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Parrot Friendly Fruits And Greens: What And How To Feed Your Pet Birds

Parrot Friendly Fruits And Greens: What And How To Feed Your Pet Birds

Providing your Pet Parrot or bird a healthy diet doesn’t only consist of bird seeds or pellets, these feathered friends require a good amount of fresh daily greens and fruity fun too! In the wild, they fly around their environments to forage for berries and plantations apart from nuts and seeds. 
Parrot friendly food
In case you were wondering what you could feed your pet Parrot/bird from your fridge or table, here’s a guide list of foods that are safe, and those you should avoid

Safe Vegetables For Parrots And Birds

With vegetables Parrots and birds can get equal types of nutrients as we humans do. Be sure to keep them fresh and thoroughly washed before serving. Remove anything that has turned bad or has started to yellow. Some greens are better served cooked, and others should be organic, you wouldn’t want them ingesting harmful toxins from pesticides!
Brussel Sprouts
Bell Peppers
Long Beans
Yam (Cooked)
Sweet Potatos (Cooked)
Green Peas (Limited amount)
Corn (Cooked or fresh, Limited amount)

Safe Fruits For Parrots And Birds

Our Fids too enjoy an occasional treat of fruity goodness, but be sure to remove all forms of seeds and pits from the fruit before serving it to them. Remember to keep these fruit pieces fresh and change them out when they’ve been there for too long. As always, wash these fruits clean with water, organic produce is best preferred.

Black Berries
Grapes (Limited Amount)
Apple (Limited Amount)

Grains For Your Pet Parrot

Some everyday food items we have like rice contain beneficial nutrients that our feathered companions can enjoy too. Moderation is key here, as these grain foods are starchy and has high sugar content.

Brown Rice
Whole Wheat Pasta
Whole Wheat Bread

What To Avoid Feeding Your Parrots

We get the luxury of enjoying most foods, but unfortunately certain items are extremely toxic to our Fids and should be avoided at all costs. For example, cheese might sound like a good treat but birds lack the enzyme needed to digest it and it may well lead up to harmful effects. It’s best to avoid it altogether!

Seeds or Pits from Fruits
Raw Peanuts
Broad & Flava Beans
Hyacinth Flower
Daffodil Flower

How To Introduce New Foods To Your Parrot

Birds are living creatures too, keeping these treats and items fresh is the best way to go. After all, we wouldn’t be eating something if it smells bad or tastes funny would we A Pet bird that has been used to an all seed or pellet diet may not reciprocate to new food items immediately, keep trying until they grow accustomed to it. 
Can Parrots eat Dandelions
Foraging toy with Dandelions
Sometimes owners choose to place items such as greens and fruits strategically on a skewer or in a foraging toy, so their Fids get a kick out of it. And oh, don’t forget the fresh change of water daily too!

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