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Dog Behaviour: What Is My Dog Trying To Say?

Dog Behaviour: What Is My Dog Trying To Say?

There comes a point of time when every Dog owner asks their pet, “What are you trying to say?” Wouldn’t it be helpful, cool and absolutely fun to imagine a world where pets and humans spoke and understood the same language? Though that has proven to be only conquered by humans pretending to bark or howl, and Dogs that managed to speak and cipher a few words of the human language, there is another way to reading your Doggy’s mind.
Dog behaviour

Body Language

This may be a little tricky at first, or for an inexperienced owner, but all it takes is a little time and observation. Dog owners like us can all agree on one thing, our Dogs deserve the best, and they are Man's best friend for a reason, right? One of the many ways to provide the best for them is understanding your own Dog. Like humans, Dogs are predictable through their actions and emotions, two things they'd always display. Having spent all our lives with humans, we’ve pretty much grown accustomed to being able to read the people around us.

What about Dogs then?

Apply the same theory to your Dogs, observing and spending time with them allows you to be a better judge when it comes to their actions and emotions, and you would be glad to know that our Canine companions are way easier to decipher than humans (Thank God!).
The resulting movements of a Dog can be broken down into 3 components, they either lunge forward, retreat, or lastly, avoid and ignore all together. These 3 components are brought about by their emotions beforehand, which could be Aggression, Fear, or Excitement. This is where we start reading their body language!


A good example of aggression can be seen when the Dog’s body is tensed up all over, from their tails, back, head, ears, and legs. This also includes the universal sign of teeth baring. They basically look like a wound up spring just waiting to snap and attack.
Your Dog may not be necessarily displaying this side to you, but it would be extremely useful to notice the first signs of aggression especially if it is toward other Dogs. Let’s keep each other’s pets safe!


This emotion gets a little misunderstood sometimes. Your Dog may be portraying the similar signs as to aggression at first, but instead of being all tensed up, you may start to notice your Dog cowering and stepping backwards slowly. 
This is a sign of submission, your pooch is backing away from a situation, and it does not wish to fight. But something has definitely got its attention, and it feels provoked but frightened.


This should be an easy one! Although your Dog’s body might also be tensed throughout, this time, it charges at you with a wagging tail and bright doe eyes. Apart from that, they could also be displaying a motion experts refer to as “play-bow”.
Dog behaviour
This is when your Dog lowers the front of their body and legs (like a stretch), letting you know you’re in charge. Personally, we get this a lot when we’re back home from work, now isn’t it nice to know somebody is THAT excited to see you? J

Easy Tell-Tale Signs

With a little practice, the above information would be at the back of your head in no time. Meanwhile, here’s a little break down on some other body language you can read almost instantly!

Fear & Guilt

Dog behaviour
Tucked tail in between Legs

Lowered or flattened Ears

Adverting Eyes

Cowering Body

Calm & Relaxed

Dog behaviour

Slow wagging of Tail (Could be a little confused)

Relaxed Body

Normal faced Ears

Happiness & Trust

Laying down and exposing Belly (Time for a Belly Rub please!)

Sitting down with Back facing you (Let me protect you)

Licks you (kisses)

Dog Behaviour
I scratch you, You scratch me
All in all, figuring out what your pet Dog is trying to tell you is more enjoyable than you’d think, and it doesn’t have to be frustrating, not one bit! Sometimes, their actions turn into funny antics once you become a better judge. But if you do feel that some actions are rather out of the blue or abnormal in any ways, stay on the safe side and send your Dog to a Veterinarian!

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