Saturday, November 11, 2017

Autumn Recipes: Pumpkin Dog Treats For The Holidays

Autumn Treats: Dog Treat Recipes For The Holidays

The beginnings of wet and cool weather here in Singapore spells Autumn and Wintery seasons in other countries. While our climates may differ, the holidays and celebratory occasions are worldwide. In lieu of the season’s greetings, we have gathered some lovely Pumpkin recipes from around the world, perfect for sharing the festive fun with your canine companions!

How Can My Dog Benefit From Pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a type of gourd that has an amazing amount of fiber within, and in turn, can aid our Doggos on improving their digestive systems, namely constipation and diarrhea. When feeding pumpkin to your pooches, be sure to give in tiny amounts, and as with all forms of treats, strict moderation is required. Do consult your trusted Veterinarian to gather information on specific diet plans before-hand just to be certain!

Pumpkin Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Yet another amazing recipe from Proud Dog Mom, written by Mom and Daughter team, Donna and Melissa. This recipe calls for a celebratory snack for Thanksgiving!
Dog Treats With Pumpkin
Photo via Proud Dog Mom

Pumpkin And Banana Dog Treats

This is a grain free and dairy free recipe found via Positive, written by Christina Berry. Consists of Banana, coconut flour and Pumpkin goodness! Although Halloween has past, this still makes a great Fall treat.
Can My Dog eat Pumpkin
Photo via Positive

Pumpkin Yoghurt Treat

A frozen snack that Doggos would not mind gobbling up even on a cold day, this recipe is found via A Magical Mess, written by Jennifer.
How do Dogs benefit from pumpkin
Photo via A Magical Mess

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Autumn For Dogs
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