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The Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

The Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

From the wide varieties of Bunnies out there today, it’s pretty safe to say that Rabbit fanciers in the earlier days seem to have it all thought out. Because if you love the size of a dwarf Bun, lop ears of a Holland Lop and coat of the Angora, there is an option of the American Fuzzy Lop!

American Fuzzy Lop

The origins of the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit is closely knitted with the Holland Lop Rabbit. Back then, Holland Lop Rabbits were only available in solid colours, so Rabbit breeders decided to introduce a broken pattern to that list, by crossbreeding a Holland Lop to an American Spot. Unfortunately through the results of this the roll-back fur of the Holland Lop was lost, which led them to crossbreed Holland Lops with Angoras instead.

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A Holland Lop
This occasionally produced a dwarf sized Bun with rollback-wooly fur and lop ears (a Holland Lop with fuzz). The very first American Fuzzy Lop Breeders were Patty Greene-Karl, Gary Fellers, Margaret Miller and Kim Landry. But the discovery of the recessive gene (crossbreeding two Buns with the same fuzzy gene increases the percentage in offspring) was accredited to Patty Greene. Patty decided to develop a new Rabbit breed, the American Fuzzy Lop.

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Early standards of the Fuzzy Lop Rabbit were of the Holland Lop Rabbit standards, which did not pass the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders’ Association) during the 3rd show convention in 1987. There was not even consistency in all the presented Rabbits. Patty then presented a different standard re-written by Jeff Hardin, describing a Holland Lop with wooly coat. The American Fuzzy Lop became recognised breed by the ARBA in 1988.

What Does An American Fuzzy Lop Look Like?

Picture a Holland Lop, dwarf sized lop ear bunny, with fuzzy wool. Yep, that’s a Fuzzy Lop Rabbit. Their weight, length and features are all that of a Holland Lop Rabbit, with the coat of an Angora. American Fuzzy Lops are available in a myriad of colour patterns such as Agouti which consists of Chestnut, Chinchilla, and Squirrel. Solid colours like Opal, Black, Lilac, Ruby-eyed White and Blue-eyed White. Did you know, that their wooly coats can be spun into yarn for clothes? That’s how soft their fur feels

Grooming Needs

Like the Angora Rabbit, a Fuzzy Lop Bun does not require major grooming, but this is no reason to neglect them! They do have a moulting period whereby you’d need to give them a good combing, everyday, if necessary. Apart from which clean their ears with a Vet-recommended cleaner, and trim their nails when they get too long. Never give any Bun a bath, instead, spot clean dirty areas with a damp cloth to remove debris, and clean their living space too!

How Are Their Personalities Like?

A Fuzzy Lop Bun has been described as an active, playful, friendly and fun Bunny. Not only do they love playtime and toys, they love human attention just as much too! This is a small Bun with a huge personality and inquisitiveness. So much like all Buns, they require ample “exploring” space and time, for human bonding as well. Fuzzy Lops are also great with other Rabbits most of the time, including other pets too!

Owning a Fuzzy Lop Rabbit In Singapore

Some have also described Fuzzy Lops to be a great addition to a growing family of children and adults, but we’d never recommend a Bunny as a first pet for children. This is because Rabbits are much more fragile than they look, and they can often be mistreated or mishandled unknowingly.

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It may seem like a Fuzzy Lop Rabbit may not require a lot of effort to maintain, but be ready for the commitment and always do copious amounts of research before getting a Pet. Even adopting one should never be on impulse! With proper diet, fun, care and love, Fuzzy Lops have an average lifespan of 10 years or more (a long commitment!)

Adopt, Don’t Shop

We can see that most Rabbit breeds are developed from crossbreeding, and Rabbits are all equally intriguing and they are all capable of giving you love and a rewarding Pet ownership. What’s stopping you from considering a rescued Bunny from the local groups and shelters? Go on, because you can give them a better life, but be sure you are ready for the commitment, the thought of doing good is not wrong, but adopting on impulse is not being responsible.