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The French Lop Rabbit: The Largest Breed Of Rabbit With Lop Ears

The French Lop Rabbit: The Largest Breed Of Rabbit With Lop Ears

French Loaf? Bun? Bunny? There are a million universal cute nicknames we have for our Pets, but there’s no denying that this Rabbit does indeed hail from France. Did we mention that we can’t get over how adorable droopy eared Bunnies are? Well this French Rabbit has just those ears, and it’s the last of Lop Eared Rabbit series we would cover…until the next breed we find

French Lop Rabbit

French Lops are a breed of Rabbit first developed in France during the 19th century. Though it isn’t the first of Lop eared Rabbits, which would be the English Lop, this is indeed a crossbreed of (you guessed it) an English Lop and a similar breed to the Flemish Giant, otherwise known as the "Butterfly" Rabbit of France. You can differentiate a French Lop from an English Lop from their body size and length of ears, with the French Lop being a little more on the heavier end and shorter ears as compared to the English Lop.

French Lop Rabbit Breed Pet
Word has it that the French Lop Rabbit was initially bred for meat purposes (uh-oh) in France during the 1850s. But the French Lop quickly rose in popularity with the neighbouring countries in Europe, such as Germany, Netherlands and even Belgium. The first exhibit was reported to be in 1933, of 10 French Lop Rabbits that were brought to the United Kingdom from Netherlands. The love for these French Bunnies spread throughout the United Kingdom and it became one of the most sought after Rabbit companion by 1960.

What Does A French Lop Rabbit Look Like?

This is a fairly large sized Bunny, we would presume its big stature to be derived from the Flemish Giant relative. French Lops don a dense coat of medium length hair on a thick-set body with a rounded haunch, coupled with short but strong legs. The average weight of a full grown French Lop Rabbit ranges from 4 to 6 kilograms.

French Lop Rabbit Pet Breed
It is hard to deny their adorable faces of fuller cheeks and broad heads, with long, distinctive thick lop ears. French Lops are available in a variety of colours in two categories, Solid and Broken. Of which includes shades like Chinchilla, Black, White, Blue, Sooty-Fawn, Agouti, Siamese, Sable, Orange, Steel, Fawn and Brown.

Grooming Needs For A French Lop Rabbit

These Buns with a dense roll-back coat do require the usual brushing and combing on your part, for they too can shed during certain periods. Ensure to give your French Lop Buns a good brush at least once every week, with increased number of times for shedding phases. Clean out their ears with cotton ball and a Vet approved cleanser and trim their nails whenever necessary.

French Lop Ear Rabbit Pet Singapore
Groom groom groom
If you do not know how to perform either of those, consult a trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for some tips and coaching. Buns teeth are always growing, keep those chompers in check by providing loads or chew-able toys (Hay helps too!) to prevent nasty overgrown teeth. Never put your Bun through a water bath as it has proven to be extremely stressful for them. Spot clean soiled areas with a damp cloth, like their vent and feet, especially when you know you have a Bun with messy potty habits

French Lop Rabbit Personality

Many owners describe their French Lop Buns to be pretty calm and good-natured Pets. They enjoy companionship of their humans and children alike, and can even make good friends with other household Pets. As gentle as they can be, French Lops are large sized Rabbits that are not recommended for novice owners.
French Lop Rabbit Breed Singapore
Not forgetting the fact that all Rabbits are prey animals, so they do require patience and effort in gaining their trust. Making time for socialising with your Bun is a definite yes, it always takes two hands (and paws) to clap!

Owning A French Lop Rabbit In Singapore

French Lops are one of the available breeds here in Singapore, but you’d have to take their large size into consideration. Just like all Bunnies, our French Lop Buns require an appropriate sized cage or pen to comfortably rest, feed, go to the loo and move about. Don’t forget to let them out when you’re home for their much needed roaming and exploring time. Experienced owners have mentioned that French Lops do not take to heaty environments too well, so be sure to include a fan or frozen bottle wrapped in a towel for those unbearable , humid days.
French Lop Rabbit Pet Breed
Research and preparation is key before obtaining any Pet, you have got to be ready for the responsibilities and commitment of owning a Pet as well, because the average life-span of a French Lop Bun is 7 years or more. Provide loads of love and proper care, along with a diet of generally 70% good-quality Hay, and 30% mixture of food pellets, greens and occasional fruits as treats (please check with your Veterinarian for an accurate personalised diet plan),

Adopt, Don’t Shop

Most of us are already aware by now that a huge number of Rabbit breeds are developed from crossbreeding, and Rabbits are all equally intriguing and they are all capable of giving you love and a rewarding Pet ownership. What’s stopping you from considering a rescued Bunny from the local groups and shelters? Go on, because you can give them a better life, but be sure you are ready for the commitment, the thought of doing good is not wrong, but adopting on impulse is not being responsible.

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