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Woofathon 2017 At Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

WoofAThon 2017 At Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park

Last weekend on 8th July we a Pet event hosted in the park with a whole load of Doggy owners and their canine companions. This was an event hosted by the Singapore Heart Foundation, with the main attempt to set the record for longest Dog walk line, in the very green and spacious Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park. Did we mention this was our first time at a walk-a-thon for Doggies?
Singapore Pet event review
Happy Red Hearts all over, can you spot them?

What Was Expected

Dogs, dogs, and more Doggies of course, but before you start wondering why is it just for Dogs, well because we walk our Doggos every day! And this event aims to prove you just how your health can benefit just from a simple walk with your Pooches. And if you have a Cat that doesn’t mind walking on a leash, by all means, you should be hopping on the bandwagon to a healthier lifestyle too!

Pet events in Singapore
Event overview
We were expecting just a gathering of fellow Pet owners and their canine pals, all geared up and ready for a walk, with maybe an area with food and drinks to rest and hydrate (like some sort of sports event?) But event highlights included a meet-n-greet session with Ceasar Milan’s Recruit Asia S1 semi-finalist Stephanie Keong, Fashion Parade, and Photo Booth. Pre-registration for the 2 Km Walk also entitles you a slot for the Basic Obedience Class with Stephanie.

What We Saw

This event was smacked right in the middle of Bishan Ang Mo Kio Park (Ficus Green, where the Dog Park, Cafes and McDonald’s is) and we decided to get an overview snap of the beautiful greenery and event buzz. As soon as we approached the venue we greeted with the booming voices of Mcees, laughter and chatter of people, woofs and barks, music, and strayed helium balloons (of iconic red hearts)
Pet events in Singapore Review
You know there's an event when you see these guys

 Mandatory Booths

Please pardon the header, we refer to them as mandatory booths as it just wouldn’t be a Pet event without these guys. Lined up in an L-shape manner were booths with sale of products and accessories (NekoJam), gourmet Pet food (Wholesome Paws).

Bishan Park Pet event singapore
A Bird's Eye view of the event
Participation of Animal Shelter (Causes For Animals), Vet for Basic health screening (The Animal Doctors), Canine First Response (Dog First Aid) booth, and oh, there was also a Photobooth (Tiny Photo Singapore) for the Folks to grab a quick snap with their Doggos! Most importantly, this was a chance for event goers to set a record of “Longest Dog Walk Line” into the Singapore Book of World Records!

Get Active With Dogs and Kids

With a huge event space as such, organisers have thoughtfully included a Bouncy Castle (second one we’ve seen thus far, the other at One Furry Fiesta). Fun and games also included Bubble Soccer, and a dash of nostalgia with old school delights such as Five Stones and Jenga, both interestingly SUPERSIZED!

Singapore Pet event review
Kid's Fun corner
In case you have been wondering how an event organised by the Singapore Heart Foundation has got to do with our Furkids, well we've got good news! Because you may have been missing out on the health benefits your Doggo has been helping you with, just walking by your side every day! The open field was littered with informational displays to educate peeps too

Singapore Pet event Bishan Park
Arrrr! Protect the treasure chest!

How Does Walking My Dog Benefit Me?

Research and studies have shown that participation in daily responsibilities of Pet ownership can actually encourage you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. How so? Well for starters your Pooch requires walking daily, for a little outdoor time, light exercise and even playtime. This "enforces" an average stay-home person with minimal or zero exercising habits to get off their butts and take a stroll

Dog events in Singapore review
Goodie Bag Lineup!

As you accompany your furry companion, you are actually benefiting yourself too, these health perks include:

Lower levels of cholesterol

Reduces chances of Heart Disease

Better body and mental health

There’s more than that too, check out some other ways Pets can benefit you, right here!

Pet dog event Singapore reviews
Who could resist some fries after an event?

Was It Worth The Trip?

You get some fun and games, set a record, entertain your family and best part of all, find out how much your Furry companion is shaping you into a healthier human. Why not?! While the weather seemed sunny at first but soon it started drizzling, that did little to deter the event buzz. Turns out the 2 km walk was still on and we couldn’t be happier.

We got a good short footage of the walk-a-thon, here’s a snippet of these eager Doggos, walking alongside with their Pawrents to make it to the record books! All in all, it was a muddy but pawsome day

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