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Pawsitive Interactive Art Exhibition For Pets

Pawsitive Art For Wellness Tenth Anniversary

Wellness® pet food brand is celebrating their 10th Anniversary blast in conjunction with Art, and if you didn’t know, it is still ongoing at SOTA (School of the Arts)! This is a 9-day event (30th September - 8th October) organised by Silversky Pet Care is an eye-opening experience, what we’d refer to when an event constantly wows you at every turn.


 1 Zubir Said Drive (Level 2) Singapore 227968

Sunday - Thursday    11am to 9pm
Friday - Saturday      10am to 10pm

Interactive Art Exhibition for Pets

   While most Pet events were fun and very hyped-up by event-goers and their furry companions, we’ve been spoilt for choice on a personal favourite lately with all new interesting twists to this particular event. If you are a lover of Dogs, Cats, Art, mingling and having a ball of a time with your Pets, this event must not be missed.
Animal Behaviourist
Event Entrance
Before you start assuming this is going to be a very Art-only exhibit (like we did), we should probably start off by mentioning that this is also the World’s First interactive Art exhibition for PETS.

The Dog Zone

PAWsitive had the combination of Art, Pets and their Hoomin owners in a perfect cocktail for all ages, and all Dogs and Cats. How so? Well we were lucky enough to be shown around the exhibits by Dane, the PR representative for Silversky Pet Care, whom painstakingly introduced us to the Artists on site and providing us with an informative tour! This event was thoughtfully segmented into two different spaces (rooms) for Dogs and Cats respectively, avoiding any conflict of animals.

1. Heartstrings

By Jes and Jalon

Starting off with the first Art piece, a yellow Pentagon structure greeted us with a burst of colours and dangling objects which perked us right up. Upon closer look, these were actually made out of Doggy chew toys and Tug-of-war ropes! As explained to us by artists Jes and Jalon, Heartstrings was created with the intent of providing a stress-relieving experience as owners tugged at one end, interacting with their Furkids on the other through the inter-connected ropes.
Poodle Dog breed toys
"Don't I set lovely contrast to all these colours around me?"
Fun Fact      The name Heartstrings was inspired by the bond between us and our canine companions; how they’d never fail to tug at our heart-strings, with amusing antics and undying love.

2. A Whole New World

By Adeline Tan

Up on the left was an interesting take on Walt Disney’s movie Aladdin, designed as a picture-perfect spot for Doggos and their owners. Take your pooch on a magic-carpet ride topped with sights and sounds. A kaleidoscope screen display of a Dog’s favourite treats, all whilst being accompanied by the melodic tune of the theme song A Whole New World.
Kaleidoscope Art
Swirling Meat slabs...Nomz
Fun Fact      Speakers were playing the theme song throughout this experience at this art-piece, listen out for unfathomable portions because, those are examples of sounds specially tuned to our Doggo’s hearing frequencies!

3. Peek-A-Pooch

By Jas and Jalon

A second piece by this Duo, this sculpture was inspired by the guided sense of curiosity, usually with their keen sense of smell. Get extremely amused at how Doggies would be poking their faces through these carefully cut-out holes, looking in a made-up lawn loaded with everything enticing to a Dog’s nose; Shoes, snacks, balls and toys, you name it, you got it. It’s a messy garden of all things fun to your pooch.
Dog events in Singapore
Source: Cheryl Lin/TODAY
Fun Fact      All the holes in Peek-a-Pooch were substantially large enough for a Dog’s head to fit through, but Jes described how adorable one Pug was, barely fitting his round face in. Talk about photo-worthy moments indeed!

4. His Master’s Voice

By Verticle Submarine   

Feeling up for a challenge with your Doggo? Move on to a maze created by an Art collective, this piece is much more interactive than what meets the eye, as owners place themselves in a booth at the end of the maze and call out to their canine pals through speakers!
Pet events in Singapore
Can you hear me? 
Fun Fact      Along your eye-level you’d see a few hanging lamps…except they’re not lamps! These are speakers strategically placed at different parts of the maze, all fully controllable by you in the booth.

5. Doggyland & 6. Woof-Roof

By Joscelin Chew     

Two separate structures in a park like segment, Doggyland is a ball-pool designed for one purpose: FUN. Watch how your Doggos dive in with tail-wagging action and sharing the same amusement with fellow canine friends. P.S. We spotted children sneaking their hand through for a sweep of those colourful balls too! This ball-pool was also in the shape of a Dog bone. How apt.  
Ball park for Dogs
More colourful balls for you!
Need a breather? Take a chill-pill with your Pooch in Woof-Roof, an adorable hut right beside Doggyland, littered with comfy bone-shaped cushions and accompanied by a tune created in collaboration with a sound artist Ng Shou Jin.

Fun Fact      The ball-pit area is scrupulously cleaned and sanitised by staffs present, even the balls were replaced with brand new ones after every session! As fellow Pet-owners, we were thoroughly impressed by this effort

The Cat Zone

To be completely honest, we weren’t aware that there was a zone meant just for Cats, not until Dane mentioned it. Being already very entertained by the Dog zone, and we couldn’t wait to see how this Kitty wonderland would be. As many Cat owners would understand, our feline friends aren’t brought out of the house very often at all for safety reasons, and this art exhibition planned to provide the appropriate haven for that! 

1. Deep Sea Fishing


This was actually the last piece we visited, however we are writing in accordance of the recommended order by Pet behaviourists (to be explained later on). Deep Sea Fishing is an ironically-themed piece created specially for your puurrfect pals (whom aren’t great fans of water); an underwater-world experience they can comfortably enjoy! Sweet dreams, fish-lovers ☺
Fish cushion
Take a swim with me
Fun Fact      This set-up is lovingly furnished with Bubbles (Acrylic balls hung from the ceiling fixture with enticing Catnip inside) *BloopBloop*

2. RugCats

By Soh Ee Shaun

If we love Cats, and Cats love rugs and carpets, how would it look combined together? This artist shows you exactly how with the installation of wall shelves and Cat faced rugs, enough to spoil your kitties with an awesome time of clawing, climbing, scratching and a whole lot of Catty-shenanigans.
Art Exhibitions in Singapore
The puzzled, bewildered and calm Feline family
Fun Fact    The Cat designs were inspired by the artist’s very own Cats’ expressions and appearances. These rugs were also printed with Pet-safe ink!

3. In The Cat’s Belly

By Kelly “Limerick” Lim

Undoubtedly the first installation we were drawn to, a piece as vibrant and intriguing as its creator. In The Cats’s Belly is basically a purple kitty-condo in a shape of a large Cat. With a step ladder (tongue) that brings your kitty into a wonderland of 6 differently textured rooms (belly), all carefully constructed with various yarns and knits. Have an overview of your Cats by simply opening up the hatch-top closures segmented into 3 doors, or watch them take a swat at iridescent-dangly fixtures on a mushroom (sprouted on the Cat’s back)
Neko Cafe Singapore
Wished we were Cats
Fun Fact      Think that’s all? Don’t move forward until you’ve taken a peek into each room, you’d find quirky entertainment meant just for your Cats and a detachable fuzzy, feathered tail. Yep, you’d think we’re sounding a little crazy, but we’re saying, it is crazy-FUN.

4. Hide & Seek

By Vertical Submarine

Another number by art collective Vertical Submarine, Hide & Seek is a massive structure that encourages hunting simulations for a Cat with a touch of chase. Mounted with clear-top acrylic, kitties can have a bird’s eye view of movements within these long and zaggy fixtures. Tiny holes are cut out in random locations, big enough to fit a paw for Felines to take a swing or jab at mouse-like toys controlled by none other than you.
Tom and Jerry
A whole lotta' Cheese!
Fun Fact      This installation is inspired by MGM Studios infamous animated duo Tom & Jerry (Cat and Mouse characters), which explains the cheese layout.

How To Enjoy The Exhibit To Its Fullest

The good folks at Silversky Pet Care had this event carefully thought out and planned with their various team of experts, made up of Veterinarians and Behaviourists. The listing order for these installations were recommended to provide the best experience with utmost brain stimulation and fun, so be sure to follow through with the order if you can!

Basic Rules To Follow

As part of creating a safe environment for all our Furkids and humans, a pre-registration at the door or online allocates owners a 90 minute time slot. A prior reminder 15 minutes before the end of your allocated time slot will be provided. This enables different batches of owners and their furry companions to enjoy the exhibits safely, efficiently and happily!
Cat food event
Cat food by Wellness®

Some pointers to note:

Pee Pads and Cat litter boxes are provided, do clean up after your Pets, poop bags and assistance will be provided by Cleaning staff on standby if needed.

If your Furkid is deemed too aggressive, you may be asked to leave the exhibition. Re-entry is permitted after your Pet has calmed down significantly. Safety first for all!

Dogs – to be leashed at all times, unless in an exhibit area specially cordoned off. Park any Doggy stroller in an allocated area outside of the exhibit, this is due to space constraints.

Cats – Pet carriers to be placed neatly in the allocated spot within the exhibit.

Wellness Dog Food
Stock up on Dog food if you must!

Why You Should Visit This Exhibit

This was the first interactive exhibition with Arts and Pets for us. We could tell that a lot of long hours went into planning and preparing this well thought-out event (even lint-rollers were provided!), not just for the safety and well-being of your Pets, but also ensuring that the chosen installations were interactive enough to promote necessary playtime and brain-stimulation for our Furkids and human partners.
Mini Collie and Pomeranian
Fluff Squad!
It was truly inspiring to see just how much bonding there was between event-goers and their furry companions. Having the chance to meet the various friendly Artists and Staff (Special thanks to Dane, Howard and Esmond) was nothing short of pure exuberance.

Thank you for having us, alongside a special guided tour!

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Something else caught this kitty's eyes
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