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Benefits Of Pet Ownership: Top Five Ways Your Pet Affects Your Life

Benefits Of Pet Ownership: Top Five Ways Your Pet Affects Your Life

A furry or feathered companion in your life have ways of becoming more than just a Pet. Countless of research and studies have proven just that, and the benefits that follow through— From emotional health, physical health, and overall sense of dependence, you may very well have a friend for life ☺
How does my pet affect me
Top: Dog, Cat, Hamster. Bottom: Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Bird.

How Do Pets Benefit Our Lives? 

1. Emotional Benefits  Do you recall the last time your Pet made you smile? We'd bet it isn't that long ago, or more accurately— it must have just happened, from merely thinking about them. Research also tells us that a high percentage of Pet owners have a lower blood pressure and lesser risks of a heart attack due to lower stress levels. A relationship with our Pets returns ever-lasting love and affection with no strings attached.
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2. Curbing Social AnxietyAre you naturally shy? Because a Pet actually helps tackle loneliness and social shyness. We can barely count the number of times a conversation struck between a stranger and ourselves because of our Pets. A simple "Aww, how cute! How old is he/she" is pretty much an ice-breaker.
Pet ownership benefits
And how about those friends or relatives whom seem to visit your place just for your pets? Be proud and encouraged to carry on a conversation with others, because your Pet pal is right beside you. Don't they give you so much more courage?☺

3. Physical Health Benefits The daily duties of Pet ownership may seem nothing more than just responsibilities in a long-run— but did you know, a task as simple as taking your Dog out for a walk is a form of keeping healthy too, more than you'd ever imagine. Don't have a Dog? Bring your other Pets out for a stroll, and if they do not fancy being on a leash, simply carry them around! Getting a little fresh air with your beloved companion is beneficial for your heart and mind after all.
Pets and anxiety
The good people of Singapore Heart Foundation agrees:
Woof-A-Thon 2017 At Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

4. Helping The Elderly Studies have shown that elderly/senior folks that own Pets are generally more active and interactive— activities involved with Pet ownership reduces depression, increase their willingness to move about and stay active. On top of that, Pets also provide the elderly with a greater sense of responsibility and purpose, much like having to care for a close family member.
Pet benefts

5. Fighting Allergies Allergies have been never-ending battles for many animal-lovers. We've have encountered a number of friends whom are willing to consume prescribed medication, just to be together with their furry companions. Though there isn't a perfect solution to avoid this, it has been proven that a child exposed to Pets at an early age is less likely to develop an allergy in future. Having a Pet around could also help a child's morale and social behaviour.


Research, Preparation, Responsibility, Love and Effort goes hand in hand before all. NEVER get a pet on impulse unless you are undoubtedly sure you can provide a loving and suitable home. No life-form deserves to be abandoned, strayed or abused. If you do have all the pointers covered, We hope for the best and await for your stories and journey to be shared amongst many other Pet-lovers.

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