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Cleaning Dog Bowls And Toys: Cheap, Disinfecting And Efficient Cleaning At Home

Cleaning Dog Bowls And Toys: Cheap, Disinfecting And Efficient Cleaning At Home

First things first, when are we supposed to give our pet bowl a good thorough wash? Well friends, instead of asking yourself that question, act upon it as a daily habit! Not washing your Pupper’s bowl isn’t just gross, it could potentially cause them more harm than you could imagine. To put it bluntly, nobody, should nor would eat out of an unwashed dish, and our pets deserve no less of the equal treatment. J
How to clean Dog bowls and toys

Why Do I Have To Wash Dog Bowls And Toys?

If you leave your Dog’s bowl out unwashed for a day, chances are you’re gonna be able to feel a layer of slimey grime if you run your fingers on the surface, and this is a build-up of a couple of things— your pet’s drool, dirt, and leftover food bits. You don’t want your pet ingesting all of these again, and these are some tips on how you can effectively clean and disinfect at the same time, for both their bowls and toys!

1. Cleaning Hard Dog Toys

Some of us may have the luxury and convenience of a dishwasher, which is a fuss free way of killing off harmful bacteria in high temperature. Bacteria is killed at 70 Degree Celsius and above. Well for the rest of us here without a dishwater, fret not! You can achieve the same results manually with a sponge, boiling water and vinegar.

Directions — Soak toys in 1 part white vinegar and 1 part boiling water, for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Using a sponge, carefully scrub off any leftover dirt or grime and avoid scratching the surfaces. Rinse over with water thoroughly and let it dry.
Right way to clean Dog toys and bowls
As kids, we had certain toys we simply refuse to give up, even if it has long gone out of shape and way beyond recognition— it’s understandable if our furry pals feel the same! Just be sure to dispose of toys that have become tiny enough to pose as a choking hazard, or simply way too old.

2. Cleaning Pet Bowls

Quick Tip— Apply the similar cleaning method as above for your pet’s bowls. Change out plastic bowls that are old or scratched. Scratches are known to be great homes for bacteria growth. Invest in a food mat, preferably one you could easily wash and dry (not made of cloth). Food mats not only prevents your Dogs from eating off the floor, it makes spills easier to clean up!
Cleaning my dog's bowl

3. Cleaning Soft Dog Toys

These are generally easier with the help of a washing machine, though it is important to be particularly careful as cloth materials soak up moisture, and acts as a perfect breeding ground for bacteria if not cleaned and dried properly.
Cleaning Soft Toy for Dogs
Directions — Pre-soak in boiling water and vinegar. Next, chuck them in a laundry bag and run machine as you would for your own laundry. Last but not least, dry them completely (best in the Sun), before handing them back to your Dogs!


Water bills are a major bummer, but as opposed to not washing our pet’s toys and bowls in efforts of saving some money— how about actually washing the toys in a huge batch, all together? That could also include their accessories, and other pet related items. Do be careful when handling boiling water, don’t scald yourselves!
Efficient Cleaning for Dog Toys
Opting for bleach or soap as a cleaning agent could be alternatives for some owners to kill off germs and bacteria, but leaving any residue behind could be extremely dangerous for the pets, and we chose to avoid it altogether. If you do decide to go with bleach or soap, be extremely meticulous in getting it completely off! Cleaning their belongings is just as important as their physical hygiene and diet, each of them play major roles that ensures your pets’ happiness and good health!

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