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Homemade Treats And Meals For Cats: The Purrfect Guide To Available Options From Singapore!

Homemade Treats And Meals For Cats: The Purrfect Guide To Available Options From Singapore!

Aren’t homemade treats just amazing? Not only are you assured of zero artificial additives or preservatives, some are even made from organic ingredients to guarantee quality of ingredients. However, not all of us can muster up time to embark on a full-fledge diet preparation, due to work, family related responsibilities and also the uncertainty of your Pets’ diet requirements.

Homemade Treats And Meals For Cats

It has come to our attention during research that homemade treats and meals for Cats aren't as saturated in the market as compared to those for Dogs— Is this business not derived as a commodity here in Singapore? So now it’s time to spread some homemade love to our Feline friends! Be at ease knowing that the production team behind these homemade goodies are usually Pet owners themselves or even experienced bakers and chefs for Pets! 
Homemade Meals for Cats


To be doubly sure, approach your trusted Veterinarian to ascertain if your Feline companion requires any specific nutrient needs. Steer clear of any ingredient that you know your Kitty may be allergic to!Some of these Merchants provide customization to meals as well. If you are gifting these treats or meals, you may want to be sure that your furry recipient(s) is not allergic to any ingredient that is in the item (let’s be considerate and safe for others).

1. Feline Good 

Cat-friendly artisan cakes and treats, handmade with delicious and healthy ingredients.
Homemade meals for Cats in Singapore
Screenshots via FelineGood
9691 4761  |  128 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 #01-1849 (S)560128  |  meow@felinegood.sg

2. Feed My Paws

Professionally handmade treats for Cats, great for Dogs too!
Where to buy homemade meals for Cats
Screenshots via FeedMyPaws
Tues to Fri   12pm — 6pm  |  Sat   12pm — 2pm

3. Meat Bowls

Freshly prepared organic meals for your Cats!
Homemade meals for Cats
Screenshots via MeatBowls
(65) 8613 5929  |  contact@meatbowls.com

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