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Dog Life Hacks: Ten Useful Tips For Every Dog Owner

Dog Life Hacks: Ten Useful Tips For Every Dog Owner

There are a ton of tips and tricks we only discover when we have already invited a furry canine friend into our homes, but it is never too late to pick a few up. We are fellow Pet owners that love sharing our insights, experience and love with you, and this is a compilation of 10 useful hacks for every Dog owner you can absolutely carry out right now!

1. Get A Kong

Toys are not just meant for play time outdoors, they serve as a handy tool when you are busy with something in the house, and wish to keep your Doggos entertained. One such toy is the Kong, a rubberized toy with a compartment you can shove some delicious treats in.
life hacks for every dog owner
Watch your canine companions try to figure out how to get to their treats for hours and hours on hand, while stimulating their brain cells at the same time! Scorching weather? Stuff some healthy frozen treats in! Use peanut butter to hold small treats together. Your Doggo is bound to go bananas

Check out some easy frozen treat recipes here.

2. Brush Teeth With Toys

Not all Doggos fancy a good teeth brushing, but it is essential to maintain a good dental hygiene if you wanna keep their teeth in good shape, till a ripe old age! If you are having trouble getting your Dog to cooperate in brushing, rub on some Vet-approved toothpaste on their toys, rubber or rope, and let your Doggos have at it as per norm.
simple tricks for every dog owner
These grooves in the toys will help scrape some dirt off their tongues and teeth, keeping their breaths fresh too! This is only a temporary measure, don’t forget to pop by a trusted Vet for their routine dental check!

3. For Good Breath

easy hacks for dog owners
Since we’re on this topic, here is a nifty trick to keep your Dog’s breath fresh and clean. We all know that breath freshening treats contain parsley or mint, so likewise, you could pop in some freshly cut or minced parsley and mint into their food and freshen up their breaths while they chomp away during meal times!

4. Recycle Your Old Tee Shirt

Instead of throwing your old clothes away, spare some of your old t-shirts (preferably those with stretchy material) and make them into toys for your Dogs. Cut some strips and braid 3 pieces together to make a tug-o-war toy. It may not seem much to us, but your pooch will love it!
hacks for every Dog owner
Don’t throw the remainder away, make more braided toys, ready to replace the old ones when your Doggo tears them apart. Be sure your old clothes are washed clean and dried before you make these of course

5. Reuse Squeeze Bottles

Do you ever wish you had a water hose, ready to hose away your Doggo’s urine or poo stains while you are outside? Some of us may opt to bring a bottle of water out, but a squeeze bottle works the same, with added water pressure!
handy tips for dog owners
Recycle old squeeze bottles, for chilli sauce, mayonnaise or even maple syrup, wash it out clean, fill it up with water and bring them along for your next stroll with your pooch. Better still if it has a handle, so you can clip it onto anywhere with a carabiner!

6. Vaseline On Paws

Vaseline is great for preventing blisters and countering abrasions for humans, and it works wonders for our Canine companions too! We may not realise just how delicate and sensitive their paw pads really are, and damage them unknowingly.
useful hacks for every Dog owner
That is also why Dog shoes are invented (not just a fashion statement) But not all Doggos are used to wearing shoes, so as an alternative, apply a small amount of Vaseline on each paw pad just before heading out, this should protect them from the heat and rough surfaces! Rinse off as per norm when you are home, to make sure no dirt is stuck on them

7. Carabiners

Speaking of carabiners, they are perfect for attaching items to the Dog leash and even combining two leashes together. And they sure come in handy for other uses as well, for example, we could hook one on our Doggo’s leash at all times, and use it to fasten the leash to ourselves and free up our hands, or any stationary object if need be.
Dog ownership tips and tricks
But hey, don’t leave your pooches alone and unattended to for long periods of time, it’s not safe!

8. Slow Down Food Intake

If you have a Pooch that loves consuming it’s food way too fast, buying a slow-feeder bowl would be a good idea. But did you know, you can also save a few bucks buy popping a tennis ball into their bowls?
Easy tricks for every dog owner
Needless to say, this would work best with a big bowl, big enough to fit a tennis ball and also leave some space around for the Doggos to reach their food. They’d take some time to try and reach for the pieces of kibble, and in smaller amounts this way

9. Baking Soda And White Vinegar

When it comes to cleaning up accidental urine or poo mess of your Doggo in your home, it is crucial to clear up stains and even odour. This helps prevent them from urinating and pooping in the same spot again.
ten things i wished i knew before getting a dog
Baking Soda has become such a useful household item these years, from facial aid to home cleaning, and it is also a very handy item to have for cleaning up your Pet’s mess! Rub on some baking soda on the stained area and pour white vinegar, allow it to dry, then vacuum the remaining baking soda right up!

Check out how Baking Soda and Vinegar can help you with! With Pet accessories, and Anti-flearemedies.

10. Rubber Gloves

In case you missed this little trick out, it has been going viral, and about time you tried it! We have a special vacuum head meant to remove Pet hair on furniture, some vacuum brands with Pet hair brushes that are totally effective are Miele, Bosch and Dyson.
Miele Turbo Mini Brush 
Bosch Athlet Animal Pro
Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Pro
but using rubber gloves or a rubber squeegee works wonders on cloth and furniture too!
helpful tips for Dog owners
Just put the rubber gloves on, dampen it a little, swipe against the surfaces and watch how all the Pet hair gets collected in a cluster! Try this one out for a quick and fuss free way to remove all the Pet hair in your home.

Check out this other vacuum tool we found

Interesting and extremely convenient yes? Head down to test out the suction strength for yourselves, to be rest assured your Doggo isn't getting tugged hard. This tool is only meant to remove loose hair for medium to long coat Dogs by the way!

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