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Can Cats Eat These Foods?: 7 Cat-Friendly Foods With Nutritional Benefits!

Can Cats Eat These Foods?: 7 Cat-Friendly Foods With Nutritional Benefits! 

Like Dogs, our feline friends share the same behaviour of preferring what is on their owner’s dinner plate. It is good to know that there are some foods that could totally benefit your cat and are safe to share. But before you fall for their puss-in-boots looks, take some time to go through this list we have compiled for your convenience J
Cat Friendly Human foods


Are you excited to piece together some ingredients and create a lovely snack for your Cat? Do not forget to take extra caution with some ingredients and find out if your feline friends are allergic to them. Moderate small portions of servings— never overfeed your Cats with excessive ingredients. Every Cat is different, consult your Veterinarian for advice on what is safe for your Cat.

The Top 7 Cat Friendly Human Foods

1. Meats — Cats are naturally and instinctively carnivorous, and evidently from commercial kibble or canned food, meat is one of felines' favourites. Treat your kitty to some fresh, boiled, unseasoned meats— with the choice of Chicken, Beef or Turkey, and ensure that they are boneless. Meats are an ultimate source of protein for Cats.
Try out some easy Cat treat recipes here!

2. Fish — There is not a Cat that does not love fish, and like meats they too, play a huge part in a Cat’s diet. Fish meat is rich with Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It is advised to not serve your Cats too much raw fish as they may contain traces of harmful bacteria can lead up to food poisoning (i.e. Salmonella). Raw fish also contain an enzyme that destroys Thiamine— an essential Vitamin B for your Cats.
cat and fishes
Are you a RAW-feeder? Here's a handy list of where you can find freshly prepared raw meals for your feline companions with a wild appetite:

Raw Feeding For Dogs And Cats: The List Of Homemade Raw Food Merchants In Singapore

3. Eggs — Believe it or not, Hard-boiled and Plain Scrambled Eggs are a favourite snack of many felines, and they are a great source of protein and Vitamin B. However, some cats may have allergic reactions for eggs, so do test it out with a tiny amount and watch your kitty’s behaviour before serving up a proper portion. Make sure your eggs are fully cooked before serving!

4. Whole Grains — Though purely optional, another super source of protein are certain whole grains such as Polenta, Brown Rice, Barley, Millet, and Cous Cous. Make sure the grains are properly cooked through before serving to prevent your Cat from being unable to digest the grains properly!
whole grains
** This option may do better for Cats that have been brought up with rice or grains at a young age. Monitor their intakes, to avoid incurring excess weight from too much carbohydrates.

5. Cheese / Dairy — Great for the non lactose-intolerant felines (Vets and experts have discovered that Cats in their adulthood are more likely to develop this). A small test can be carried out just to be sure— If your Cats are not having diarrhea from a very small amount, you may continue to include tiny portions of non-flavoured, Low Fat Cheese, Plain Yoghurt, and Milk into their diets. These are yet another good source of protein!

6. Vegetables — While Cats do not require greens essentially, you may chance upon them chomping on house-hold plants, or even come across Cat owners whom grow Wheat Grass for their Cats. From time to time, our feline friends lack some needed enzymes for breaking down food in their digestive systems— chomping on greens gives them a roughage of fiber they require.
Can Cats Eat Vegetables?
Keep them away from house plants that may contain harmful toxic chemicals, instead, try an occasional tiny snack of boiled Broccoli, Asparagus or Green Beans. Thoroughly wash the vegetables before boiling and/or serving.

7. Fruits — Just in case you were wondering, Cats lack the ability to taste sweetness. However, a few owners have reported at how their Kitties have gone crazy over Melons. Fruits could be a great and helpful alternative for fiber if your Cats show no interest in Vegetables! Watermelon and Honey Dew are both great choices— serve in small portions and ensure all seeds are removed.
What Can I feed my cat

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