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*UPDATED* Cat Cafes In Singapore: The Complete and Updated List For Cat Lovers!

Singapore's Cat Cafe Addresses, Menus, Rates and Sneak Peaks.

With the day-to-day stress at work here in Singapore, locals may find ourselves on a constant lookout for a unique haunt to ease our minds and take a load off work. For a small country, hitting the one and only Zoo is premediated from young. Where else could animal lovers go? 
two cats lazing on a book
via EgziPolat on Instagram
If you're completely guitly of loving Cats and even feeding strays, a little off-work or weekend visit to a Cat Cafe just might kill two birds with one stone. Sprouting in a few locales of sunny Singapore, Cafes of this nature provides feline lovers a chance to unwind after a hard day’s work amongst these lovely therapeutic kitties— some of which are also home to rescued Cats!

Hit them up at these places:

1. Cat Cafe Neko No Niwa

logo and photo of Cat Cafe
Opened in 2013, Neko No Niwa is the pioneer and first Cat Cafe to be established in Singapore. Adopting the crazy buzz of Cat Cafes in Japan, the cafe's name translates to mean Cat Garden in Japanese. This is a great place to gain first-hand experience with an array of unique Cat breeds.
Home to 13 recued kitties, from amazing cross breeds of Maine Coons, Siamese, Ragdolls and Persians. Have at a nice beverage or dessert and be in the company of beautiful Cat breeds. 
  • Children must be at least 7yrs of age
  • Adult supervision required for those aged between 7 to 14 years.


Neko No Niwa Cat Cafe Menu

Rates & Charges

1st hour — $12 
Every subsequent half hour — $5
3 hr Special Pass (3hrs) — $24
Whole Day Pass — $32 
*Free Hot Chocolate Beverage for students (please flash student ID)

Hosting an event? Charges are specifically subjected to Date, Time and number of Hours, do drop them a call for an accurate quote!

Address      54A Boat Quay (2nd Level), (S)049843
Contact      6536 5319

Mon to Fri — 11am to 10pm (Closed on Tuesdays),
Sat, Sun & PH — 10am to 10pm

2. Meomi Cat Cafe

Meowmi Cat cafe logo and photo
via MeomiCatCafe
Cozy little nook located amongst the bustling life right beside Haji Lane, you may have noticed this nicely lit spot with Cats prowling within. Warm home to a group of 7 cats, of stunningly well-kept long and short hair breeds. If you haven’t gotten your fair share of feline love, Meomi Cat Cafe also carries a variety of kitty merchandise! From badges and mugs to adorable stickers, you can treat yourself to a little kitty goodness souvenir after a relaxing visit. 
  • Children must be above 4 years old, with adult supervision.


Meomi Cat cafe menu

Rates & Charges

1st hour — $13 
Every subsequent half hour — $5


Hosting a private event? Charges are:
  • Weekdays — $200 every 1½ hours
  • Weekend — $250 every 1½ hours
*Rates only apply to venue rent
Maximum capacity — 15 pax

Address      668 North Bridge Road (S)188801
Contact      6296 0339

Mon to Sun (Daily) — 11am to 10pm

3. The Company of Cats *CLOSED*

The Company of Cats logo and photo
via TheCompanyofCats and SgAsia-City
This is one Cat Cafe that makes you feel homey and right in the heart of kitty activity. Everything about this cafe is cleverly themed and inter-linked, from its name, potty room for Cats (complete privacy)☺, to adorable Job Titles for each of the 11 Cats “working here. The Company of Cats serves up a variety of food and beverages, feel free to have your tummies filled and hearts overloaded on undeniably adorable and exotic feline company.

Unfortunately the last date of operation for this cafe was 30 December 2017 with a heartfelt message on their Facebook page.

Cat Cafe closure
via TheCompanyofCats Facebook

4. The Cat Café

The Cat Cafe logo and photo
via TheCatCafe

Niftily located on a third floor, The Cat Café provides a puurrrfect “watch tower” home to 15 strays and rescued Cats. This Café is one of the largest and most spacious in Singapore, filled with toys, Cat condos and overhead structures, it is a smorgasbord of Kitty fun-time. It seems apparent that the Cats in the Cat Café are completely thrilled with their high view and lounging spot.

Grab a beverage or enjoy a nice piece of cake whilst chilling with cats, by the windows overlooking Bugis Street. 
  • All children must be aged 6 and above. 
  • Children under the age of 12 requires Adult supervision.


Cat Cafe Singapore menu


$15 per entry  Complimentary Soft Drink 


Hosting a private event? Charges are:

Weekends — $500 every 2 hours
Weekdays — $350 every 2 hours

Maximum Capacity — 35 pax
*Rates only apply to venue rent

Address      241B Victoria Street (3rd Level, Above Burger King), (S) 188030
Contact      6338 6815

Mon — 3pm to 10pm
Tues to Sun & PH — 10am to 10pm

Why Visit A Cat Cafe?

Cat cafes are indeed a great option for avid Cat lovers who don’t own Cats due to certain constraints or personal reasons. Perhaps food and beverage isn’t one of their strongest traits (pretty decent stuff no less), just don’t go expecting Michelin Star rated food. But it warms our hearts knowing some these once abandoned Cats have found good homes and are undeniably well taken care of .

What you can be guaranteed of is a pleasurable, fuzzy and knowledgeable experience, sure to calm your senses— Psst, keep your eyes peeled for exotic breeds!
Cat Cafes In Singapore
via CatCurious
Hot Tip      Please note of the different age restrictions for the various Cafes, and no pets of your own are allowed within all the Cat Cafes listed above, Cafe owners would like to maintain the safety of their Cats and patrons alike.

**All of the above stated rates are up to date, but please do drop the cafes a call to reconfirm the pricing. Any changes in prices are completely subjected to the Cafe's rights.

An Inspiring Moment For All

For the safety of a cafe's own kitties, no. Also, it is advisable to keep your Cats indoors, given recent Cat-killing incidents, and Cats falling to their deaths. These Cat Cafes are perfect places to get some inspiration and tips of keeping your Cats perpetually entertained and safe indoors!

And from the looks of these Cat Cafes, can we just quote the wise words of Sheldon Cooper — “Meowow” :3

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