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Cat Behaviour: Seven Reasons To Why Cats Love Kneading

Cat Behaviour: Seven Reasons To Why Cats Love Kneading

Kneading, Patty-cake, call it what you might because there's no stopping these feline companions from perpetually pressing on surfaces. This motion is not unlike of something you'd witness at a bakery—  A Baker making dough. There are no findings to how this phenomenon began, but we've gathered SEVEN reasons to why and what your kitty may be tying to express!

1. It's Bedtime

Many Cat owners have noticed that the aforementioned kneading happens most before their Cat's nap-time, or right before bed— much like a child's insistence of snuggling with their favourite blanket.
Tortoiseshell Kitten
How Cats are perceived as serious still baffles us, knowing our Pet's and their funny antics and unique personalities however, spontaneity should definitely not be ruled out! ☺ They are after all,  rather expressive in many hilarious ways, 

2. I Love You Too

Does your heart let out a squirm when you cross paths with something too adorable for words? We're fellow Squirmers too. In fact, we're guilty of squeezing cute stuff— you know, in our minds ☺
Kneading is one way our feline friends express their content and affection.
Cat Snuggles
If you're getting this action frequently from your Kitty, Congratulations, it's possible your cat loves you more than your husband (we're kidding, but you're most likely it's favourite hoomin) This is how your kitty says Thank you for your love, I love you too.

3. Kitten Memories

As Kittens, kneading of the Mother Cat's abdomen during nursing period proves to be effective in promoting breast milk simulation. Besides that, the kneading action also ties in together with feelings of contentment and warmth.
Cats Hugging
There is also a high chance you'd notice your Kitties kneading on a soft surface, Mama Cat tummies are soft— all of which are habits brought forward into their adulthood.

4. Yoga Cats

Also known as Yoga masters of the Pet Kingdom, Cat's are agile and flexible like no other. Now throw kneading into the equation and you'd realize its just one way for a Cat have a good ‘ol regular stretch
Cat Yoga
Try picking up a cat with one arm and notice how slinky their bodies are. All the hard tugging and pulling during kneading sure stretched those amazing muscles! They don't call them Nine Lives for nothing— But still, do be careful with them! 

5. What Scent Are You?

Animals have their own unique way of leaving territorial markings and scents on objects and places, and this is no different for a Cat— Kneading would be one such special way for a Cat. The scent glands are located on their paws, and kneading movements activate a scent that’s uniquely theirs! ☺
Cat Sniffing behaviour
Interestingly enough, this form of scent marking is believed to be an aid for elderly cats with failing eye-sight, or memory loss, reminding themselves of familiar places, leaving their unique scent on objects.

6. Paws And Claws

While the emotions and process of kneading could be a very calming and enjoyable activity for our dear felines, tables are quickly turned if your Cat is kneading with claws out!
Quick fix? Grab a thick, soft cloth/towel/fleece to cover the area of your body with, and allow the Cat to commence with kneading. Otherwise, it could very well be a prompter— time for a little trim perhaps?

7. Sensual Escapades

Cats do not stop at just kneading humans and soft materials, they knead on fellow Kitties too (Can you blame them?☺) If we ruled out playtime and bedtime, it leaves us with mating— this is how a Female cat in heat shows the male cat that she, is ready for some intimate moments.
Cats Kneading Behaviour
Similarly, a male cat in heat can knead too. However, it is advisable to stop the kneading activity if you notice drooling, because any continuation may gradually become more painful. The more excited they are, the more likely they'd begin plucking with their claws, instead of paws (OUCH). 


Don't forget about the infamous Patty-Cake sagas with Cats, also notoriously known as Wing-Chun Cats (a kungfu move). Patty-Cake Cats first hit the screens of our homes through Youtube by hkbecky, and although her cats may not be the first to ever play Patty-Cake, it was indeed the first recording to ever be uploaded on the internet. This is one video of many patty-cake fans now.
Cats Play Patty Cake
These videos soon took the internet by storm and we can understand why, there's a certain calmness to it that is surreal. Watch two furry pals paw at each other in synchronized movements— just imagine putting your fingertips together on both hands, widening and closing...could this be how they feel when their paws touch?

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