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The Fancy Cat With A Flat Face

The Fancy Cat With A Flat Face

We recall the first time seeing this strange yet exquisite looking cat. Picture a Cat, with a long luxurious coat of hair from face, body to tail, with a “flattened” face. It was not literally flattened of course, but this cat had a muzzle that was so short, we couldn’t help but wonder if it had an accident.

The Persian Cat

Well their faces were no accident, in fact The Persian Cat is one of the fanciest and most exotic breed in the world. The first documentation of a Persian Cat was dated as far back as 1620, and this breed was already recognised by Cat Fanciers in the 19th century.

persian cat standing
The first Persians introduced to Europe were imported from Khorasan, Persia (Currently Iran) to Italy, and the second Persian was from Ankara, Turkey to France. Both happened around the year 1620. Khorasan Persian Cats were said to only sport grey coats, and the Ankara Persian Cats had White coats. It did not take long for the Persian Cats to spread from France to Britain.
Persian cat from angora
Because cross-breeding of the Angora Cat and Persian Cat was so common, it made it difficult to tell them apart in the past. Today, the Persian Cats have more Persian qualities than before. A rounder, larger head, longer tails, less pointed ears and a different coat texture. In 2015, The Persian Cat was named the 2nd most popular cat in the United States Of America.

Appearance and Coat

As mentioned earlier, the Persian Cat sports a long coat throughout. They have strong legs made to support their broad short bodies, with a long, full plume tail. of  The most distinct and unique feature of a Persian Cat would be none other than their faces. Sometimes, they might even look grumpy, or angry, which is quite the opposite of their personality.
silver persian cat
They have a flat face with very short muzzle, quite the opposite of a regular Cat, making their noses look high up and close to their large round eyes. Persian Cats come in a variety of colours today, with about 6 categories that include Solid, Silver,Smoke, Tabby, Bi-colour and Parti-colour.


Persian Cats are known to be very friendly, sweet and adaptable, often seen perfectly comfortable in their resting spots or furniture. Though not quite vocal, their voices are said to be pleasant and gentle. The Persian Cat can be prideful sometimes, reserving attention only for their owners and family, or only people they deem trustworthy.
Persian cat red
Unlike most cats, they do not have as much tendency to jump or climb, instead, they’d much rather lounge and rest at an easily accessed area, like an expensive, exquisite decor. Last but not least, they are not demanding of attention, but you can expect a Persian to be more than happy to rest on your lap and receive pats. 


You could’ve guessed by now, this fancy kitty comes with extra effort in grooming! A Persian Cat’s luxurious fur coat requires lots of care, a bath every week, and daily combing to prevent nasty knots and tangles. Blow dry your Persian’s coat with the lowest heat or cool setting while brushing after a bath.
Persian Cat grooming
Persian Cats are also more prone to tearing, so to avoid the sides of their noses getting stained and eyes staying watery, wash and clean their eyes and faces daily. Of course, don’t forget to trim their nails and practice good dental hygiene!

Owning A Persian Cat In Singapore

This is a rather rare and exotic breed in Singapore, but it is still possible to obtain. A Persian Cat has an average lifespan of 12 to 17 years, but they are also the breed with the most health problems, mainly because of their flat faces. Some Cat Registries in various countries actually condone the breeding of Persian Cats with nostrils higher than lower eye lids, as that exceeds their standard limits and causes respiratory problems for the Cat.
Always prepare and research on the pet you wish to have, especially for a Persian Cat, which requires a little more care and attention for their well-being. It is not difficult to keep a Persian Cat happy, they just need a little help with their long fancy coats and large beautiful eyes and face!

Adopting a Persian Cat In Singapore

Before purchasing a pet, be sure to check out our local Animal Shelters or even options online, many cases of abandonment are due to irresponsible impulse buying with no proper research. Hence, there could be a chance of any animal, exotic or rare, to be abandoned. Persian Cats are known to return your kindness and love, like many other pets, a forever home is all they hope for.

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