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Popular Cat Cafes You Can Absolutely Visit In Jakarta

Popular Cat Cafes You Can Absolutely Visit In Jakarta

Are you a huge fan of Pets and animals? Then you must have heard of Pet cafes and their therapeutic means of providing warm fuzzy love for its patrons. In Singapore itself, there is no denying the fact that our people value the voices of animals and we love spending a little extra time cuddling and doing activities with our furry and feathered companions.
Pet cafes in the world
Warm homey feeling!
As of now, we have four Cat cafes, one Dog café, and six Pet friendly places you can bring your Doggos to and find a menu available for Dogs. In case you were wondering, there are nifty little joints like such while you are overseas too!

Are Pets cafes in other countries any different?

We took a trip to Indonesia last month, to take a look at the situations and lifestyles of Pets and animals in a whole different environment. When one thinks of Indonesia, Jakarta comes to mind, as the busy capital for business, and a place that has a bustling infrastructure like Singapore.
cat cabin cafe with wifi
Cosy Cafe for Cat lovers
With Tokiopedia (Indonesia’s biggest online marketplace for Entrepreneurs and small businesses) receiving its latest funding round, the booming Tech-industry is sure looking up and promising! Continuing our Indonesia trip series in this very article is a visit to not one, but two Cat cafes in Jakarta, Indonesia. Read on to experience our sights and full review of our experiences with these Cat cafes!
Persian cat breed
Oh hello!

The Cat Cabin

Jakarta is basically Singapore, a metropolis with tall buildings and a ton of traffic. If you thought the traffic was bad here, wait till you get to Jakarta. Getting from point A to B (of short distances) was much more different than in Yogyakarta. The first Cat café we visited was in the hub of Malls, marketplaces and younger crowd (think Orchard Road).

adopt local cat breeds singapore
Cat stare

Finding The Cat Cabin

We got here by a local Taxi this time, wanting to test out the rates. In Yogya, we travelled around mostly by GoJek, our go-to means of transport in Indonesia, alike to Uber and Grab. We most definitely recommend this app as a form of getting around Indonesia (Read more on why we prefer GoJek in our upcoming final article). Our destination brought us to a 3 storey Black building with The Cat Cabin’s sign visible on the side.

sleeping cat
Cat on Sofa
It was a quiet little building with very little windows and no entrance, plus the sign was a little tough to spot, but we caught a few local girls heading up a flight of stairs and we thought, “It must be up there!” Based on our prior research, The Cat Cabin is located on the 2nd floor. As you head up a small flight of stairs to the 2nd floor, you should see the cafe entrance on your left!
Keeping Cats happy indoors
Just one of the many Cat condo

What To Expect

Greeted by a glass door with vinyl decal that pictured the Café’s logo, silhouette of a Black Cat with the words The Cat Cabin, we knew we were at the right place. From the glass door you could see through to the Café’s interior of different Cat-friendly structures and wooden theme, much like Cats and Coffee in Yogya.
peke face persian
My eyes seem to be this way all the time
The Cat Cabin was much more brightly lit, soaking up light from its full length windows and a good location. Upon entering you will see shoe racks with rubber sandals decorated with Cat related decals on them, and an order counter.

cat breeds and behaviour
Notice Board
Patrons are required to remove their shoes and slip into a pair of rubber sandals. Pick a pair that fits you well and leave your shoes on the racks. While swapping out our shoes for sandals, there was a notice board that was hung behind provided seats, displaying a cute photo introduction to the feline hosts that are in the Café, inclusive of their names and breeds! The board also had notices for adoption drives and event booking enquiries. Missing Cat in the area? Drop a flyer off with The Cat Cabin and these folks would be more than happy to pin it up for you
persian cat sleeping
Kinda tired from all the playing ☺

Rules Of The Cat Cabin

Pasted right above the shoe racks are the house rules patrons have got to abide by, nothing too absurd, these rules basically stated:

No Flash photography

No disturbing of Cats while they sleep, light petting is allowed

No feeding of human food

No pulling of Cats’ tails

local cat cafes
Rules first
Approach Café Staff for help if you are not too sure how to hold a Cat (but would love to)
Some Cats are adoptable! Approach a Café Staff for more details
Children under 5 years old must be accompanied by an adult

Rates And Charges

If you read our article on Cats and Coffee in Yogya, you’d notice the surprising fact that there was no entry fee, normally charged by the hour (yes most of our local Cat Cafes charges that way too). For The Cat Cabin, the charges are as follows:

(Entry) First Hour – RP 60,000 Weekday, RP 70,000 Weekend
Subsequent hours – RP 50,000

Cat cafe tourism tip
We’d say we were in luck, because the Café was running a special promotion at the time, with two beverages to choose from, Unicorn Tears and Lavender Latte. Purchasing either drink waives off the first hour charge, entitled to one drink per person. Naturally, we took the deal, which surmounted up to about RP 80,000 for 2 individuals, one drink each!

What else do they serve at The Cat Cabin?


Quite frankly we weren’t expecting much variety, as we’ve mentioned before, don’t be expecting a wide spread of delicacies at Pet Cafes because patrons are mostly there for a session of furry love! However, we must say that The Cat Cabin’s menu had quite an array of Food and Beverages:

Italian cuisine of pastas
Dons (Japanese Rice with ingredients)
Indonesian rice specialties

The Cat Cabin menu
Do you spot the Cake Jars?
Not forgetting desserts for the ladies, pick your preferred cake form, in slices, or in jars Prices for individual food and beverage choices range from RP 25,000 to RP 40,000 each (approximately SGD 2.50 to 4), you can’t get these rates in Singapore we must say!

The Cats

The café is a hit with the local girls, already having a ball of a time cuddling and snapping photographs with the Cats. It was a nice change of pace this time, because most of the Kitty hosts were up and moving about. Can we also add that, they were all beautiful and friendly?! Here at The Cat Cabin, they have a range of Maine Coons, Persians and Local Cats, all nicely groomed and clean.

persian cat breed singapore
Hi there!I'm awake and ready to play
The café was spacious enough to house a large table, smaller cosy seating areas with cushions and even a smorgasbord of Cat condos. Where we sat stood the tiniest little door frame. Peeking in, we spotted a private eating area and litter boxes for the Cats to make their escape, dine and relieve!

list of Cat breeds
Is food ready?

Was It Worth The Trip?

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, with a good dosage of kitty love. The Café was clean and our feline hosts were friendly and sociable, and the café staff were also friendly and attentive. There seemed to be no room for boredom here at The Cat Cabin, as they’ve also considerately included shelves with a myriad of books to choose from, ranging from all things Cat and also fictional favourite.

Persian cat breed
Curious feline friends
Feel like entertaining your feline hosts in return? Pick a toy from the shelves and play with them for a good round of kitty brain stimulation! This is truly a space for Cat lovers, by Cat lovers. We left for our next destination feeling relaxed and very much loved. Definitely pop by when you are in Jakarta!


The Cat Cabin

Jalan Kemang Raya No. 31 (2nd Floor)
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12720, Indonesia

Operating Hours

Tuesday to Thursday   10 am – 9 pm
Friday to Sunday   10 am – 10 pm
Closed on Mondays


Tel – (021) 7179 5243

The Other Cat Café In Jakarta

Located nearby in Jalan Kemang Raya was Cutie Cats Café, in which was a little hard to find due to its very washed out sign up front. Again, this was a Cat Café located on the 2nd floor of a building, with a narrow walkway that led to stairs and up to the Café itself. Note: walkway and stairs were part of the café.
kemang raya jakarta

Cutie Cats Café

We noticed that there were two Cutie Cats Café, one located in Jalan Kemang Raya, and a pop-up cafe within Lippo Mall itself. Both of which were much smaller than the other Cat Cafes we’ve been to in Yogya and Jarkata, however they did display a lot of exotic Persians and long haired Beauties. First impressions? All of our feline hosts seemed very well fed and sleepy. Since we have sniffed out quite a couple of bad reviews on their Facebook and TripAdvisor, we were very curious indeed. Time for a little sniffing.

What We Experienced

Unfortunately we had a tough time conversing with the staff due to language barrier (a common encounter while we were in Indonesia), but at these two outlets it was even tougher as no one spoke English. It was made even harder when they tried to ignore us. The most we found out was the entry fee of RP 80,000 ++ per hour, the highest rate we’ve came across.
cutie cat cafe jakarta
We decided to give it a pass after trying for 10 minutes, at both locations! Well, we tried. In conclusion we would say that Cutie Cats Cafe at both venues were clean, judging from the counter area and Cafe ground. Space seemed a little cramped, and they do serve Food and Drinks. We are unable to obtain any further details, also their website is still a template, nothing is maintained nor updated.


Cutie Cats Café

1. Jalan Kemang 1 No. 12F (2nd Floor) Jakarta Selatan
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jarkarta 12730 Indonesia

2. Pop up Café at Lippo Mall - Jalan Pangeran Antasari No.36 (1st Floor)
Jakarta Selatan, 12150, Indonesia

Operating Hours

Jalan Kemang 1   10am – 9pm Daily
Lippo Mall   10am – 10pm Daily


Tel - +62 811-1004-560
Website (not maintained

Check out the tips and reviews on TripAdvisor here.

Were you there at these places? Read on to see how you can share your experiences with us!

Stay tuned with us as we uncover the many sights and sounds to the life that Animals and Pets lead in Jogja and Jakarta, giving you honest insights and review of our experiences. Indonesia Trip series articles :


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cats in cafes singapore
Sniff Sniff
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cafes with wifi indonesia
See you again
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