditioned / Fan-cooled spaces available 
  • üStay-in Cat Sitter 
  • Where to board my Cats
    Source - KittyCare Haven

Rates & Charges 

Premium Rooms – Private, Option of Airconditioned / Fan Cooled 
Budget Housing – Fan Cooled space 
Cat sitting services Singapore
Source via KittyCare Haven
9795 0010 / 9795 8995  | 

Cat Boarding Facilities With Other Animals 

The ideal Cat hotel for most of our Feline pals may only be catered for Cats. However, if you feel that your Kitty pal is accustomed to the presence of other animals (i.e. Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs), then the following options could be alternatives, coming in handy especially during peak seasons. No doubt, the rooms are still private and handled by professional sitters! 

925 Yishun Central #02-760925 (S) 760925 

  • ü24 hrs Surveillance Cameras (only for Superior Rooms) 
  • üSeparated space/rooms 

Rates & Charges 

Classic (Non-Air Conditioned) – $25 / night   
Deluxe (With Air-Con) – $35 / night 
Superior (with Air-Con & 24 hrs Surveillance Cameras) – $65 / night 

Additional –  $12 Mandatory De-ticking (renewed every 7 days) 

6481 5520  | 

  1. 2. Pets Eden  

29 Everitt Road (S) 428576 

  • üSeparated Cat Staycation Area 
  • üRound-the-clock Cat sitter 
  • üAir-Conditioned  
  • üAllocated Play-time in open area with a Human Companion   
  • üDaily Photo updates via Mobile 

Rates & Charges 

Two suites to choose from, Junior/Premium Suite – Please call to enquire 

6258 3201  |  Whatsapp 9227 7915  | 

27 B Loewen Road (S) 248850 

  • üSeparated Private Cat rooms/cabins 
  • üAir-conditioned 
  • Pet sitters in Singapore

Rates & Charges 

Choice of Cabin / Palace / Royal Doghill / Imperial Feline Suites 
*Rates obtainable by selection of Suite & Required dates via website. 

6471 1689  | 

*Private Locale, please call for viewing appointment 

  • üAir-Conditioned 
  • üPrivate Rooms (if requested) 
  • üViewing before commitment (by appointment only) 
  • ü60 minutes daily Playtime with Human interaction 

Rates & Charges 

Choice of Rooms – Jungle / Sea Theme 
Cat hotels in Singapore
Source via The WanderLodge

9873 7704  | 

Home Based Cat Boarding 

Last but not least, you've got the cheapest alternative: Trusting home-based Cat sitters, or those with their boarding services listed up on Carousell and GumTreeBasically, you'd be dropping off your Kitties at another person's home, and they'd watch after your feline pal(s) for you. Cat Food and litter is not inclusive unless otherwise stated. The best advice we've got for this is go through their reviews thoroughly, and of course, go with your best gut-feel as you converse with the other party ☺. 

House of Mrow – $18 per day, Free-flow Taste of the Wild Kibble

Purrcation - $25 per night, $20 for additional Cat, Aditional charges for pick up and drop off if required.

K9 PetCare

Carousell Listings 

NekoyaNanami - $10 per day, per Cat. Additional Charges for pick-up and drop off if required. 

Service Central - $12 per day, per Cat. Additional Charges for other services they provide. 

Enluvcats - $30 per day, per Cat. $32 for Cat Food provided (Royal Canin Fit 32 Dry Food) 

Xoxobelle - $18 per day, per Cat. Additional Charges for pick-up and drop-off if required. 

Jaslsh - $30 per day, per Cat. $40 per day, per Cat (for special needs) 

Kittykatxx - $25 per day, per Cat.  

GumTree Listings 

Denys Ting - $14 per day, per Cat. Additional Charges for pick-up and drop off if required. 

Pia - $25 per day, per Cat 

Quickly Find A Cat Boarding Service Near You 

Should all else fail, you'd still have the option of applications or a platform online to help you locate the nearest service available. Try PawShake or Cuzzey; this could introduce more available boarders, or entail a sitter to come by your place at a certain timing, accordingly to the days you requested. Sitters clean up after your Cats, feed and provide other necessary and related chores (including human interaction).

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Cat hotels in Singapore
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