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Canine Party At Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

Canine Party At Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

For the past Pet events that we’ve been to, we must say we’ve yet to visit one with activities carefully panned out for both humans and Pets. Until this particular one at Camp Kilo last Sunday, 24th September, Camp Canine!
Sunday Brunch with Dogs
Camp Kilo's Entrance
While the reason Pet-lovers head to an inevitably Pet-centric event is for the ease of access to a smorgasbord of Pet competitions, attractive deals for Pet products, potential Pet adoptions and most importantly, mingling with like-minded animal lovers , we were pleasantly surprised at this little gathering for canines at Camp Kilo!

Finding Camp Kilo

Camp Kilo is an outdoor grill and bar concept restaurant by Kilo Kitchen, located at the basement of a building right behind Rochor River. We all pitched in for an Uber ride that got us right at its doorstep, which was at a dead end of Kampong Bugis Road. 
Sunday boozy brunch with Dogs
Back entrance
It was hard to miss the place, for one thing you could see tails a wagging from a distance, and upbeat Hip Hop music spun by the DJ. This got us pretty excited.
Kampong Bugis Singapore
Mini park right opposite Camp Kilo

Camp Kilo Charcoal Club

66 Kampong Bugis Singapore 338987

What We Saw

So we were expecting the usual fare of stalls and adoption booths, plus fun and games as stated on the e-flyer, perhaps even a main stage. But this was a little different. We were greeted by people sitting around on picnic tables and benches, having conversations with each other. 
Asian Girls with puppies
Happy People, Happy Pets
Their furry companions seemed to be having a blast too, sniffing around and making friends with other canines. There were a ton of chatter and smiles all around, not forgetting a pleasant coincidence running into Isabel Tan, one of Singapore’s top Social influencers! We caught her just in time for a dashing photograph of her and Maru.
Isabel Tan Singapore Prettyfrowns
Isabel and Maru


Participating Stalls and Shelter

Venturing into the compound we saw stalls and more stalls. Familiar faces such as Exclusively Mongrels whom were there with their Furkids up for adoption, including homemade gourmet food and treats by Wholesome Paws. 
Gold Dog chain collar
2 Chainz got nuthin' on these bad boys
A couple of new faces included Moby, and also FOURS, with their  fancy take to the common leash and collars. Get your fair share of gold and silver bling for your lovely canine companions. Just ask these Pug-life thugs (we’re kidding, these guys were sweet as can be)
Pug life Singapore
Both Doggos had lovely chains on

Hanging Out With The Dog Lovers

Stalls were followed by rows of picnic tables and long benches, filled up by Pet owners and their furry pals. Though the weather was a tad humid, this seating area was nicely shaded behind the building. What better way to chill the heat, than to have a nice cool beverage? For most patrons at this event, the top choice was beer. And if you’d like, you could even enjoy a platter of fine meat, artfully grilled and prepared by Kilo on the spot for its meat-loving human patrons. 
Sunday brunch in Singapore
Sunday-brunch vibes
 Cracking open an ice cold pony-neck and exchanging conversations and laughter with others is just a thought too good to be missed. And this little event had just that. From Mongrels, Dachshunds, Pomeranians, Shiba Inus, Golden Retrievers, Chihuahuas, Grey Hounds, and Pugs, everyone was dressed and ready to mingle.
Shiba Inu puppies
Shiba Inu Spotted!
Pomeranian puppies
Just Chillin' in my pretty dress

Was It Worth The Trip?

If you’re all up for a day of good food, good company and furry fun over a chilled out session of ice cold beer, the answer is Yes, indefinitely. It was the perfect setting to relax with your friends and family on a Sunday. 
Pulled Pork Singapore
More seats and more Doggies!
Naturally, being responsible for your Pet’s behaviour is equally as important, so be sure your canine pal is carefully monitored (if they are new), to avoid conflicting encounters amongst other Doggos! The only down side to this event (a minor one) was how long the queue was for a beverage. Well, nobody likes queuing (LOL). Doggos and friendly humans made it all better though!
Camp Kilo Kallang
What seems to be the problem Sherrif Pom?☺

Our Review

 Spending a day out with your Furkid(s) can go in both extremes, really enjoyable, and a real hectic time altogether. Events are a great form of socialisation for your Doggos, letting them grow accustomed to new sights, sounds and smells. 
Dachshund Dog Breed
Taking a quick break outside 
Camp Canine had the perfect combination of fun and chill-out time for both humans and their pet Dogs, leaving us with nothing but good vibes after the event. Time flies when you’re having a good time, they’d say, in which we could only agree so that day. We had so much fun mingling and petting furry pals, we’d definitely be back for a second round of Camp Canine, hope to catch you there! ☺
Chihuahua breed personality
The friendliest peeps around

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Bar and grill Singapore
So much fun, this Pup's ready for a nap!

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