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Five Breath Freshening Dog Treat Recipes: Baked, Frozen And DIY Toothpaste!

Five Breath Freshening Dog Treat Recipes: Baked, Frozen And DIY Toothpaste!

We face the issue of our Dogs having bad breath at one point of time or the other, mostly caused by poor dental health, genetics— even because of difficulties in getting your Dogs to let you brush their teeth. So humans have banded together in finding ways to trick their Doggos into ingesting natural ingredients that would help freshen their breaths, and here are 6 recipes we've picked out to aid you and your Dog-breath worries!
Dog breath fighter treats
Baked goodies, frozen ones to fight the heat at the same time, and even an all-natural yummy toothpaste! 


Take note that all Pets are different, ensure that your own Doggos have not developed any bad reactions to any ingredients before making them. Treats are by no means a substitute to meals. Depending on your Dog's weight and ingredients with naturally high sugar content, always feed treats with extreme moderation. To be absolutely certain, consult your trusted Veterinarian for advice on any special nutritional guidelines your pooch may have to adhere to.

Baked Breath Freshening Treats

1. Parsley Biscuits — A healthy recipe containing yogurt, honey, and the main ingredient of fresh parsley. Recipe by Paul Lowe, via his website, Sweet Paul.
make your own Dog breath freshener
Photo via Sweet Paul

2. DIY Doggie Breath Treat — Simple ingredients of Coconut oil, Applesauce, Oats and Parsley. Recipe by Jessica Holoka, via Hello Nature Blog.
Dog Breath freshening treat recipes
Photo via Hello Nature Blog

Frozen Breath Freshening Treats

1. Mint And Parsley Frosty Treat Goodness of chicken broth, Mint, Parsley and Yogurt pack into little frosty cubes. Recipe by Alex, via Munchkins and the Military.
Treats that help Dog's bad breath
Photo via Munchkins and the Military

2. Minty Watermelon Treats — A breath freshening treat with just 2 ingredients! Beat the heat and the stink with this recipe by Rosalyn, via Golden Woofs.
How to get rid of Dog breath
Photo via Golden Woofs

All-Natural Toothpaste

DIY Natural ToothPaste — A nifty, yummy and 100% natural Dog friendly toothpaste recipe by Tara, via Little Miss Dexterous.
Dog Breath freshener treats
Photo via Little Miss Dexterous

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