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Can My Dog Eat This?: The Top 10 Dog Friendly Human Foods

Can My Dog Eat This?: The Top 10 Dog Friendly Human Foods

When you welcome your home to a canine companion, you'd snag at any possible opportunity to share something you love with them. Your favourite activity, favourite couch to laze on, and even foods— However, as tempting as sharing food may sound, our Doggos shouldn't be indulging in a piece of fried chicken for example.
Dog Friendly foods

What Human Foods Can We Share With Our Dogs?

Before you start giving in to those puppy-eyes at the dining table, you might want to go through this list of safe-foods you can share with your pet Dog. While introducing human foods for your canine companions is fun and can result in better bonds in Pet Ownership— it is important to always try in small, tiny amounts first. Consult a Veterinarian or Pet Nutritionist to be doubly sure of possible allergies your Dog may have to different foods. Always monitor their intake and reactions from a small test piece before feeding in larger amounts.
1. Chicken — Most Dogs can't resist Chicken goodness, this meat is a great source of protein and a quick choice for a simple dinner. Serve it up cooked or raw*, without any seasoning. Avoid feeding your Dogs cooked chicken bones, brittleness and splitting can pose as a dangerous threat if not consumed correctly. 
Dog friendly foods
*Are you a Raw-feeder? 
Some owners have embarked their Doggos on a raw-diet, here are places where you can purchase readily prepared raw Dog food in Singapore!

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2. Peanut Butter — If you didn't already know, PB is undoubtedly a favourite for many Dogs, and their owners included. Also a great alternative to eggs as a bonding agent for baked Dog treats and a source for healthy fats, Vitamin B, E and protein. Pick Unsalted or Raw Peanut Butter, avoid Sugar-free or Lite peanut butters as those contain artificial sweeteners.

3. Carrot Bits & Baby Carrot — Not only are Carrots awesome for you, they're great for Dogs too. Carrots promote better teeth hygiene and make excellent treats as they are low in Calorie, high in Vitamin A and Beta Carotene. Toss a couple of boiled Carrots into their daily food the next time you're having any!
Safe food for Dogs

4. Long / French Beans — Does your Dog need to loose some weight? No need to avoid treats or snacks altogether, because a healthy and convenient alternative are Long  or French Beans. These are filling, high in Fibre and low in Calories. Just ensure the greens are not salted before serving.

5. Salmon Or Cod — Cooked Salmon, Cod or most fishes provide Dogs with Omega 3 fatty acids, which helps in achieving a healthy, shiny coat of fur. On top of looking good, your Dog’s immune system gets a boost too. So remove all bones, steam, and serve some some fishy goodness!
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6. Apples — Don't forget your Doggos the next time you're having some Apples, not only are they filled with Vitamins A and C, Apples help freshen your Dog’s breath and even clean their teeth! Slice or dice them into chunks, remove all seeds and do not feed the core.

7. Honey — Ration about 1 tablespoon once or twice per day for your Dogs. Honey is rich in Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K and Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper and Anti-oxidants— a powerful food source for protection against allergies.
Safe foods for Dogs

8. Pumpkin / Sweet Potato — Two food choices that are high in Fibre, Beta Carotene and Vitamin A. Cooking methods include boiling, steaming and baking— these hypoallergenic ingredients are popular picks in homemade treats and also aid with Dogs’ digestive systems.

9. *Cheese — Cheese is suitable for canines that are *not lactose intolerant. Small amounts of Cheeses that are low or reduced in fat are the right choices i.e. Cottage Cheese. High in Calcium and Protein, mix them into your Dog’s food, feed them in tiny bits as treats, or even bake them into delectable treats.

10. *Yogurt — A great source of Calcium and Protein for the *non Lactose-Intolerant, plus a little amount fed to your Dogs everyday could help with their digestive systems too. Choose plain yogurt that is not flavored and not sweetened.
What Can My Dog Eat?

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