Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Pet Shelters for the Homeless

Pet Shelters for the Homeless

Abandoning Pets in Singapore Is Legal

rabbits in cage
Hell NO! As a matter of fact, we are not so sure anymore ourselves. It has been happening way too often, and for years. Abandoned pets is an issue here in Singapore, and with the rising trend of more households having pets, animals are still being rescued and put up for adoption everyday. We find this fact very unsettling. Let's not deny the fact that everyone likes something new to call your own, but it is also important to realise that these abandoned animals have no voices to speak for themselves, and the unspoken gratitude they will portray when you give them a forever home would be indescribable.


kitten awaiting adoption
Did you know, the situation has gotten quite bad that even groomers and shops are trying to shelter these animals? If you think Singapore is overpopulated with people, apply the same theory to these abandoned pets. As foster homes and shelters try their best to provide for these creatures, they too have limitations with space and funds. Having overcrowding problems is also nonbeneficial for these animals, therefore these shelters are always seeking serious adopters, in hopes of finding a good home for the pets and be available to rescue more animals in future.


puppies having fun

These are life-forms without a voice, they have no ability to speak up or fight back. The thought of an abandoned pet is simply heart-breaking, the amount love and affection they have given humans should be considered nothing less than amazing. The stories of these abandoned pets we've heard were always saddening, and if you have a chance to visit animal shelters, you will know what we mean.


This is one point we can't never stress enough, it is one factor that we as humans should hold very closely in our actions. Never never never get a pet on impulse, because you could be doing them serious harm in future. So before you get a pet, always be sure you are able to provide them with a forever home with unconditional love and care. You could always begin by keeping your pets safe, there are much too many cases of lost house pets. Seriously, look out for the "kid-nappers" too! If you believe in letting them roam, always have a leash on, and be by their sides.


Vet and cat

Having your pets (especially Cats and Dogs) sterilized is a common practice currently, for a simple but valid cause to reduce overpopulation. In efforts to reduce the rising number of strays in Singapore, this practice is one-way pet owners can help in. Another way is to adopt a pet from a shelter. In Singapore, it is a common sight to see neighborhood cats with one tipped ear, as an indication that prevents them from being neutered twice. Although some may view this as an inhumane practice, think about the number of lives you will be helping and saving, as opposed to contributing to the rise of stray animals in the streets (they could be put to sleep!).


cuddle buddies

With all that being said, we still believe ultimately in providing a home for these animals. Be it whether your pet was bought or adopted, as long as they are being cared for and loved the right way. If you have no means for adopting, owning or having another pet, there are other ways to help the community, by donating food or funds. Together, little actions and make a big change for these animals!

We dedicate this post to all Pet Shelters in Singapore for their hard work, contributing to the Pet Society and lending their helping hand! 


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