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The Norwegian Forest Cat: Getting To Know The Large Viking Cat!

The Norwegian Forest Cat: Getting To Know The Large Viking Cat!

These large, fluffy Cats are favourites amongst many, and under-rated-ly sweet. If the largest domestic Cat breed title goes to Maine Coon Cats, did you know the Norwegian Forest Cat is possibly a close second?

The Norwegian Forest Cat

Also commonly also known as Wegie (pronounced Wee-Gee), this breed is the National Cat of Norway. In their native country, they are referred to as Skogkatt, which translates to mean Forest Cat. These Cats have a rich history that dates back even earlier than the WWII. First believed to have been introduced by the Vikings as excellent hunters— Wegies were an amazing help in getting rid of rodents onboard ships, and also farms!
Norwegian Viking Historical Ship
Misfortune hit the Norwegian Forest Cats as this breed was almost extinct during the WWII. Before the war began, a group was formed for the sole purpose of promoting Wegies— called The Norwegian Forest Cat Club, founded in Norway. Although much of their efforts were interrupted by the war, the group held on strong, avoiding deterrence from preserving the breed even after the war. The very first two Norwegian Forest Cats were only exported to North America in the 1970’s. 
Norwegian Forest Cat information

Appearance Of Norwegian Forest Cats

Due to their large statures, Norwegian Forest Cats are commonly mistaken for Maine Coons, or even other long-hair breeds. Their physical appearances aside from robust bodies include thick dense coats. How do you tell the difference between a Maine Coon and a Norwegian Forest?

Face Shape — Triangular face, with large triangular ears and a rather flat profile, from their brow ridge to nose-tip. Maine Coons: Squarish face.

Eyes — Perfectly almond-shaped eyes. Maine Coons: Rounded almond-shaped eyes
Maine Coon Cat Vs Norwegian Forest Cat
Coats — Water-resistant, and perfectly adaptable in the tough winter climates of Norway, making Wegies a popular pet, rumoured to be Viking favourites ☺. Dense undercoats are thick and lush for warmth, with a glossy layer for protection against liquid.Not to mention, the little tufted paws to guard them whilst walking on snow!

Colours — Today, Wegies can be found in various colours and patterns, one of which we have seen was a solid white. Wegie colours range from pure white to charcoal black, with the only rare variation you'd be most unlikely to find— a seal-point.

Grooming Requirements Of A Norwegian Forest Cat

Unlike many long-haired pets, Wegies do not require extensive grooming, but standard maintenance of brushing 3 to 4 times a week instead. It is important to take note of their heavy shedding periods, increase the number of times you brush their coats during these periods, to prevent tangling and matting. This also reduces the chances your Wegie choking on the hairballs when they groom themselves.
Norwegian Forest Cat Shaking Head and Fur
Clean their eyes and ears with a Vet-approved cleanser and cotton balls, practice good dental hygiene and trim their nails. Wegies aren't usually afraid of water, so run your Cats through a quick shower when absolutely necessary for a clean healthy coat! If you are unsure of how to perform these tasks, approach your trusted Groomer or Veterinarian for professional advice!

Norwegian Forest Cat Personality and Behaviour

Though Wegies can be commonly found lounging around the home near you, they are born great hunters— known to be notoriously active at random times. Often found intrigued with tall grounds or moving objects, scratching posts are rated must by experts. Our encounters with a Norwegian Forest is always amusing, every pat or stroke was responded by affectionate, soft murmured meows. Like Maine Coons, Wegies can be loyal and affectionate at the same time.
Large Cat Breeds
This is a Cat breed you can absolutely try training. Wegies are known to enjoy fun brain-teaser toys, alongside with human interactions— walking them on a leash is also teachable! Cats are very particular with litter boxes, so don't forget to clear out their boxes/trays and keep them spic and span at all times☺
Norwegian Forest Cat breed
You can expect to find them close by you around the house. Their quick and adaptive natures make them excellent companions for families and other pets. Though they are independent and not over-demanding of human contact, they do not thrive well from negligence— It is still important to provide attention and proper care. The average life-span of a Norwegian Forest Cat is 12 to 16 years, be prepared for a long commitment! 

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