Monday, April 17, 2017

Smartest Parrot In The World

The Smartest Parrot In The World

The amount of tricks and things you can teach a Parrot is endless, if you couple that with a ton of patience and love for your Fids, but could these Parrots actually understand what you’re saying? Or are they really processing repeated actions and noise, followed by mimicry? We’re about to unravel the first Parrot species to break that belief, and find out why their intelligence is more than just mimicry.

Congo Vs Timneh

The African Grey Parrot

African Grey Parrots have been around since the 18th century or possibly earlier. Like their name denotes, these parrot species are native to the Africa, and are split into two sub-species, the Congo African Grey Parrot, and Timneh Parrot. They gained popularity as Pets amongst the Nobles and Royalty due to their intelligence and ability to speak the human language.

Congo vs Timneh

It was said that King Henry VIII had an African Grey Parrot whom enjoyed calling in Boatmen to the Palace just for its own amusement. Queen Victoria, known for her avid love for all types of Pets, owned a variety of Parrots too, in which included an African Grey Parrot.


The African Congo Grey Parrot is not to be mistaken for the Timneh Parrot, there are a few distinctive features to help distinguish both species. Timneh Parrots are slightly smaller than the Congo African Grey Parrots. The average height and weight of an adult Timneh is 29 centimetres, 300 grams, and the Congo African Grey Parrot is 33 centimetres, 450 grams.

Congo Vs Timneh

Both species have grey plumage and a white face, but the Timneh Parrot has an overall Darker Grey plumage with a notable pink mark above their black beaks. Whereas the Congo African Grey Parrot a light Grey plumage and darker Grey feathers on head and wings, all followed by faint white tippings. The Congo African Grey Parrot has no pink mark on their bills. Last but not least, the Timneh Parrot has deep Maroon tail feathers as compared to the rich Crimson tail feathers of the Congo.


An African Grey Parrot is known to be great human companion because of its natural inquisitiveness with humans and things. This makes them extremely intelligent and able to learn things quickly, accompanied with lots of social interactions and training of course. Most Parrots are able to speak words and listen to commands, but what differentiates an African Grey Parrot is its ability to answer questions in sentences and appropriately.

Congo vs Timneh

They can be very loyal and friendly Pets, but not without proper care. Their wild instincts can still be rather spontaneous, making them come off rather reserved to strangers and unfamiliar objects. Ensure that their cage is of an appropriate size, filled with destructible and safe toys. Provide them with lots of playtime outside of their cages. Without these daily activities, an African Grey Parrot may eventually develop stress related habits like feather plucking and also nipping. With proper care, an African Grey Parrot have a lifespan of 40 to 60 years (Life-long commitment and friendship!)

African Grey Parrot plucking

Alex The African Grey

A notable name amongst the smartest of its kind from way back is Alex, the African Grey Parrot. Together with his owner, Doctor Pepperberg, they shattered the myth of Parrots only being able to mimic, by conducting a series of studies. 

Alex the African Grey Parrot

(Don’t worry, Alex was not subjected to torturous studies, in fact he lived a good life of organic food and undying love) The study went so well, that Alex was able to differentiate objects in terms of colour, shape and size. Plus understand, manipulate and speak in sentences. Watch the video below to be convinced of Alex’s intelligence! Sadly, Alex died of natural reasons in 2007. 

Adopt An African Grey Parrot

While intelligent Pets are attractive and fun, they should not be subjected to trade. Did you know that the overwhelming Pet trade has resulted in the African Grey Parrot species to be endangered in the World? So if you ever encounter a chance to safe one instead of buying, please do so!

We have met many individuals that have enjoyed the bond they have established with their pet Birds of all sizes and species, and although all of them may not have been adopted, we are certain that they were mostly rescued and are being well taken care of, just ask anyone in the local bird groups! In efforts of gathering the avid Parrot appreciators and lovers, these veterans in training had recently conducted a gathering at Sentosa, and it was indeed a beautiful, feathery flock of talented Flight trainers and their Fids. Have you been to a Flight gathering in your country too?


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