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Maine Coon Cats: The Giant Domestic Cat Breed With A Gentle Heart

Meet the largest domestic Cat breed 

The Maine Coon, also known as Coon Cat for short, is one amongst a few giant cat breeds. To top that, they are also possibly the largest domestic cat breed in the world! Accompanying its stunning size and friendly nature, Coons have a rich history just as impressive. Just where did these majestic Cats come from and how do they fair as companions?
Maine Coon Cat breed

Maine Coon History and Origins

With a rich history that possibly traces centuries back, there are three popular stories to this query— Unfortunately, neither can be proven real, but aren't you intrigued with such information to this elusive feline breed?

1. Marie Antoinette — This story is ranked the richest in many minds; how often are you able to link a cat breed back to a major historical event? Legend has it that the French Queen was escaping France during war, and she loaded a ship full of her prized possessions which included 6 Cats, of mostly Turkish Angoras. Queen Marie Antoinette had plans to hide away in America, but was assassinated on the day of escape.
Marie Antoinette
The Captain of the ship, whom was said to have built the Queen a home in America, had no choice but to set sail for America after the unfortunate incident. Bringing along all the Queen’s belongings and keeping them in a house he built for her in Wiscasset, Maine. He took care of all her cats and they were allowed to roam around. Eventually they bred with the local short-haired cats, and their off-springs were thereafter classified as the breed Maine Coon.

2. Captain Charles COON — This is a story of an English seaman named Charles Coon, and his avid love for cats and collecting them. Apparently, Captain Coon had a ton of cats on-board his ship as he sailed, and when he finally docked his ship back home in New England, his long-haired cats had the chance to explore on land, mating with the local short-haired cats. The day a long-haired kitten was first sighted in town, locals began calling them Coon's Cats.
maine coon kitten
3. Cross Breeding  Some strongly believe in this third story, one that is rather similar to the Captain Charles Coon's. The interbreeding of short-haired breeds in America with long-haired breeds brought to shore by New England seamen. Cat breeds included Angoras, and also long-haired cats introduced by Vikings.

The First Large Cat To Compete

Have you ever wondered which Cats got the ball rolling for competitive Cat show rings? look no further, it is none other than this lovely feline, The Maine Coon. It dates back as early as the Maine Coons’ appearance in the first North American Cat Competition held in Boston, 1878. In 1895, there was a huge buzz for the winner of a Cat Show held in New York, belonging to a brown tabby Maine Coon named Cosey, of Mrs E.N. Barker. What you see below is the prestigious silver collar won by Cosey.
Silver collar for Cosey the cat

Appearance Of A Maine Coon

Maine Coons have distinctive traits and appearances that relate to how they pulled through tough times surviving the cold and war times:

Size — Maine Coons are large Cats, and we’re talking about the average weight of a male to be 6 to 8 kgs, and females to weigh around 4 to 6 kgs. Their bodies are usually long— the average length of a full adult Maine Coon can range from 20 to 40 cm! (*GASP*)

Features — Maine Coons: Squarish face with rounded almond-shaped eyes— noticeable long mane can be found around their neck, back of legs, tipping around ears, in between paws and tails. Tails double up as a warmer coiled around them for extra warmth, and tuffs of fur between extra-large paws make excellent snow-boots
Maine Coon Cat Vs Norwegian Forest Cat
Coat — One distinctive appearance of the Maine Coon would be their lush and dense long fur. Just enough to give them the appearance of a miniature-adult lion. Not to mention, their fur is also grows out in an effortless, downward manner for grooming ease, and is also believed to be water-resistant— try beating those stats living and hunting in the cold!

Colours — Maine Coon Cat colours are divided into variaties such as Solids, Smoke, Tabbies, Ticked Tabbies, Tabbies with White, Tortoiseshell, Shaded, and Shaded with White, Bi-color, and Parti-color. Of which may include colours like Black, White, Brown, Cream, Blue, Red, Silver, and Mackerel. 

Grooming Requirements Of A Maine Coon

Cats and water are uncommon terms to be placed together, but Maine Coons are in fact widely known for their love of water! A Coon Cat's lush, dense, glossy and water-resistant coats make them undefeated swimmers in the Kitty Kingdom. Such a practical coat surprisingly requires minimal grooming— with regular brushing and combing. 
Maine Coon colours
Keep their coats fresh and healthy with baths if necessary, and clean out their ears and eyes with a Vet-approved cleanser and cotton balls. Trim their claws when they get too long to avoid injuries! If you are unsure how to perform these tasks, approach a trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for professional service.

Maine Coon Personality

A large-build and squarish stern features makes one wonder if the Maine Coon is even friendly at all. In fact, they are said to be one of the most playful, affectionate and sociable feline breed. You can expect to spot one greeting guests, if they're not enjoying one of their other pastimes— napping and lounging. Owners have also described them to be the clowns of the household with their silly, random actions.
Maine Coon Cat behaviour
via Reddit
On top of all that, these cats also enjoy a good walk outside, on the leash, just like a dog! Though this breed is known to be playful, it is said that males tend to have a bigger personality, drawn to approaching humans around the house more often than a female Coon. The average lifespan of a Maine Coon is said to reach an average of 10 years, longest to be 15 years or more.

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