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Parrotopia At Sentosa

Parrotopia At Sentosa

The Pet event line-up for last weekend was a tad insane for team Pets Dialogue, but we are determined to bring you updates and event spectaculars! Right off the bat was a visit to the Pet Carnival on Sunset Way Family Day, and we left feeling very uplifted for our next trip towards Sentosa, for Parrotopia!

Bird event in Singapore
This Macaw looks old and wise.

What Was Expected

Sun, sand, beach and birds. Yes birds. Did we mention Parrotopia was a massive gathering of the Bird lovers’ community? It was no singing competition, but instead, this was a turnout of Singapore’s first ever attempt to set the record for the most amount of Parrots taking off at the same time.
(Fret not, our feathered friends are flying back to their owners!)
Parrot event Singapore
Family and Friends taking a break with their Parrots.

Coupling the record setting event was a conjunction with SAFRA Photography Club, offering attractive prizes up for grabs in a mini Photography contest. But really though, our Parrot pals really stole the show that day! 

Where And Why


Parrotpia was held at Palawan Beach, and trust us, it wasn’t hard to find, upon strolling for what seemed like a minute, we began to hear an array of squawking, music and human chatter. Boy was the turnout impressive. Here we are at Parrotopia, with clusters of perches, tents, cameras, Bird lovers and of course, the Parrots!
Sentosa Pet Event Singapore
The line-up of tents!
Upon further research, we found out that this event was organised by Mr Jimmy Wong from Freedom of Flight, and SAFRA Photography Club. Jimmy had his inspiration on a major fly-off after watching a video of the same sort, performed in a different country. Since he was well aware that there were a lot more like him with the love for their feathered friends here in Singapore, he had his mind made up on materialising that dream.

What We Saw

To set a record as such, the gathering of as many Parrots were ultimately necessary, and the good news spread like wildfire amongst the Bird Lovers community. Some of the groups that participated included Birdie and Family, Birdcraze, Featherhood and familiar faces of Flightmasters and guys from Farmart Centre

Fly! Do a Roundabout!
Although some groups were solely made up of avid Bird lovers, these guys are all amazing with regards to the bonds between themselves and their feathered companions. Seriously, you’d have to see it to believe it!

One of the Farmart Guys

Don’t Have A Parrot?

Well you didn’t need one to participate! The event was free for all, (excluding passes into Sentosa), beach goers were just as attracted to the buzz as anyone else. After all, you don’t see a flock of vibrantly coloured Birds available for petting and photography every day!

Can I touch the White one?

There's somebody lookin' at us. See it on the right? :)

And because the Parrots were all so well trained, owners assisted the crowd with the joy of having a Parrot of their liking to perch on them for a picture.

Feast your eyes at this Parrot Wonderland.

Parrot event in Singapore
Hello, I was watching you
Bird event in Singapore
"How come you're the only green one on this perch?"
Bird event in Singapore
Parrot SOS. Removing harness!

Was It Worth The Trip?

After going camera crazy, we were extremely saddened to learn that we have missed the major take off flight! (Perhaps there could be a specific time provided next time round for the public?) But we were comforted by the fact that we still got to meet a whole lot of people at that event. It would be best to participate with your own trained Parrot, but it was just as fun for us to be around all these guys. Their colours were amazing.

Bird event in Singaopre
Oh! Photo Please!

Parrot event in Singapore
Sun Basking after the shower!

The Sun was still beating down on everyone, thankfully the Parrots had a tent set up specifically for keeping the Birds cool with water mist! (Frankly we took the chance to cool down in there too). The heat did not deter the folks from the fun, laughter and common love for their pets. Isn’t it nice to know that Pet events aren’t just for Dogs and Cats?

Parrot event in Singapore
Bird Shower - Good Boy! Here's your treat

No Parrots were harmed in the making of this event, they were allowed and trained to fly without harnesses, which was a beautiful sight indeed. Thank you for sharing this eventful and beautifully feathered day with us!

Parrotopia has been the second highlight of our eventful Saturday, after Pet Carnival at Sunset WayFamily Day. We’re setting off for It’s a Paw Party next!  

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