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What Is My Rabbit Thinking?

What Is My Rabbit Thinking Of?

Out of all the different types of domestic Pets in Singapore, we’ve got to admit that small animals are the toughest to read for any novice. Being a prey animal in the wild, Rabbits are often wary of their surroundings all the time, explaining why it requires quite a bit of time and effort to gain their trust. Yet at the same time, these factors have sparked our interest in learning more about their behaviour!

Rabbit Behaviour

As compared to a Dog or a Cat, Rabbits are often regarded as pretty stationary creatures (so wrong!) Though they are slightly less vocal, they are by no means unexpressive, and if you don’t believe us, this basic guide is going to surprise you! A good start to begin figuring out your Bunny’s behaviour is splitting them into two main components, body Language, and the sounds they make that go hand in hand with these actions. We are going to split these into different moods and what you can expect from your Bunpal!

What Is My Rabbit Thinking?

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Bunny Happiness & Contentment

Isn’t it an intriguing thought to even imagine that Bunnies actually express themselves when they are happy? Yes they can indeed! Now this ought to change your mind about Rabbits being stationary all the time


The first sign of happiness you should be just as happy to spot! Your Bunny is going to display a quick dance consisting of hops, twists, and jumps in midair. (Don’t worry, your Bun isn’t going nuts), It’s just overjoyed, and you must have done a wonderful job bringing it so much comfort and happiness.

Bunny Flop!

Imagine coming home from a hard day’s work, heading to the bed and flopping onto your side. Now picture your Bun doing the same, only for this instance, its happy and comfortable enough to show you some floppin’ around

Bunny Flop


A very calm and relaxed Rabbit isn’t tough to spot, they could either be sitting down with legs tucked under their bodies (universal sign of a calm furball), and if they are extremely relaxed, it will be evident from the way they lay on the ground, with all front legs pointed forward and hind legs sprawled out sideways, or pointed backwards.

Relaxed Rabbit

Happy Sound

Cats aren’t the only ones that purr, that’s right, our hoppy friends can “purr” too! The sound emitted by Bunnies when they are enjoying your pets and strokes are made by clicking their teeth, and its fondly referred to as a Rabbit’s purr. You know your Bunny is feeling blissful when you hear this

 Listen in close for this!

Bunny Love

Anyone that claimed Rabbits do not show affection obviously have never spent a good amount of time with them before. This is because Bunnies have an array of ways they show their affection, and here are a few obvious ones you might wanna look out for!

Let Me Groom You!

One of the most universal sign that shows acceptance from a Rabbit is when they start grooming each other. So you may experience some nipping, or licking when you are holding your precious Bun (they’re not trying to eat you). It’s their way of saying “you are family now, let me groom you too!”

Rabbit Licking

You Are Mine

Another form of acceptance is when you see Bunnies rubbing their chins on each other, or on you. Like other furry companions, Rabbits have scent glands too, and theirs would be located underneath their chins. Were you “marked” before?

Rabbit Grooming Each other

Can I Have Your Attention Please?

Rabbit Owners have also shared a similar experience of their Buns nudging them with their little noses, and this is be a rather subjective action, it could either mean they are yearning for your attention (don’t neglect your Bunnies!) or you could be in their way, so move along!

Rabbit Nose Nudge

Bunny Anger & Displeasure

Now that we’ve covered the basics of a Rabbit’s happy behaviour, it’s just as necessary to know when your Bun is upset or angry. That brings us to the following segment of body language and sounds to note when your Rabbit is “hopping” mad!


When we humans get sooooo angry, we often have the urge to kick something, and this applies to our Buns as well! Just think of how high Rabbits can jump, can you imagine the strength those hind legs behold!? There is absolutely no way you’d miss a thump, it can be heard rather easily! Thumping can also be another way Rabbits warn surrounding bunny pals of any eminent danger nearby.

Back Off!

As a prey, powerful hind legs and speed aren’t the only defence mechanisms of a Rabbit. Judging by the size of those teeth that are ever-growing and jaws that are always munching, you don’t wanna be near those biters when they are mad, give an angry Bun some space, because (everybunny) just needs a little time to calm down and feel safe.


When a Rabbit is terrified or in extreme pain, there is a high chance you’ll hear them scream. We hope no Bunny parent ever has to hear this cry from their Buns, and to be honest, we’ve only heard this cry in a video that showed inhumane extraction of fur from Angora Rabbits.

A milder form of noise Rabbits might make when they are displeased can be described as a low growl/grunt. This noise could be accompanied by short lunges and it could happen when you are shifting their things, or cleaning their space when they are around. You can try to calm them down by putting your hand gently on their heads, or letting them roam safely elsewhere while you clean their space!

After all, not everyone fancies their parents touching their stuffs, right?

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What is my Rabbit Thinking

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