Saturday, April 1, 2017

Two Dog Treat Recipes To Keep Your Dogs Cool

Two Dog Treat Recipes To Keep Your Dogs Cool

Are you feeling the stuffiness these days in Singapore, quite frankly the rain is just too unpredictable and we barely get solid Sun. When the rain ceases it’s supposed to be cooling right? No, we are now in the presence of humid, sticky weather, imagine how our Doggy pals feel with their coats on!

Summer Dog Treat Recipes

Oh my, are you sweltering with that thought yet?

DIY Gourmet Pupsicles Recipe

Okay enough ranting, let’s get to some work, we are gonna serve up not one, but TWO recipes today to keep your puppers hydrated and cooled in this weather madness! The first from WearWagRepeat and the second from Kol’s Notes , photos and recipes by both sites respectively.*Drumroll Please!*


Peanut Butter

Plain Yogurt

Frozen Blueberries



Summer Dog Treat Recipe

1. Slather in Peanut Butter (Author mentioned peanut butter makes it easier to remove from mold, hence, the first ingredient to go in!)

Dog Treat Recipe

2. Add Yoghurt

Dog Treat Recipe

3. Drop in a couple of Blueberries

Dog Treat Recipe

4. Top off with Dog Biscuit (for twisting pupsicles out later)
5. Fill in with water to solidify the empty spaces
6. Pop them in the Freezer!

Author's Tip: The trick to getting them out is to let them warm up at room temp for a few minutes. Then just gently twist the milkbone (Dog Biscuit) to release the whole treat.

Coconut Milk Pupsicles

That’s it for the first Pupsicle, and now for the second recipe by Kol’s Notes which only requires ONE ingredient and two steps:


Coconut Milk


1. Pour Coconut Milk into Ice trays or any cute mold
2. Pop them into the freezer!

Author (Kol’s Notes): What we absolutely LOVE about making Coconut milk pupsicles is that they are SO versatile. No matter what your dog’s favourite flavour is, you can stir that into some coconut milk, freeze it and serve. Here are some flavours we’ve tried and the dogs LOVED:

Canned dog food
Canned pumpkin
Peanut Butter
Fresh Parsley (also makes a nice breath refresher)

Some experts have advised against consumption of Milkbone for Doggos, we'd substitute it with a different Dog biscuit treat, and check with your Veterinarian for existing allergies your Pooch might have, just to be safe !☺ Aren't these recipes easy and fuss free? Happy Weekend Pawrents!

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