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Farmart Centre: Visiting Singapore's Offbeat Pet Attraction

Farmart Centre: Visiting Singapore's Offbeat Pet Attraction

When someone says Town, they’re referring to the ever popular shopping and hang out streets of Orchard. It’s probably not the first time you heard someone say “Singapore is boring, there’s no place else but Town” and if you feel it is true, and you earn for a short trip in a rural area outside of bustling metropolis and noise, perhaps this suggestion could be right for you.

Farmart Centre Singapore

Farmart is a quaint little spot that has been opened to the public since 2001. They house a myriad of Pet Shops, Local Farm Goods, Grooming Salons, Pet Boarding and even a small animal Farm. We’d admit that we have never considered visiting this location until our friend suggested it, telling us it is rather fun, and the particular thing she mentioned that caught our attention was none other than the Small Animals Farm.

Mini Animals, Mini Zoo

Friendly Goat
Friendly Goat
They’re not kidding when they say small, it is perhaps the smallest farm we have seen. These animals are in cages, and they are open to the public for viewing and patting and feeding. The small animals in the farm include various Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Parrots, Lovebirds, Goats, Frogs, Turtles, and even Cat fish. 

Basic Education of Hamsters
Signs like such around the Farm: Basic Education of Hamster
Climbing Hamster
Hamster crawls to greet us!
Turtles Chilling
Turtles lazing at the pond
Two Parrots kissing
Pssst...Let me tell you a secret
Though it is a pretty run-down place, the owners made do with what little they have and they do care for the animals, giving this area a very “kampong” vibe.
Since these animals are used to being exposed to public, they are not traumatised or frightened by adults or kids.
Two Rabbits
Funny Rabbits tryna get a sniff
Huge Bullfrog and small Bullfrogs
Wait a sec...Is he smiling at us?!
 The public were allowed to purchase feed and spend some time with these tiny cuties and we saw a couple of families having a great time with their kids. Don’t be surprised to see a group of school children at the same area, excursions are conducted by schools to take their students out on an educational trip. 
Black Goat with horns
Friendly Goat No.2 with horns
Four Catfishes
Catfish Party!
This is a great place to introduce your child to small animals and educating them about it, and if you were considering a small first pet for yourself or your child, it is a nice opportunity to interact with them!


Right before the Small Animals Farm you will see a small (again) pond where families of all races partake in an activity we locals call, Prawning. If you are a Singaporean and you do not know of this leisure “sport”, your friends would humbly say, “Are you even from Singapore?!”
This is basically where one would sit and fish for prawns. A pretty straight forward term combining “Prawn” and “Fish”.

Prawning at Farmart
Prawning was a huge hit about a decade ago, especially for the fact that you can barbeque your prawns and feast on them after, but it seems to have died down significantly. As we see other prawning spots shutting down and the current ones overpopulated by crowd, it was a nice change to see a cozy prawning spot at the vicinity. Similarly, rates apply at this place, going at 18 SGD per hour, (kinda steep in our opinion), but that didn’t seem to deter anyone from prawning. Head over to the booth to find out more!

Bird Stage

As adults now, we can recall the days our parents brought us to the Jurong Bird Park where we sat and stare in awe as birds fly around and performed on a huge stage. Not to mention queueing up to take pictures with Macaws and other parrots. At a small space right above the Prawning pond, we relived those memories at a closer proximity here at Farmart, completely free of charge!
Red Parrot
Brilliant Red Parrot
Parrot with beautiful markings
Another pretty Parrot, reminded us of goldfish scales
These parrots and parakeets belong to the owner of the Small Animal Farm, coupled with his friends and their very well tamed pet birds. If you wish to have an adorable parakeet perched on your hand or feed them, don’t hesitate to approach the friendly owners, they are more than willing to help you with that request.
Peach and green Lovebirds
Lovely Pair

We got a first-hand experience playing with the parakeets, with the guidance and help of the owners. Honest words of an outsider’s perspective, it may seem cruel and unethical to make these parakeets perform, but we confirm the fact that these parakeets are definitely not abused, it is only different on a nicer, bigger stage. Parrots and birds are absolutely intelligent creatures, this experience was an accurate display of the close bond these birds have with their trainers, as amazing as a dog with many tricks.

Shopping At Farmart

We covered these sections of the Farmart as we believe these are the under-rated area of the premise, but there are other attractions within the facility as well, like shops selling locally farmed goods, from quails, to quail eggs, to Chicken eggs and exotic meat. You will see this space tended by Uncle William, sharing his knowledge with you on local farming and local produce.
We also came across a Pet Shop that provides grooming services with a friendly owner, some with sale of puppies, fishes and also birds. Not forgetting a seafood supplier smacked right in the midst of these shops (random but interesting).

Frankly, some of these animals are not kept in adequate housing, especially the bird shop, but we must say none of them seem ill, just hoping for a better home. There is also a corner where you could buy stuffs for home landscaping, and potted home plants for decor.

Eating At Farmart

After a day in the rural farm, you can treat yourselves to a meal at the food stalls, the area can’t be missed, its right at the entrance of Farmart. An array of local delights such as Satay, Seafood, Fired Oyster, Char Kway Teow and Barbequed Chicken Wings.

Farmart As A Whole

All in all our experience was quite an eye opener, despite the rain we managed have a different experience as compared to heading to Town or Café hopping. Farmart is like a dose of nostalgia, reminding us of the vague (Because we were so young) memories we had as a kid, following our kindergarten classes to goat farms and such.
Rabbit Nose Sniffing
Another Rabbit tryna take a sniff! This time a pretty Angora
If you have kids, this place would be perfect for a quick relaxing weekend, and if you do not have kids, go snoop around with your friends, and play with some small animals without an entry fee!


Farmart is located at 67 Sungei Tengah Road, it is advisable to travel there in a car, otherwise you could opt for a free shuttle bus ride from Choa Chu Kang Mrt. Visit Farmart Centre's website for more details.
SPCA New Choa Chu Kang
Animal Rescue Shelters are also located all around the area, so if you feel the urge to see more or adopt a pet, the vicinities are always open to public as well. Perhaps some animal in need could be the right fit for you or win your hearts over!

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