Monday, January 15, 2018

Raw Feeding For Dogs And Cats: Homemade Raw Food Merchants In Singapore

Where and Whys of feeding raw for pet Dogs And Cats

Are you a raw feeder? Many of us aren’t for various reasons. However, the current perception has since evolved to more owners being receptive to the idea; believing and accepting the fact that their furry counter-parts still habour similar Carnivoran instincts and needs as their ancestors and wild cousins. Indulging in the scent of a fresh hunt, and the beneficial means of processing certain nutrients (which may be lost during cooking process) is nothing short of life in the wild—  animals can’t work the stoves anyway.

To Raw Or Not To Raw

This is a subjective topic amongst owners and Veterinarians; both of which are dependent on individual Dogs and Cats, and their nutritional needs. We have all heard discussions on Raw food being more susceptible to harmful bacteria (if not prepared properly), and also stories of how many Pets have benefited greatly after swapping to raw diets. 

Approach your trusted Veterinarian and/or Pet Nutritionist for advice on transitioning for your Pet. 
Raw food for Cats and Dogs
All freshly frozen raw food should not be refrozen after thawing
Thawing is recommended done best in the fridge or chiller to retain the food’s goodness. If you are considering this option and have no time to shop or prep from home, here are some available Raw food options in Singapore, freshly frozen and ready to deliver for your Dog or Cat!

1. Pet Cubes

Human-grade food for *Dogs prepared and blast-frozen into well, cubes! Gently cooked or Raw meal options available.
Can I feed my Dogs raw?
Screenshots via PetCubes

6384 2441 | Whatsapp- 9737 8573  |

2. Good Woof SG

Meals for *Dogs with choice of chicken, beef, lamb, pork, seafood OR no seafood, with customizable diet plans if required. Cooked or Raw, your pick!
Homemade Raw food for Dogs Singapore
Screenshots via GoodWoof
Mon to Sat   10am — 6pm  |  Sun & PH   Closed

56 Sembawang Road #01-05, 779086  | 

3. Bom Bom

Customized raw diets of bones, offal and meat for *Dogs delivered weekly. Contact them for meal plan requirements!
Raw feeding for Dogs Singapore
Screenshots via BomBom

4. Meat Bowls

Freshly prepared meals for *Dogs, cooked options also available!
Raw Food for Dogs in Singapore
Screenshots via Meat Bowls
(65) 8613 5929  |

5. Bark Craft

Premium and affordable raw meals for *Dogs— Nutri-RAWR. Mix and match it up or take picks from the fuss-free option.

Raw Meat for Dogs Singapore
Screenshot via BarkCraft
Whatsapp- 8752 1684  |

Raw Feed For Dogs AND Cats

Raw meat options for *Dogs and Cats, prepared and frozen in vacuum-sealed bags.
Raw food for Pets Singapore
Screenshots via MeatyOrigins
88228589 (Mon to Fri, 10am-5pm only)  |

2. Big Dog Singapore

Sole distributors of Big Dog in Singapore. Frozen raw food for *Dogs and Cats. Take a pick from their wide variety of meat selections!
Raw feeding for Dogs and Cats
Screenshot via Big Dog Singapore
21 Marsiling Industrial Estate Road 9 (S)739175  |  9743 1400  |

3. RawRawr Singapore

Frozen RAWR diets for *Dogs and Cats, distributed by Howlistic Life. Check out their selections, and places you can buy them here.
feeding raw to Dogs and Cats
Screenshot via RawRawr

4. Fidelis Meats

Contact this pet-sonal butchery for your grocery needs of fresh portioned raw meats, available for *Dogs and Cats, and fully customizable! Head on down to the store and have a look at their fresh meats.
Raw Feeding for Pets
Screenshot via Fidelis Meats

Tue- Fri 10am — 6pm    Sat  10am — 1pm    Sun Mon & PH Closed
15 Eng Kong Terrace (S) 598987  |  87150919  |

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