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Guinea Pig Treat Recipes: Easy Video Tutorials For Beginners

Guinea Pig Treat Recipes: Easy Video Tutorials For Beginners

Are you just embarking on homemade treats for your little Cavy friends? The joy of making tiny snacks for our furry pals can be a little daunting yet satisfying. Don’t worry, here are FOUR video tutorials from Cavy owners around the world to guide your journey. Having control over the ingredients ensures zero additives and watching them gobble those treats up— is a real treat within itself!  


Avoid overfeeding treats, for some natural ingredients already contain high sugar content— always feed with extreme moderation, and never substitute regular feed with treats. The great thing about making your own treats is also the freedom to change, or substitute certain ingredients of your choice.

Recipes For Beginners

1. Cupcakes For Guinea Pigs — Pupcakes, Kittycakes, Grasscakes for bunnies, mini cupcakes for Hamsters, and now you’ve got cupcakes for Guinea Pigs! Lovely recipe with carrots, apples and oats, via Little Adventures on YouTube. Watch it here!
Recipes for Guinea Pig treats
Screenshot via LittleAdventure's video

2. Carrot Cake Treats — Another simple recipe for a cake treat, with inexpensive ingredients of carrots, water and oats this time. Recipe via Guinea Pig Fans on YouTube. Video tutorial here.
Easy recipes for Guinea Pigs
Screenshot via GuineaPigFans video

3. Cookies For Guinea Pigs — Add some banana to the ingredient list, and you’re able to make this cookie recipe for Guinea Pigs via Imy’sAnimals on YouTube. Watch the video tutorial here.
Treat recipes for Guinea Pigs
Screenshot via Imy'sAnimal's video

4. No Bake Pellet Cake  Try out this recipe for fun, using the pellets your Cavies have, and “frosting” with banana puree. Doesn’t this cake look adorable? Video tutorial via LooBoosShedZoo on YouTube. Watch video here.
Homemade treats for guinea pigs
Screenshot via LooBoosShedZoo video

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