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Californian Rabbit: Albinsm Red Eyes and Himalayan Point Markings

Temperament, Origin and Care tips for Siamese Cats of the Rabbit World

Aside from the common bunny breeds that are popular as Pets, beauty and companionship can also be found in the lesser common breeds such as the Californian Rabbit! Little seal-point markings and red-eyes make this breed unique— but history tells us they were bred for other reasons initially...
Beautiful Californian Rabbit
via Tayto2010 on Flickr

History and Origin

Named after its origin, this breed is also known as Californian White, and was first developed for its meat and fur. Crossbreeding New Zealand Whites (without Angora genes), Standard Chinchilla (for coat density) and Himalayan Rabbits (for seal point markings) enabled George. S. West in achieving the Californian Rabbit breed in 1923, Lynwood, Southern California.
Three Californian Rabbits
via Aarabbits
The first Californian bunny to be exhibited at a show was during 1928. Acceptance as an official breed by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) happened much later in 1939. Today, Cali Rabbits are prized for its multi-purpose capabilities, especially for its charm as a domestic companion.

Californian Rabbit Appearance 

Size — Relative large sized Rabbit, weighing an average range of 3.5 to 4.8kgs.

Features — Bearing close resemblance to New Zealand Whites and Himalayan Rabbits, Californian Rabbits have red-eyes due to Albinism in genes and dark coloured seal-points on ears, nose, feet and tail.
Four Californian Rabbits standing over lattice
via Pinterest
Fun Fact #1      Pigmentation can sometimes be affected by surrounding climates! Coldness might result in "smut-like staining" on white areas. Natural molting of fur returns the coat to its original shade of White☺    

Colours — Seal-point colouration standards varies for different countries for show Rabbits:
  • United Kingdom — Black, Blue, Lilac and Choco point
  • United States — only Black point

Fun Fact #2      Lighter variants of seal-points on a Californian Bunny are common results of further cross-breeding, usually with New Zealand Rabbits to meet food demands.

Californian Rabbit Grooming Requirements

Regular brushing at least once every 2 weeks with a bristled comb is required for this breed's short, dense and coarse hair with an undercoat. Molting/shedding process calls for an increase in brushing and combing, preferably 1 to 2 times weekly
Two Californian Rabbits eating corn cob
via Pinterest
Baths are not advised for fastidious creatures like Rabbits. Water baths are in fact said to be very stressful for bunnies, not forgetting that they are also highly susceptible to coldSince it is impossible to rule out chances of dirt getting stuck on their coats, check for debris frequently, especially in areas like the rears, ears and eyes!

Hot Tip      Not all Buns are tidy! Clean off soiled areas quickly by spot cleaning with a damp cloth. Towel dry very thoroughly after. Regularly check for long nails, clip away whenever necessary!

If you are unsure how to perform some of these tasks, bring them in for a professional grooming session by an experienced or trusted Groomer for small animals!

Temperament and Behaviour

Being a prized breed tells us this breed isn't all just for show. Despite being known worldwide for meat, fur and excellent show Rabbits, the inquisitive, friendly, active and playful nature of a Californian Rabbit makes them a desirable companion as well. Accompanied with a mild temperament, adaptability to surroundings and human contact can be easily cultivated with patience and a whole lot of self-exploration around the home. With proper care and love, a Californian Rabbit's average lifespan is 5 to 10 years.

How To Care For a Pet Rabbit

Feed — Good quality fresh Hay such as Timothy Hay is necessary provides your Bun with sufficient fiber, aside from daily servings of food pellets and greens. 

Hot Tip #2      Note to only introduce greens to rabbits above 8 weeks of age. Fruits can also be given in tiny proportions as an occasional snack or treat.

Hygiene — Maintain the cleanliness of your Rabbits home! A routined frequent change of food, water, bedding and litter is mandatory. Clear out their litter trays daily, and check for soiled bedding (Infection risks are high especially with a messy Bun! Accidentally consuming or sitting in their own waste over long periods is absolutely not good)

Californian Rabbit sitting in blankets
via Pinterest
Cage & Litter — Pick a suitable cage: 

  • Wire/Grill flooring — Make sure the gaps aren't too wide, and that there is a solid area for your pet Rabbit to rest its feet.
  • Solid flooring cage or enclosure — Litter-train your Buns by introducing a litter tray filled with litter (i.e. wood based pellets) and add in some feeding hay to entice them.

Bedding & Toys — Avoid Pine and Cedar wood based beddings to prevent potential respiratory problems well-known to occur for small animals. Keep your Rabbit(s) entertained with toys and hiding spots within their space when you're not available. Prevent overgrown teeth by providing wooden chew toys and chewable snacks.

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