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Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?: Health And Emotional Benefits, Comparisons And More

Are You A Cat Or Dog Person?: Health And Emotional Benefits, Comparisons And More

The inevitable situation many face whilst on a date or even meeting someone for the first time involves a series of questionnaires and small talk. One controversial and seemingly impartial subject for animal lovers springs into play: 

Are you a Cat person or a Dog person?
Are you a Cat or Dog person?

Am I A Cat Or Dog Person, Or Both?

How do you decide? While we may not wish to pick favourites, there are some peeps out there with a definite line, and here's why— If you didn't already know, Dogs and Cats possess their own different personas and vibes as domestic companions.

Cat Person — Though some Dogs may act and Cats and vice versa, in general observations, Dogs have the tendency to yearn for more attention with close proximity that a Cat lover may not be able to withstand. Most Cats are peaceful creatures whom love a nice lounging moment throughout the day, even breeds whom are Dog-like look to you for a cozy laze (think, Lap-Cat).
Cat ownership
"Too much high energy" is often heard as a passing remark when posed with the question "Why do you prefer Cats over Dogs?"

Dog Person — If you love all the fun and activities you can enjoy with a furry companion at almost every single day, you might well be suitable for a Doggo. Even without communication via our language, Dogs require the kind of love and companionship a child thrives on. This is why they are termed A Man's Best Friend.

Cat & Dog Person — Can't decide? You're not on your own. So perhaps statistics and research have proved that Dogs are more well-liked than Cats, but this puts no stop to others whom love them both equally. There's no war here, a Cat or Dog person does not mean you like either any lesser, it ultimately boils down to which individual Pet suits your lifestyle better!  

The expression of love from a Cat and Dog may vary, but all Pets deserve and require equal amounts of love and care. The following listed benefits a Dog and Cat can bring you are all likely to have gone unnoticed by us. 

Wondering what sort of benefits your Dog or Cat are actually bringing you? 

Benefits Of Having A Dog

Health — Most researches were based on Dogs, simply because our Canine pals require daily bouts of walking, to relieve themselves, and get some exercise. The chances of one walking a Cat are low or close to none, and with that the conclusion is tied in with the exercising opportunities owning a Dog can bring. A daily or weekly responsibility is in turn a healthy and rich bonding session, game of fetchtug-o-war or even a quick stroll serves as a workout, even for you!— also the perfect excuse to get off your bottoms and head out for some fresh air with our Doggos, don't you agree?
Pet ownership satisfaction
Emotional — As humans most of us thrive on contact and affection from our loved ones. Be it from another human counterpart, or a Pet, people connect and develop deep attachments through our senses. Through tests on the Love Hormones (Oxytocin) as produced by Dogs and Cats, Dogs are reported to be more affectionate than any other choice of Pet.

Aren't you just as surprised to discover that Cats actually produce the very same hormones? This destroys all stereotyped beliefs that Cats generally do not love humans. Certain breeds of Cats are known to be just as affectionate as Dogs.

Fun Fact      Stress reduction and keeping physically active reduces the chances of a Heart-attack.

Benefits Of Having A Cat

Health — Perhaps not all Cats enjoy being on a leash and walked outdoors. But you could enjoy a similar uplifting activity by playing with your Kitties at home! Keeping your Cats physically fit can involve something as simple as prancing and jogging around your home with a feathered toy. While your feline friend is getting healthy body and brain stimulation, so are you!

Emotional — Another interesting study we came across is one conducted by a researcher in Indiana University Bloomington— Based on the amount of Cat related videos and memes going viral everyday, people whom watch them, and why. What this study unraveled proved that watching these funny and/or adorable Cat videos made the average human being more positive and braver to take on future tasks, in a calm state of mind!
Cute Kitten
Mysterious and unpredictable? This amps up the amusement a Cat's random antics, don't you think? ☺

A Healthy Pet-Owner Relationship

All Pets deserve unequivocal love and attention. Pet ownership is heavily derived on your willingness to take on the various responsibilities that come with the lives of your companion. Taking their emotional and physical well-being into consideration— such as making sure they are on a good diet and watching their weight is equally important for a long lasting life. 


 While they are benefiting you with health and emotional perks, there are ways to watch theirs too!

Like us, nothing good can can be derived from a state of obesity for our Pets. The desire to pamper our Pets with treats can be understandably tempting (stick to healthy or homemade ones), but as always, moderation and balanced physical activities go hand-in-hand. 
Puppy and Kitten
For Dogs — A good start to take them out for more frequent walks or runs together (depending on breed compatibility), and whereas 

For Cats — Providing toys that engages them to be more active (i.e. Cat condos, mobile mouse, feathered stick) will do just fine. 

Quick Tip      A chubby Pet is adorable til no end, but putting their lives in jeopardy is not being responsible at all on our part. Monitor your Pet's diet and get your Pets examined by a trusted Veterinarian from time to time— to ensure your companion is in tip top shape!

Editors' Note

Cultivating an excellent bond with your Cat or Dog takes time and effort. Wise decisions are built on basing your Pet choice(s) through initial interaction and copious research and preparation— Both Dog and Cat personalities and behavioral traits vary in the form of breeds, and their own individual unique quirks! 

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