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Rabbits Of Instagram: Dangerously Cute Bunnies On Social Media

Rabbits Of Instagram: Dangerously Cute Bunnies On Social Media

Pet Rabbits have their own Instagram accounts too. While it isn’t anything out of the ordinary for Humans to have social accounts, matters have evolved rapidly to include our precious Pets into the equation now. Why so? Some might find it absolutely unnecessary, however our Pets have shown us just how expressive they can be, even if they can’t communicate through words
Rabbits on Instagram
Photo via Toronouchi
These days with a tap on a touchscreen is all it takes to share your daily activities and thoughts with your closest ones and even the world. Instagram has made its mark as a popular social app, with accounts set up personally by owners for their Pets.

Are Rabbits Expressive?

Dogs are known to be the most expressive by many, that’s a fact we can’t deny, but what about other animals, and more specifically, Rabbits? Upon reviewing these Instagram accounts we are more and more convinced that Rabbits are indeed misunderstood to be non-expressive. Bunnies may be quieter than most Pets, and are often the subject of Pet abandonment worldwide.
 But did you know, with proper care and effort spent on bonding, your Buns could actually turn out to be a charming companion with a bag full of surprises?

Let’s take a look at these ten Instagram accounts with proof of their Bunnies amusing antics and everyday lives, from enjoying a treat, taking a walk outside, getting a good rub down and even snuggling with one another. Give yourself a reason to go dawww with a good dose of warm fuzzy feelings!

Celebrity Bunnies On Instagram

On the contrary to just gaining fame, most of these owners are actually supporters of Pet adoption. Rabbits are often bought on impulse due to their irresistible cuteness and later on abandoned or mistreated. Failure to realize the immense responsibility that comes with these tiny furry creatures is usually the cause. Some of these owners use these accounts to educate the public on Rabbit care and others. Cute yet informative, a lethal combination for the crowds!

We add on to the list scrupulously, check back for more!

1. BunnyMama

At the top of the list with the largest following is BunnyMama. What started out as an account for the first two Bunnies Eddy and Rambo (our condolences, R.I.P Eddy and Rambo) has now grown to be a family of five rescued Rabbits (Moo, Bowie, Taffy, Oli and Ellie) enjoying their lives currently in Vancouver, Canada.

808 K Followers
A post shared by bunnymama (@bunnymama) on

2. Wally And Molly

Follow the adventures of these lovely Angora Rabbits Otis and Suki as they live their happy lives being cared and adored by pawrent Molly. This account was named after her first bun Wally (our condolences, R.I.P. Wally). The journey continues with fun times of Otis and Suki in Massachusetts, USA.

331 K Following

3. Exempel The Bunny

Exempel the Mini Lop from Sweden follows his Mom everywhere, making new friends outdoors with a good bit of exploration time, and posing pretty for the lens. Hop onto the wagon with tons of other followers and join Exempel’s fun lifestyle and mini trips.

177 K Followers
A post shared by Exempel the bunny (@exempelthebunny) on

4. Life Of Mill

Another Instagram account that has grown to house more than one Bunny, Life of Mill is now home to two more Buns, Stella and Princess, living their cage-free life in Sweden! Get up-close and personal with a dosage of Bunny noses, and enjoy tranquility amongst picturesque locations in the company of three beautiful Bunnies.

159 K Followers
A post shared by ❤️Milla, Stella & Princess ❤️ (@lifeofmill) on

5. Bunny Melv

Another account hailing from Sweden, meet Melvin and Bianca as they show you the right way to thoroughly enjoy a good rest, on your beds! Let Melvin and Bianca’s owner show you how a minimalist Bun pad ought to look like, bunny-approved.

103 K Followers
A post shared by Melvin ๐Ÿฐ Bianca ๐Ÿฑ (@bunnymelv) on

8. Mumitan

This account handle is none other than PuiPui’s owner, only the most fashionable and trendy Rabbit in the whole world from Tokyo, Japan. PuiPui dons a myriad of outfits lovingly handmade by owner Mumitan. We wished we were with PuiPui as it enjoys outings with mom in adorable Rabbit sized clothes fit for every occasion. Do we hear you screaming ๅฏๆ„›ใ„ kawaii?!

58 K Followers

9. Toronouchi

Meet Toro the Netherland Dwarf from Japan! As though his adorable expressions aren't enough, Toro spends his days with a miniature him, and dons on costumes that are dapper and way too cute sometimes. 

— 52.4 K Followers

10. Reuben The Rex

Reuben is a Rex Rabbit from Melbourne, Australia. Reuben spends much of his time munching on dandelions, snuggling with the house Cat and receiving artwork done up specially by his many fans. Flower crowns have never looked better on a Rabbit.

46.9 K Followers
A post shared by reubentherexrabbit@gmail.com ๐Ÿ’Œ (@reubentherex) on

12. Cleo The Bunny

Live the City life with Cleo, an English Angora from New York City and his mom, Diana. Cleo enjoys company with people of all ages and spends its time with mom being the spotlight of many events. It’s almost unbelievable how picture perfect Cleo looks in all of the photos! City-mouse, who?

28.8 K Followers
A post shared by CLEO THE BUNNY (@cleo_thebunny) on

13. Io And Kili

Last but not the least bunch of Rabbits from Sweden is Io and Kili, a pair of extremely loving Buns that can’t ever get enough of each other. Feast your eyes on one of the cleanest and most minimalistic Rabbit photo-journal, as they show their fans how Rabbits are capable of love.

27.9 K Followers
A post shared by ๐Ÿฐ (@ioandkili) on

14. Lucas The Lop

Gaze upon the daily life of Lucas, an all-white English Lop with tremendous ears and appetite for blueberries. Flap about with those ears and this large bun and his bright blue eyes. P.S. Video-heavy account!

A post shared by Lucas (@lucas_the_lop) on

Adopt Don’t Shop

Considered to be a small animal available as a domestic Pet, Rabbits are very popular amongst children due to their attractive physiques. Unfortunately, the lack of research and education leads to many bunnies getting abandoned worldwide. As with every Pet, preparation, time and effort goes a long way to maintain a healthy and happy life for them. If you aren’t ready for the responsibilities to come, avoid the impulsive choice of obtaining a Pet. The above are some examples of great Pet ownership, it isn’t tough to make life pleasant for your furry pals by your side!

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