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Guinea Pigs Of Instagram: Top Stars Of The Cavy Empire!

Guinea Pigs Of Instagram: Top Stars Of The Cavy Empire!

As large as a small Rabbit, faces shaped like a Hamster, these furry rodents are amongst the top few favourite picks for small domestic animals. The joy Guinea Pigs have brought plenty of owners around the world has since proven to be unique to their own kind, proving themselves to be more than just a fuzzy look-a-like to the rest in the small animal kingdom.
Are you a Cavy lover?
When In Doubt, Popcorn Away!

Guinea Pigs To Follow On Instagram

Furry and feathered friends have undoubtedly provided all of us with abundant stress-relief and never-ending love. In the pursuit of providing our readers with informative and fun reads, we have come across a truckload of amicable friendships and bonds formed by Pet owners and their animal companions. Take a quick break with us as we help you boost your productivity levels, through lists of Instagram accounts belonging to funny and amusing Pets from all around the world, and this time, with Guinea Pigs in the spotlight!

Fun Fact      When Guinea Pigs are extremely elated, they skip and hop around with a motion referred to as “Popcorn-ing”.

1. Ludwik the Skinny Pig

Have you met a Skinny Pig before? Fret not, let this particular one charm you with his admirable journey from being an abandoned piggy to an Instagram star in less than a year. Having no fur ain’t about to stop this little Cavy from looking absolutely ravishing in his photographs. Top it all off with being an ambassador in noble causes, and you’ve got Ludwik, the little piggy who could.

— 226 K Followers

2. FuzzBerta and Friends

The fuzz is real! Follow the many amusing happenings of FuzzBerta and friends as they prove to you just how entertaining a Cavy could be, with their adorable donut-like mouths. Note: We are devastated that FuzzBerta has passed in August, our condolences. Glad to hear her owner is back with heartwarming stories of rescued piggies and more!

— 183 K Followers
"My log has a message fur you...." And the message is: We're back! HUGE thanks to @the_pipsqueakery for blobbysitting our account during our long IG break. She's a good human and a good friend and you should give them a follow! Guys, I have a confession to make: I left IG because I was sad, and I wanted to not be sad anymore. In 2014, I started an Instagram account for my little guinea pig Fuzzberta, who I loved very, very much. I made tiny costumes and did cute photoshoots because it made me happy, and it helped make other people happy too. Happiness—that was the point. It had always been the point. And then... on Aug 31 of last year, Fuzzberta died. I was already raw and grieving, because I had just lost my grandma, my grandpa, AND our family cat all within the space of a few months. Suddenly losing Fuzzbaby was like getting the last Jenga block of my heart pulled out. I fell apart. I shattered. For the next 10-ish months, I broke harder than I thought it was possible for me to break. Even when I felt better, at any given moment I could easily fall into the grief hole. During this time, I continued posting because I felt like I had to, and because I liked making people happy. But in reality, maintaining @fuzzberta was a daily reminder of what I had lost. After MGP died, this became even harder. So... I left social media to figure some stuff out for myself. And now we're back. 😘 PS. The jelly family is potatoey, very happy, and doing fine. Expect to see much more of them in fuzzture!
A post shared by Fuzzberta & Friends (@fuzzberta) on

3. Furballs Inc

Need we say more? This is a family of furballs which includes Guinea Pigs, Dogs, Chinchillas, Ducks, Chickens and even a little Piglet! There is nothing more heartwarming than watching how these animals get along with each other in their mini-farm of a home.

— 120 K Followers
A post shared by FurBallsInc (@furballsinc) on

4. Ponyo the Piglet

Ponyo the Cavy is an astounding model and friend to owner, we can’t pry our eyes away from the countless of hilarious photos and videos of this adorable little piggy.

— 105 K Followers
A post shared by @ponyopigletofthesea on

5. The Lava Empire

  Meet Folklore heroes Ella, Bella Dandy, Phoebe, Emma, Bianca and newest edition Katsu. A family of piggies known for crossing the lava stream at home…really though, its just a tiny gap between carpets, and for some reason they simply refuse stepping on the “lava”, leaping across instead, every single time. We are thoroughly amused.

— 92 K Followers

6. Mieps The Guinea Pig 

Join Mieps, Wies and Pien and their very talented photographer-owner, as they dazzle you with plenty of Cavy fun in Netherlands!

— 35.9 K Followers
A post shared by Mieps, Wies, Pien (& Archie 🌈) (@miepstheguineapig) on

7. Guinea, Winnie, Ninny and Mini

Join these sweet Cavies and get a sneak peek into the everyday lives of having Guinea Pigs in your home, all the way from Australia.

— 34.1 K Followers

8. Tito & Reno

Also known as the inseparable brothers, scuttling side by side wherever they went, and we are sad to learn that Reno has since passed (R.I.P Reno). However, Tito now lives his everyday life with Buff and Wally in the city of Utrecht, Netherlands!

— 30.7 K Followers
A post shared by Tito & Reno guinea pigs (@titorenogpigs) on

9. Mirabelle & Bergamote

Fancy sounding names fit for two Cavy sisters hailing from France! Admire their luscious long tresses and join them on their lives’ journey as sweet lady Cavies.

— 30 K Followers
A post shared by Mirabelle & Bergamote (@mirabelle_and_bergamote) on

10. I Am Not A Hamster

Triple Bs Ben, Brownie and Barley are Cavies from our very own sunny island, Singapore! If you’ve always wondered how being up-close and personal with Cavies felt like, this is the perfect photojournal for you.

— 27.7 K Followers
A post shared by imnotahamster (@imnotahamster) on

11. Guinea Pigture

The self-explanatory account name is just a teensy introduction to this myriad of photographs and videos of Harry and Lawrence from Netherlands. Prepare to have your cuteness threshold challenged by their eye-catching modelling moments.

— 20.4 K Followers
A post shared by Harry & Lawrence (@guineapigture) on

Adopt Don’t Shop

One of many small animals available as a domestic Pet, Guinea Pigs are popular amongst children and adults due to their attractive physiques. Unfortunately, the lack of research and education leads to many Piggies being abandoned worldwide. As with every Pet, preparation, time and effort goes a long way to maintain a healthy and happy life for them. If you aren’t ready for the responsibilities to come, avoid the impulsive choice of obtaining a Pet. The above are some examples of great Pet ownership, as proof that it isn’t tough to make life pleasant for your furry pals by your side!

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