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Seven Giant Rabbits: Breeds Of Rabbits Possibly Larger Than Your Dog

Seven Giant Rabbits: Breeds Of Rabbits Possibly Larger Than Your Dog

Tiny, cute and cuddly? Not all Rabbits! We’re probably no strangers to dwarf breeds and smaller framed bunnies, but these giant breeds have given us some MASSIVE eye-openers. One thing's for sure, Photoshop's got nothing to do with the appalling images.

1. Flemish Giant Rabbit

The Flemish Giant Rabbit originated from Ghent, in Flanders, Belgium. This breed is best known as the founding and ancestral breed for most of the giant Rabbit breeds we know of today. With an average weight 7 kgs and the largest of 16 kg— they are notoriously gentle, even friendly with other pets and children. Because of such friendly natures, Flemish Giants are lovingly dubbed as gentle giants.
Flemish Giant Rabbits
Flemish Giant Rabbit: The Largest Domestic Rabbit Breed

2. Continental Giant Rabbit

One descendant of the Flemish Giant is the Continental Giant, also known as Conti, for short, and sometimes, even German Giants (depending on the country of bloodline origin). The average weight of a Conti is 5.6 kgs and above, with the largest recorded to weigh a whopping 24 kgs!— A world record for the largest Rabbit held by Darius from Bromsgrove, England. The Continental Giant is not recognized by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Assosiation), but the British Rabbit Council.
giant rabbit breeds in the world

3. French Lop Rabbit

A giant Rabbit breed from France, and also the largest of all lop ear Bunnies. This breed was derived from breeding of the Flemish Giant and the English Lop. The average weight of a baby French Lop is 2.2 kgs, however a fully grown French Lop is 6.8 kgs and above! 
French Lops are huge Rabbits
The English Lop Rabbit: Ancestors Of Lop Ear Rabbits

The French Lop Rabbit: The Largest Breed Of Rabbits With Lop Ears

4. Checkered Giant Rabbit

They aren’t checkered per-se, but Checkered Giants can be distinguished by their unique black spots and stripe on a white body— a rather Cow-like patching near the hind legs. This breed too originates from Germany, where a gentleman bred the Great German Spotted Rabbit with a Flemish Rabbit. These guys grow to weigh about 5 kgs at least, and are sweet and friendly. Adequate space and activity is required for this active and playful breed.
Checkered giant Rabbit

5. British Giant Rabbit

This Rabbit breed originates from the United Kingdom, similarly bred from Flemish Giants. The average weight of a British Giant can weigh up to 6 kgs. Given their docile and good-natured temperaments, British Giant Rabbits are rather popular pet choice. Unfortunately, finding this breed outside of the United Kingdom is pretty rare!
British giant rabbit breed

6. Giant Angora Rabbit

This breed requires no extensive introduction, for they are frequently implicated by fur-trade. The natural practice of shearing and harvesting their excessive long fur through grooming is not uncommon, however, violations of harvesting methods still remain— We can still recall the terrifying shrieks of poor bunnies in videos getting violently stripped of their Angora fur. Giant Angoras would grow to weigh 4 kgs and above, first bred in Massachusetts, America. With long fur and thick undercoat, this rabbit requires tons of grooming, but they are also known to be very good with people.

7. Giant Chinchilla Rabbit

While they are in no way related to actual Chinchillas, these bunnies have the immensely soft coat of a Chinchilla. Bred from the smaller Chinchilla Rabbit breed and The Flemish Giant, the Giant Chinchilla hails from America— weighing up to 6 or 7 kgs.
largest rabbit breeds

Are You Suitable For A Giant Rabbit Breed?

What we have gathered thus far is the even temperament and sweet nature of Giant Rabbit breeds. While they were all subjected to abuse or produced for meat in the past, most are beloved, domestic Pets of many now. A huge Rabbit does equate to slightly more responsibilities, which include higher food intake, longer time to groom, and ample space for these gentle giants to move about freely.
Baby Rabbits
Not ready for a Giant Bunny?

Some of these breeds have tinier counterparts, much more suited for apartment or smaller living spaces. These breeds include:

The Chinchilla  |  The Angora  |  The English Spotted (a lookalike to the Checkered Giant

See a Giant Rabbit — If you are new to rabbits and would like to know more about them, with regards to handling, food, and breeds available here, don't hesitate to visit Rabbit Headquarters. You can learn all about these bunnies— did we mention they house a Flemish Giant and a French Lop too?

Adopt a Rabbit — IF you are seriously considering owning a rabbit, do not forget to check out the animal shelters in Singapore, as mentioned in our previous article on abandoned pets in Singapore. We urge you to consider adopting one, for there are lots of rabbits that are abandoned everyday, even the really young ones.

Rabbits are available for adoption at these shelters:

House Rabbit Society Singapore  |  Bunny Wonderland Singapore | SPCA Singapore : Adoption  |  Bunnies for Adoption Singapore

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