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Water Fountains For Pets: How It Works And Where To Buy Them!

Water Fountains For Pets: How It Works And Where To Buy Them!

A water fountain for our Pets, is that really necessary? The truth is, a Cat or Dog water fountain may have been deemed as an indulgence a few years back, but studies and research have proven that a water fountain has more uses to it than just decorative or convenience purposes.
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How A Water Fountain Affects My Cat Or Dog

A water fountain is great especially for Cats, and can serve purposes for our Doggo pals as well. Mainly because most of our Pets have a common diet of dry kibble and the occasional feedings of canned food. Dry kibble contains a very low percentage of water as compared to canned food of course, and like us, our furry companions naturally need their intake of water! Without the appropriate amount of water in their systems, it could lead to serious health issues too.

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Benefits For Cats

You might have also noticed how Cats aren’t the most cooperative with water, simply because they’d usually garner their daily water intake from the food, or prey (in the wild). Basically, our feline companions have a low-thirst drive for H2O and they really do not fancy stale, non-moving water. 
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This also explains why they love sitting beside sink tops; taking a swat at flowing water, or even dipping their paws into water bowls right before they lick them Moving water entices them, indeed.

Benefits For Dogs

While our canine buddies may not possess the issue of a low-thirst drive, water is equally essential as a form of daily hydration and cooling of their overall body temperatures. Haven’t you also noticed how much fur actually starts floating on the surface of the water in the bowls too? And while we are on that topic, water fountains greatly aid in a constant flow of fresh, clean water, thanks to the filters.
Water fountains for Dogs

Note      As every Pet has their own preference, you might want to figure out which type of material they’d actually prefer, before purchasing a water fountain!

Where To Buy Pet Water Fountains

Once again for your convenience we have dug out the available Cat and Dog Water Fountains within the marketplace— Shopee, Qoo10, Carousell, Lazada, including local favourites such as online Pet Stores!

Qoo10 Listings

Shopee Listings

Carousell Listings

1. Diamante RosesPet Drinking Fountain

2. CandytlsNEW Water Fountain bowl

3. PetFolioYogi Water bowl 2

Local Pet Shops Online

NekoJam — For Dogs  ,  For Cats 

Looking for a portable water fountain? Then you might want to give the Torus Water bowls a go! No electricity needed, automatic refills, built in filter and a lock system that prevents leak when you are on the go. Grab yours at these places:

NekoJam — Torus Water Bowl

Keeping A Pet Water Fountain Clean

Yes most of these automated Pet water fountains come with a built in filter to help rid those stray fur, hair, or even food bits, keeping the water fresh and clean. How many times have you looked at a water-cooler and stared at the algae-filled filter by the side dubiously *Gasp*— We honestly lost count. So, don’t forget to replace the filter and clean out the system (with warm water and soap) once or twice every week!

Note      Some of these water fountains have special instructions and cleaning agents that you can purchase under the same series, simply follow the manual that comes with!

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