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Types Of Dog Bowls: Choosing The Best Fit For Your Dogs

Types Of Dog Bowls: Choosing The Best Fit For Your Dogs

Some of us may have a thing for collecting pretty tea sets and tasteful porcelain plates, and there are those that can’t even stand the sight of mismatched utensils (you know who you are ☺). We might not be able to say the same when it comes to accessories for our pooches, food and water bowls are an absolute essential— how else are we to share meal-time with a family member without proper cutlery, right?

Types Of Dog Bowls

Indeed, choosing the right bowl for your pooch can be a rather confusing task, especially when we are presented with the many varieties to choose from. What type of Dog bowl is best suited for your pooch? Here we have a general guide to the different food and water bowls available in the Pet market, including their pros and cons!

1. Plastic Dog Bowl

PROS — One of the first, and most commonly available in the market, with a very inexpensive price to boot! Although plastic pet bowls are not fragile, and always readily available in all shapes, sizes and colours (you name it, you’ve got it).

CONS — Believe it or not, these are not advisable for your Pets due to the high chances of them ingesting harmful bacteria and pathogens. Plastic bowls are prone to scratches that harbors nasty bacteria, scrupulous care and effort is needed to put into giving these a good cleaning. If you absolutely still love plastic bowls, its best if you toss them out for a new one regularly (ooh, costly).

2. Elevated Dog Bowls

PROS — A slightly fancier option for some lucky pooches out there, just like dining on your very own table. As the name states, these are Dog bowls that are placed on a structured-holder, giving it an elevated result. The bowls are usually made of stainless steel, but plastic and ceramic are also available. Recommended for Medium to Large Doggies, for better comfort— Can you imagine having to bend over a low surface to eat an entire meal every day? No fun really, and back-breaking too.

CONS — You might have to find a good sturdy product, and strategically place these feeders against a wall. This avoids spillage, from overexcited paws that may topple over their food 

3. Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

PROS — Another common find, not only are these pretty durable under a Dog’s jaws, they are dishwasher-friendly (if you have one) and also easy to clean! Today, these stainless steel Pet bowls come with non-slip bottoms, and a myriad of designs to choose from.

CONS — Just keep a close eye on possible rusting or water corrosion that may develop overtime. Clean them daily, you don’t want your Doggo ingesting any of those for sure! If you feel that your pooch may get hurt from chewing on these tough bowls, pick a design with a separate, removable bowl, with the bottom portion usually rounded-off, much like the photo example 

4. Slow Feed Dog Bowls

PROS — This feeder does not possess the properties of a slow-cooker, but it's sole purpose is serving up tinier portions of food with every bite your Dog takes. These bowls generally come with little maze-like humps, bumps and ridges, in materials like plastic, silicone or stainless steel. Some owners feel a slow-feed bowl can multi-function as a brain-stimulating toy too.

Fast eaters tend to swallow large amounts of foods at a go, usually not bothered with chewing at all, and these habits can lead up to indigestion, followed by vomiting and gas.
Slow feeder pet bowl
CONS — Pick one with a suction or rubber bottom to avoid spillage and ease up access to food for them. The chances of more movement while they get to their food is increased. You may stick to this, or switch to a regular bowl once they’ve learned to eat slowly.

5. Auto-Feeding Dog Bowls

PROS — The beauty of the human mind never fails to amaze, or are we just getting lazier? Automatic feeding is a 3-step wonder Store, Feed, Refill…all-in-one! With technology comes convenience, some Automatic feeders come with a built-in control panel where you can schedule feeding times and monitor your Pet’s food and water intake with ease.

CONS — While these are great for the busy Humans at work, it is definitely not recommended for Pets whom are fast eaters. For those without control over how much you’re feeding (auto-refill function from the storage compartment), you might just wind up with an obese Pet in time to come.

6. Portable Dog Bowls

Most of us share fun times in the sun, take a jog or even a nice stroll with our furry companions. A good bonding session is the ultimate key to a happy relationship with our Pets. Keeping them well-fed and hydrated while you are out is equally as important, and it’d be quite a hassle to bring along clangy, bulky bowls.
Silicon travel Pet bowl
Human minds brought about these travel-easy bowls that are lightweight and fold-able, commonly lined with nylon or polyester materials, even in silicone designs. Now you can feed your pup outside wherever and whenever necessary, safe for your pooch, and comfortable for you.


Observing your Furkids feeding habits aids in a better understanding to the type of bowls most suitable for your Pet. On top of that, they have got to suit your lifestyle routines too. For example, if work requires you to stay late, and there’s no one else to feed your Pet— An automatic feeder would deem perfect. However, monitoring their food intake is a must, so a feeder with programmable features would be a better fit.
Dogs eating singapore pets
Don’t forgo the hygiene too, check out some efficient ways to clean and disinfect your Pet bowls and toys here!

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