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Rabbit Life Hacks: Ten Useful And Easy Life Hacks For Bunny Owners

Rabbit Life Hacks: Ten Useful And Easy Life Hacks For Bunny Owners

While Rabbits are amongst the Small animal category in Pets, Rabbit owners are often amazed at how much fun and joy their pet Bunnies could bring them, and the never-ending life lessons they provide through a rewarding Pet ownership. These experiences are valuable sources of tips to share around, so fellow Rabbit owners can take heed too

Did you know that Rabbits are one of the top most abandoned Pets in Singapore?
These tiny fluffy butts and twitchy noses are also victims of impulse buys, and often wind up getting abandoned, only after humans realise that these Buns actually require much more responsibilities than they’d imagine! So before you judge them by their sizes and fall swooning over their furry cuteness, please do your research and be absolutely prepared for all the commitments to come. With that said, Rabbit ownership is enjoyed by many around the world, and here are 10 useful tips and tricks to make life for you and your Bun just a tad more breezy!

Life Hacks For Rabbit Owners

1. Keeping A Rabbit Cool — It’s important to keep our Pets cool and hydrated in a scorching weather, and even more so for our Bun friends, as they are actually much more susceptible to heat. Freeze bottles of water and tuck them in the cage beside your Rabbits. Catch them laze in absolute serenity ☺ Swap out the bottles once the ice has melted!
frozen bottle for rabbits

2. Frozen Treats — Yes, our Bun pals can enjoy a frozen treat too when the heat is just too unbearable. Pop some fruit or veggie bits into an ice tray or silicon moulds, fill it with water, and freeze! When done, break out the treat cubes and feed it to them. A cooling dose of water and fun time getting to a tasty snack, talk about killing two birds with one stone.
frozen rabbit fruit treats

3. Stop Pissing There! — One of the most effective cleaning solution as recommended by Rabbit owners happens to be White vinegar. White vinegar blocks out the urine stench and prevents your Bun from going back to piss in the same spot! Combining it with a little Baking Soda can also help remove stains. Just be sure not to leave behind any baking soda residue.
white vinegar for rabbit cleaning
We can’t express how impressed by how this combination works all the time, even with simple household cleaning, and now even Rabbit litter training? Take all our money!

4. Recycling Old Toilet Rolls — When you are a Rabbit owner, toilet rolls should be your next best friend. Recycle all of them if you can, and turn them into fun toys for your Buns! Toilet rolls work great as treat or hay stuffers, and doubles up as a scratch/chew toy when they try to get to their hay treats! When they are shredded up, simply change them out with new ones ☺ 
Tip: You can get longer rolls from kitchen paper towels.
diy rabbit toys

5. Resting Those Feet — Many Rabbit owners are taking to using a fence structure as an enclosure instead of cages now. While that eases a Bun's hocks and provides a large space, things may get messy even with these fastidious creatures. You could make cleaning up easier by laying a flat rubber mat as a base, to catch spillage of hay or waste. Waterproof— for easy washing, and anti-slip so the space doesn’t budge from all the hopping!
rabbit den enclosure

6. Line The Tray — Bun owners keep their Rabbit’s litter boxes lined with special liners, which can be quite costly in the long run but extremely useful. When you run out of liners, a quick alternative you could grab for are newspapers! Liners serve as a protective layer in litter trays so you don’t get nasty urine stains and better odour control. Plus, it makes cleaning a whole lot faster too!
rabbit litter tray liner

7. Maximize Litter — As part of eliminating odour and keeping the litter tray clean and dry, most Rabbit owners also include litter on top of liners. However most Rabbit litter packs are too small for what it’s worth. Get Cat litter instead, they come in much larger packaging, but be sure to pick a scent free, paper-based litter. Also, avoid clumping litter at all costs, as these clumps can be potential choking hazards for your Buns!
cat litter for rabbit trays

8. Protect Your Cables — Keep your cords, cables and wires out of reach! Though at some times, that cannot be helped. Well for the safety of your Buns and your cables, get protective casings that will deter your Rabbits from having a chomping festival with dangerous “toys”. Don’t forget, chewing is something your Buns can’t help doing!
rabbit owner hacks

9. Grow A Patch — We may not be able to grow vegetable from our apartments here in Singapore, but we could most definitely get our hands on some grass seeds. Grow a small patch for your Buns to lounge in, knowing that it is absolutely safe and toxic free. Rabbit owners have reported occasional munching too! Use this grass patch for playtime, and supervise their intake closely. Try growing wheat grass, timothy grass or oat grass.
hacks for every rabbit owner

10. Getting Rid Of Fur — Ah, good ol’ hair of our Furkids. If you are a Pet owner and you have not invested in a Pet hair vacuum, you sure are patient! Some other ways of ridding hair and fur includes hand sweeping with rubber gloves on fabrics, lint rollers, or using a curry brush.
rabbit hacks for every owner
But the fastest and most efficient cleaning has got to be a vacuum! Again, Rabbits are smaller than Dogs and Cats, but that does not mean their fur shedding is any lesser (you’d be surprised). Here are some vacuum recommendations from us and fellow Pet owners!

Miele mini turbo pet hair vacuum
pet hair vacuum singapore bosch

Pet hair vacuum dyson
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro

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