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Why Do Cats Love Boxes?: Top 3 Reasons To Understanding This Cat Behaviour!

Why Do Cats Love Boxes?: Top 3 Reasons To Understanding This Cat Behaviour!

Proud owners of Cats would be no strangers to this amusing behaviour, and you probably landed on this post pondering the same question— Why do Cats love boxes and bags so much?! It matters not the size and origin of a box, hell, we've seen neighbourhood friendlies cozy up in a discarded box for a home even.

My Cat Loves Boxes More Than Toys

As a new Cat owner, you might find yourself splurging on new accessories and toys to keep your feline companion entertained. Perhaps you even wound up realizing that your Cat seems more intrigued with the box or bag the toys came in, as opposed to a new Cat condo or feathered toy. Don't be disheartened, and let them have their time with it, because we're about to reveal the top 3 reasons to help you better understand this behaviour ☺
Cat in box
Happy Friends

1. Curiosity Killed The Cat

Curiosity killed the Cat...How did you think this age-old proverb came about? While there isn't any death involved here, we can be certain that Cats are curious by nature. In fact some Cat behavioral experts explained how our homes are actually one of the oddest places in the eyes of our feline friends. All that exploration and search for a nook to nap in are just one of the many ways they adapt in our surroundings— even a box is too good to resist.
Just Chillin'

2. Cat Hunt

Domesticated Cats we have as beloved Pets may well still possess their wild nature and carnivorous instincts. Boxes and quiet corners make excellent spots for these prowling Kitties to size up their new prey— or a squeaky, feathered toy during play time. Observe close enough, and you'd notice their amazing stalking abilities right before the hunt. More often than not, they'd even bolt back to the same spot for a second prowl! ☺

3. Predator And Safety

Most researchers explain that a Cat's love for boxes could also be due to their need for an enclosed area. As a predator in an open space such as your home, boxes and dark corners provide these hunters with safe resting grounds— fulfilling their desire for a sense of security and comfort at the time. Even the hunter requires a haven to avoid being hunted.
Cat in box


Cardboard boxes are a Cat's best friend, especially when your owner's furniture and a scratching post just won't do. The sounds and emotions from sinking their claws into a fresh cardboard box just seems too good to pass up. This is also a perfect way for a Cat to sharpen their claws and get a good stretch, and if you consider it logically, boxes definitely make a better alternative than your precious furniture.

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