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The Complete Pet Insurance Policy Guide In Singapore

The Complete Pet Insurance Policy Guide In Singapore

It is highly likely that the stressful lifestyle of living in Singapore is one of the main factors that brought about the increase of Pet ownership amongst Singaporeans. After all, having a pet in our lives have proven to be nothing short of therapeutic and rewarding at the same time. 1 out of 3 people within your circle of friends or family probably are Pet owners!
Pet insurance in Singapore
Insurance can be a rather tricky and troublesome thing to figure out, but in a way it is a definite must for every human being, ensuring you receive monetary help in times of need. By now, Pet owners are no strangers to how costly a medical procedure can be, and like humans, pets can also contract illnesses and such as they grow older. This is why Pet Insurance has come about, all to help you tackle the unexpected accidents and monetary issues that might surface.

What Are The Available Policies

As concerned pet owners ourselves, we took the liberty of looking through every insurance policy available for pets in Singapore, and compiled the important information (including a chart!) that you can now browse through and decide on the best plan to consider for your Furkids! To begin, there are THREE Insurance companies that cover policies for your pets. These are PawSafe (by AIA Insurance), PetCare (by Liberty Insurance) and HappyTails (by MSIG Insurance).

Let’s break it down! 

1. PawSafe (AIA Insurance)

PawSafe is an insurance policy by AIA Insurance since 2006, coverage for Dogs ONLY. These are the main pointers to take note of at a glance:


1. All breeds accepted except - Mastiff, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pitbull Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, Argentina Dog, Canary Dog, American Bulldog and Dogs that are crossbred with the listed breeds and/or wolves.

2. Dogs do not have to be Pedigrees

3. Dogs have to be licensed

4. Applicant must be Dog’s owner

5. Maximum 1 policy per Dog, 2 Dogs for each household

6. Renewal of policy is available yearly until Dog reaches the age of 8 years

7. Dogs must be at least 3 months old, upon application of policy

Coverage Benefits

Vet Bills – Up to SGD $1,000, incurred within 30 days of accident; *Deductible of $150 per claim
*the part of an insurance claim to be paid by the insured

Theft of Dog SGD $1,000 or purchased price of Dog, whichever is lower
*Deductible of $250 per claim
(for insured Dogs that are not found within 28 days after reporting)

Death – SGD $1,000 or purchased price of Dog, whichever is lower
(for insured Dogs that passes on within 90 days from accident)
Coverage for Cremation and Burial, up to SGD $250

Third Party Liabilities – Up to SGD $1,000,000
*Deductible of $1,000 per claim
(i.e. Damages incurred by insured Dog, to properties or living things)
Pet Insurance in Singapore
AIA PawSafe Brochure

No Coverage

Some of the main exclusions in this policy includes: Pre-existing conditions, Congenital/Hereditary defects and diseases, Breeding related conditions, Skin problems, Pregnancy and Castration related issues.

Remember to review the full list of Exclusions in the policy when presented to you in print.

Premium Rates

SGD$ 6.63/mth = SGD $79.56/year – for Micro-chipped Dog
SGD $7.05/mth = SGD $84.58/year – Non Micro-chipped Dog


PawSafe has a “Free Look” period of 14 days, which means if you wish to cancel the policy, it has to be done within 14 days from commencement, with no claims made. 


2. PetCare (LibertyInsurance)

PetCare is an insurance policy by Liberty Insurance since February 2014, this policy has 3 plans that covers both Dogs AND Cats. The 3 plans are: Standard, Enhanced and Superior.


1. All Dogs and Cats must be micro-chipped

2. All Dogs and Cats must not be for breeding or working purposes

3. No Pre-medical Examination required

4. Must be residing regularly within your household

5. All Dogs and Cats to be at least 8 weeks old, upon application of policy

6. Yearly renewal of policy available for existing insured Dog/Cat no older than 13 years

7. All breeds of Dog & Cat accepted

Coverage Benefits

The image below was taken from the PetCare brochure itself, it shows the main benefits and coverage limit for cases pertaining to each claim. PetCare covers both non-surgical AND surgical procedures.
Pet Insurance in Singapore
PetCare Brochure

 No Coverage

Major Exclusions are a few things that this policy does not cover, as always, be sure to go through the entire list of exclusion when they give you a printed copy of the policy!


As you can see, the amount of Deductibles are much lesser for this policy, and under “Annual Premiums” is the amount in SGD you are required to pay yearly, inclusive of GST. Naturally, the higher your premium, the higher the coverage limit.

Standard Plan – SGD $29.17/month = SGD $350/year
Enhanced Plan – SGD $37.50/month = SGD $450/year
Superior Plan – SGD $62.50/month = SGD$ 750/year

No Claim Discount

This refers to an entitled discount percentage on the payable premiums if you have not made any claims under the policy after 1 year and above.


PetCare policy has a “Free Look” period of 14 days too, similarly, if no claims are made within 14 days from commencement of policy, you may cancel it if you wish to.

3. HappyTails (by MSIG Insurance)

HappyTails is an insurance policy by MSIG Insurance since October 2014, this policy covers both Dogs AND Cats. This is the only Pet Insurance policy that covers certain Hereditary and Congenital Diseases, even Chemotherapy Treatments. Dogs and Cats have different policies available, and they are:

Dogs – 3 different Plans: Fur, Furry, and Furball
Cats – 1 Plan: Purrfect


1. All Dogs and Cats must be micro-chipped

2. All necessary vaccinations must be completed and up to date

3. All Dogs and Cats must not be of breeding or working purposes

4. All Dogs and Cats to be clinically examined by a licensed vet within 30 days from the commencement date of the insurance

5. All Dogs and Cats must be at least 16 weeks old, upon application of policy

6. Annual renewal of policy available before Dog or Cat is 9 years old

Coverage Benefits

The main coverage of HappyTails policy includes the following, with different annual coverage limits according to different plans.

Fur Plan – Maximum Coverage up to SGD $3,500/year
Furry Plan – Maximum Coverage up to SGD $7,500/year
Furball Plan – Maximum Coverage up to SGD $12,500/year

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Maximum Coverage up to SGD $5,000/year

Individual Coverage Per Claim

Clinical & Surgical – Necessary surgical procedures and related issues

Fur Plan – Up to SGD$ 2,500
Furry Plan – Up to SGD $6,000
Furball Plan – Up to SGD $10,000

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Up to SGD $3,800

Room & Board – After Surgery stay at a licensed veterinarian clinic or hospital

Fur Plan – Up to SGD $250
Furry Plan – Up to SGD $600
Furball Plan – Up to SGD $1,000

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Up to SGD $380

Post-Surgical Treatment – Consultation and related services including Acupuncture, within 90 days after surgery

Fur Plan – Up to SGD $150
Furry Plan – SGD $300
Furball Plan – SGD $500

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Up to SGD $200

Chemotherapy – Therapy treatment at a licensed Veterinarian Clinic or hospital
Fur Plan – Up to SGD $1,000
Furry Plan – Up to SGD $1,500
Furball Plan – Up tp SGD $2,500

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Up to SGD $1,200

Final Expenses - Incurred for euthanasia, cremation, funeral service and handling charges after death of the Pet

Furry, Furball & Purrfect Plan – Up to SGD $250

Third Party Legal Liability – Damages caused by insured Pet

Fur Plan – Up to SGD $100,000
Furry Plan – Up to SGD $250,000
Furball Plan – Up to SGD $500,000

Purrfect Plan (FOR CATS) – Up to SGD $250,000


For Happy Tails, an amount of SGD $250 per claim is mandatory, payable by you per claim, applies for all plans.


Co-insurance rates apply for a lifetime, which is why Pet owners are encouraged to register their pets at a younger age, to enjoy the rates. This rate will be your payable share of the made claim for both Dogs AND Cats, excluding Deductible.

20% - Dogs/Cats insured before 4 years old
30% - Dogs/Cats insured before 7 years old
40% - Dogs/Cats insured before 9 years old

For example, if your Pet’s age group falls in the 20% category upon applying, this percentage applies for a lifetime and does not change, even as your pet ages.

No Coverage

HappyTails policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, clinical examination for insurance enrolment, preventative care such as annual check-ups, vaccinations; spay/neuter procedures and teeth cleaning. Be sure to take note on the full list of exclusions when they present the policy to you!

Based on their listed coverage, they are really more on helping out with the costs incurred for necessary surgeries and post-surgical treatments due to unforeseen accidents, which can surmount to enormous sums. 

Premium Rates

The premium rates of HappyTails insurance policies may vary according to Pet’s age, and conditions. You may get a quick quotation from them by answering a few questions on these forms, they end off with an estimated rate for all plans! Otherwise, you can always drop them a call at 6221 8222 for a fast quote as well. The friendly staff are more than willing to help with no obligations!


HappyTails policy has a “Free Look” period of 14 days too, similarly, if no claims are made within 14 days from commencement of policy, you may cancel it if you wish to.

Still Unsure Which To Get?

Pet Insurance In Singapore
There is no doubt that things can get rather confusing when it comes to Insurance for us humans, and it is exactly the same way for our Furkids. That is why we did up a comparison chart, on all three different agencies, with all their plans and how each differs from the other in terms of coverage.

Go on, have a look!

Pet Insurance In Singapore
 The listed benefits, information, and rates were compiled by us. This chart is meant to show you clearly what some policies may or may not offer. However, if you do eventually consider on one or two different policies, it is extremely important to go through the print contract carefully, to get the nitty-gritty of exclusions and coverage. 

Our Honest Opinion

Frankly, there isn't an all-rounder plan out there, but you could get 2 policies of different insurance agencies if need be. Ultimately the determining factor should be what us Pawrents are more concerned about. For example, Pawrents in our team are definitely worried about complications that may arise as our pets age, so coverage benefits for Surgical bills and Post Surgery Treatment is an absolute definite! Apart from that, coverage for Accidental Injury comes in handy too, so eventually we all settled for 2 different policies per Dog. 
They are family, and they deserve the same concern and protection. It's a pity there isn't any insurance for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and other small animals don't you think?

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