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Scottish Fold Cat Breed: Undeniably Adorable Cats From Scotland

Temperament, Care Tips, and History Of The Scottish Fold Cat

If you have always been charmed by the large doe-eyes of Puss-in-boots, know that you'd very well be smitten by this Cat breed. Coupled with guilt-ridden fold ears and all-rounded physiques, these Kitties bring a whole new level of adorable meowsomeness. 
Striped Tabby Silver Scottish Fold
via RokuRoku on Instagram
Do they have a personality to match their cute appearances? 

Where Did Scottish Fold Cats Come From?

The origin of this Cat breed can be traced back to a barn Cat from Perthshire, Scotland in 1961. Namely an all-white female Scottish Fold named Susie, that went on to produce two kittens— one of which was adopted by William Ross, a fellow farmer and Cat enthusiast whom named his kitten Snooks. Together with his friend Pat Turner (also a geneticist), the duo began a breeding program. 

Fun Fact #1      All Scottish Fold Cats share ancestry ties to Susie, the original Scottish Fold Cat!
Suzie, the first scottish fold
Susie, the 1st ever Scottish Fold - via EuroCatFancy
The Scottish Fold breed was first recognized in 1966 by GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) of Great Britain. Registrations were then ceased in 1971, after the unfortunate discovery of limb and tail deformity, ear infections and deafness in some Scottish Fold Cats. Eventually, some were exported to America and crossbred with American Shorthair and British Shorthair Cats— the issue of deformity and ear infections are believed to have not surfaced since. The Scottish Fold Cat was then recognized by the CFA (Cat Fanciers’ Association) in 1977.

Scottish Fold Appearance

Size — This is a Medium sized breed with a rounded but robust appearance. Adult males can weigh from 4 to 6 kgs, and females from 3 to 4 kgs.

Features — In direct co-relation to their name, not only is this Cat from Scotland, the unmistakable folded ears are unique to its own breed. The rounded head, face, and large eyes may sometimes bear a resemblance to that of a Munchkin Cat. Tails are often long and densely packed with consistent hair thickness as their bodies.

Fun Fact #2      Original Scottish Folds have only one fold in their ears, but selective breeding has resulted in double or more folds, giving an almost flattened like appearance to those ears in modern Scottish Folds. 
Ginger Scottish Fold Cat
via Pinterest
Coat This breed is available in both short and long coat variants— long coats are sometimes referred to as Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, or Longhair Fold

Colours — Known to come in a great variety of colours thats include Blue, White, Cream, Calico, Tabby, Silver, Gold, Black, Tortoise Shell and Chinchilla.

Fun Fact #3      It is possible for a Scottish Fold Cat to have normal, upright ears. A dominant gene is essential for folded ears to develop— Most kittens are all born with unfolded ears, folds may start developing only after 3 to 4 weeks!
Silver Tabby Scottish Fold Cat
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Grooming Requirements

Short Coat — Requires weekly brushing to rid loose hairs and speed up the process of shedding.

Long Coat — Increase weekly brushing to at least two or more times per week. 

The unique folded ears of a Scottish Fold is naturally more prone to wax build-up, frequently check their ears and clean them out with a Vet-approved ear cleaner and cotton ball(s). Other grooming needs includes nail trimming whenever necessary☺
Scotish Fold Cats with other Cats
via Yoko_1011 on Instagram
Avoid accidents if you are unsure of carrying out these tasks by approaching a professional Groomer for their services!

Temperament And Personality Of A Scottish Fold

Answering the initial query, you’d be pleased to know that the adorable outlook isn’t just for show—  the common disposition with this breed is that of a sweet-nature. The love for human affection puts them close-by most of the time. Highly adaptable in different environments, a Scottish Fold do great with children, crowds and even other Pets in the household. 
Roku the Scottish Fold standing like a meerkat
via RokuRoku on Instagram
Their sweetness has no end, with tiny soft voices and their natural disposition of laying on their backs, sitting upright with legs akimbo or front legs aloofly rested on their tummies. On a regular day, kitty-curiousity renders a Scottish Fold to stand up— like a Meerkat! These Cats love a good tease and challenging toys that tickle their intelligence.
Orange Tabby Scottish Fold Cat laying down
via Takikomigohan on Tumblr
They do not appreciate being neglected, an important factor you should seriously consider before obtaining one. In depth research and preparations are absolutely necessary to providing any Pet with proper care and love. With a good diet and a happy lifestyle, a Scottish Fold can live up to 14 years or more.

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