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Guinea Pig Life Hacks: Eight Useful Tips For Every Cavy Owner

Guinea Pig Life Hacks: Eight Useful Tips For Every Cavy Owner

Life hacks exist to make the every-day chores simpler and more enjoyable. Even small animals like Guinea Pigs could use some life hacking tip to make Pet ownership a breeze in many little ways! Fortunately through experience and research of countless piggy owners around the world, tips and tricks are shared to make life with pet Guinea Pigs a fun and rewarding journey. 

Why Do We Need These Hacks?

Owning a Pet comes with responsibilities we ought to maintain throughout. Cleaning, proper diet, fun, bonding and keeping their homes comfortable and safe are just part and parcel for creating a wonderful environment for your Pets to grow up in (they’re just like children of our own). But chores and daily responsibilities do not have to a drag, nor take up too much time. Some tips go a long way in making your Pets happy too. Let’s have a look at EIGHT of these smart hacks!

1. Natural Cleaning Agent

Once again White Vinegar takes stage, proving itself to be the best odour-busting cleaning agent that is au-natural for urine and fecal stains, and messes. Use it all around your Cavy’s cage or on a specific area as desired! 
white vinegar for cleaning
Simply mix one part White Vinegar with 3 parts water in a spray bottle and spritz away. If you have carpets or soft material stained with urine, food bits or fecal waste, soak them up with a paste mixture of Baking Soda and vinegar, leave on for a few minutes before a thorough rinse.

2. Effective Cleaning Of Water Bottle

Water bottles for small animals are a little tough to be completely cleaned, even with a small brush or dishwasher (if the bottle is dishwasher-safe). Pop the cap, chuck in a small handful of dry Rice, and add on a bit of hot water. Shake the bottle as much as you can whilst the Rice soaks up leftover debris in the nooks and crannies you can’t get to! Rinse over to complete the process and every bit of rice grain.

3. Recycling Those Paper Rolls

Yep, Rabbits love them, and so do their fellow chewers, Cavvies. Recycle those empty toilet-paper/kitchen towel rolls (short and long)! These double up as great treat stuffers, load them up with fresh Hay, greens, fruits or crunchy pellets for a complete entertainment during dining times. Watch them have a ball of a time yanking and tugging away to forage for those treats
paper roll hay stuffer

4. Reusing Soft Materials

Old and unused clothing that have long gone out of style (LOL) may not serve of any purpose to us, but they make excellent resting pads for your pet Guinea Pigs! Lay them down in different areas and provide your Cavvies with a soft, cosy resting spot.

5. Food Line

Don’t worry, it isn’t a cafeteria queue where Cavvies line up for food, but it is literally a Food line of healthy treats! String up chunks and pieces of fresh vegetables and fruits and hang them across their homes, just high enough for them to reach with a slight stretch. 
feeding guinea pigs
An adorable alternative to stringing through came up by owners is to simply use wooden pegs to clasp treats onto the string like it’s Laundry Day Just be sure to use natural twine strings, and replace them before they get too worn-out. This prevents the possibility of your Piggies consuming any!

  6. Treat Kebabs And Sushi

Make a hearty and delicious vegan treat by making kebabs and sushi pieces. This is actually much easier than it sounds, a basic kebab can be stringed with long vegetables, like cucumber or carrot strips. Loop in a variety of fruits or Vegetables and you have a completely edible skewer/kebab. 
Guinea Pig treats
Sushi involves slicing up cylindrical vegetables e.g. Carrots, Cucumbers and cutting a hole in the middle of each slice. Dice up the remains (from cutting the holes) and fit as many pieces as you can in each slice. A Foraging toy and treat couldn’t get any fresher!

7. Frozen Treats

On a warm day, freeze up pieces of vegetables and fruits in ice trays with water and serve them to your Guinea Pigs. A great way to stay hydrated and cool on a hot day! Other alternatives include blending vegetables and fruits into a smoothie and freezing them in ice trays. Perfect chilly snacks!

8. Grow Your Treats!

You don’t need to be a greenhouse expert or farmer to be able to grow some of your Guinea Pigs! Save some Carrot tops (with leafy portion) and replant them for unlimited healthy crunchies. All you need is a tray, and water. 
grow your own carrot
A little Wheatgrass once in a while makes a nutritious lounge spot for your Cavvies, purchase some Wheatgrass seeds or buy organically planted pots of it. Harvest by cutting off a little at a time when they are tall. Feed these with moderation, as too much may cause unnecessary tummy upsets. 

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  1. putting guinea pigs in costumes causes them stress. Please do not dress your Guinea pig up for fun, they will not know what's going on.

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  3. can you put a costume on your guinea pig becouse my sisters guinea hate's his costume and leasheas when ever ou put them on it hert's the guinea pig neck and back i just need some advice.

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