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Treats For Guinea Pigs: Healthy And Fun Recipes With Video Tutorials

Treats For Guinea Pigs: Healthy And Fun Recipes With Video Tutorials

Smaller Pets such as Guinea Pigs deserve to be pampered with safe and healthy treats too, don't you think? Instead of buying store-bought treats with the uncertainty of any harmful additives, you can now make simple treats with ingredients that are Cavy-savvy. For your convenience, we've picked out a few video tutorials on fun and healthy Guinea Pig treats— Sushis, Doughnuts, Veggie Cookies and more!
Guinea Pig Treats


Watch out for ingredients with naturally high sugar content, avoid overfeeding treats— moderate intakes and never substitute regular feed with treats. The freedom to change, or substitute certain ingredients of your choice is also possible, long as they are Guinea Pig friendly!

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Fun And Healthy Guinea Pig Treats

1. Veggie Sushi For Guinea Pigs  Serve up some adorable sushi rolls made entirely out of vegetables, with this fun tutorial via Little Adventures on YouTube. Watch video here.
Treats for Guinea Pigs DIY
Screenshot via Little Adventure's video

2. Fruit Doughnuts For Guinea Pigs — Another amazing recipe by Little Adventures via YouTube, some fruity goodness in doughnut forms. To be fed in moderation as these have naturally high sugar content. View video here.
Guinea Pig Treat Recipes
Screenshot via Little Adventure's video

3. Go-To Guinea Pig Treat — A very simple recipe for quick and delicious treat for your Guinea Pigs, by Once Upon A Pig via YouTube. Watch tutorial here.
DIY Guinea Pig treats
Screenshot via Once Upon A Pig's video

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