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Furkid Family Day by MercyLight Adoption

Furkid Family Day

The weather last weekend was absolutely unbearable, at least that’s what we thought, while we made our way to Sentosa in the morning of 17th June. Nevertheless we were grateful to be invited to a private event as hosted by MercyLight Adoption Shelter, a Furkid Family Day. This was an annual tradition as practised by the shelter, in attempts to gather owners and Dogs (previously rescued and adopted) for a little fun in the sun. Photo Credits go out to everyone at the gathering, thank you!

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This is only a small fraction of the meetup

Game On!

When we arrived this little private event already had all hands and paws full, there were ongoing games, laughter, cheering all around, and we were greeted by a few friendly Pooches, who seemed all too eager to say hi and get back to their games after Well these were very cleverly strategic games, in which we feel were all meant to allow owners to bond and get to know each other’s Pets better.  

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Get all these colourful balls on!


Game 1 had major introductory vibes, kinda like how you would go around in a circle and introduce yourself at meetings or camps, but instead, here owners had to line up their Dogs according to their age and month in descending order. Thereafter they had to write their Doggo’s name and age on a board and hold it up whilst standing beside their Doggies. What a unique way to meet and greet, dontcha’ think?

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This is Spring

Ball Fetch!

The second game with a huge twist, because Doggos here had to “fetch” a truckload of balls at one time (don’t worry no abuse here, we’ll explain) Owners had to don a t-shirt on their Dogs and stick as much Plastic balls on them, these balls had little Velcro strips on, and they were required to walk from one end to another, keeping as much balls on as possible. 

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Feels kind funny, but hey I'm soooo happy!
Dog Adoption Singapore
Toby: I'm Ready!

What remaining balls left on will be transferred to the next Dog in the same team, teamwork, teamwork, teamwork! We can’t get over how amusingly cute these Dogs looked.

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Is the shirt too huge, or am I too small? 
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This feels like a massage...

Hoops And Bottles

The last bonding game had 3 sections to it, with the first being a human chain where owners were supposed to loop through a hoop and advance to the 2nd station. 3 Selected Dogs in the team will have to pass through hoops (held low) and upon completion the last station springs to action, Doggos and owners go for a swim! 
Dog behaviour training
Ha! This is a piece of cake ☺
How to walk a Dog
Off to collect cups from an umpire standing in the sea, and swim on back to shore to fill a bottle with as much water as they can.

Beach Babe in Singapore
Okay, let's bring this water back! 


MercyLight Adoption Efforts

This private event is held annually ever since MercyLight Adoption began from humble beginnings of one lady, back in 2009. Official commencement of these gatherings started in 2012. In case you were wondering, they do not only have private events, in fact, the last we saw them was at Furry Friends (Causeway Point)! Furkid Family Day was actually held on two days, a flexible option for Owners. 
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Tiny Girls, big Doggos

Seeing how much fun the Dogs and Owners had, we couldn’t help but feel cheery no matter how hot the weather was. This was truly a gathering where owners and their Doggies could mingle and make new friends, not to mention their very own little support group whenever they needed advice or quick tips. 

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I see you
Last but not least, some of these Dogs were rescued as siblings or best friends, imagine the joy they must have felt, still being able to meet their loved ones every once in awhile ☺ We felt all of the warmth not just from the weather, but also upon seeing how free and happy the Dogs were. We left with our hearts full of love, to the next event One Furry Fiesta. Thank you for letting us crash your little gathering, MercyLight!

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Gotta Stay Hydrated!
Family Fun Day Pets Singapore
Yep, I like this.

Dogs and the beach Singapore Sentosa
Is there something on my nose?

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